Friday, August 19, 2011

The Pink Chicken Strikes Again!

Sometimes being hyper frugal is a big fat bore.
It's depressing and you feel like the odd man out.

You feel like a pauper when other friends are out eating in restaurants, and you opt to stay home because you can eat for a week for the price of one meal out.

Other times -
you walk around like a rooster, gloating over your cleverness, and doing native Indian war cries at the cash registers.

I've been running a gamut of both emotions lately - but wait until you see this last score....

I'ze just gotta gloat.

I've never liked shopping for clothes, eva.
I'm bootylicious with a tiny waist, and it makes clothes shopping difficult.
Plus, most times I just looked like a watermelon with a dress on - so, there ya go.

Behold what the Pink Chicken brought home for about $4.00 this week!
You probably can't see in the picture, but there is a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans (my fav!).

Behind these jeans is a pair of bright orange Columbia hiking shorts.
I shan't be shot in the woods by a hunter.

It just looks like a wrinkled up mess doesn't it?

It was 'Bag Sale' day at the resale shop.
I even bought a bag of jeans - just to make rugs out of!

Please refer to the clever remark up top.

Does shopping resale stores for clothing freak you out?
It did me at first.
Nothing a good laundering can't fix.
You just have to be picky, and careful, and not think into things too much - like, did someone die in these jeans?
Do not go there, or you'll be paying full price in a heartbeat.


  1. The best part about shopping resale/consignment...they have already washed and shrunk the garment for me! I have a closet full of full price clothing I cannot wear, but alas it remains because I go back and forth between 12's and 14's (with butter/without butter)!!!

  2. Yep, you gotta' ignore the qualms and snag it! The odors (in the stores) sometimes are just gross!
    I got two pair of new pants for my in between sizes stage....going down, not up! $4 a pair, not a great price but certainly better than full price!

    You got some cute tops...the jeans, never heard of them but glad you like them.

  3. I hear ya when it comes to 'sacrificing' when others go out on the town. I am that watermelon wishing to be a gourd of shape? Hey you scored on those clothes! Happy day for you and an inspiration to the rest of us.

  4. Good job Jayme! I just picked up a couple of bargains at the used clothing shop nearby and was going to post on them but you beat me to it. You're right, don't over think their previous life!

  5. I have a bag of my husbands old ripped jeans sitting here (forever) ready to make a rug but I don't know how. I think you should do a jean rug a long on would be fun!

  6. Congrats on the great finds! I'd love to hear about the jean rug too:@)

  7. Wow did you ever score at the thrift shop!!! Great way to gather a cute wardrobe while you are moving down in size!!
    My current thrift store obsession is vintage sheets for quiling. Who says being a pink chicken can't be fun!!

  8. Monumental score... love it!! I even find the resale shops too expensive for my taste most of the time. Yard sales for me! Now to find out when they have the bag sales at our GW ~ guess I've missed those ;) Another great idea.. thank ya! -Tammy

  9. Great post. I have had those feelings myself!

    Great score too...I also hate clothes shopping, and to find a whole fall wardrobe at that price..WOW!

  10. We have a shop here that I LOVE...called "My Sister's Closet." One time I walked out of there with a STACK of tops for $23.00 Most places ONE top would cost $23.00. I hate paying retail and rejoice at "finds" in resale being a cheapie. Why should I give them all my money when I can keep some of it?
    xo, Cheryl

  11. What a haul- and CUTE!! I also shop resale- especially for my professional office clothes- which new cost and arm and a leg! Has been helpful to have a daughter working at the local resale shop as well- she dressed FABULOUSLY all through high school and college, and snags the most excellent bargains for the momma!!

  12. Jayme, I shop resale but never had that thought before. What were you thinking? Now I will have to wash this post from my mind. I bought a shirt the other day that I was planning on wearing on the plane to my upcoming vacation with a friend. I do not fly well, don't want to think about the fact that someone might have already died in that shirt......I am a little pink but not as pink as you.

  13. Girl...I just stopped at a garage sale and bought 2 grocery bags FULL of clothes for my grannykids (including 2 pairs of Gymboree shoes!) for less than $20.00! I'm giddy!! PERFECT condition! Some NWT's! Were you at Second Life? Remind me to tell you about Ivan next week. Sad. (got the cracks fixed well and the buyer signed off on it!! YAHOO! We wait for the appraisal to come in clean and we CLOSE!)

  14. I have drawers full of cashmere sweaters. All from the thrift shops. Usually for $2 each. I figure some really rich woman had to have new ones and donated them for the rest of us to enjoy. There are about 12 resale stores close to home and work. I stop in whenever I have a chance. I get SO many compliments on my clothes. My daughters are thrift store shoppers now. The furniture consignment stores here are amazing, too.

  15. I did most all of my daughter's school clothes shopping at a local consignment shop for around $80. She is set for the winter with tons of name brand jeans, shirts, a couple dresses and some shirts and khaki pants for church, plus a couple of shorts with matching shirts. I also scored church shirts and some brand new pj's for my son in the same day. We do buy new shoes, socks, and underwear, but for the most part, I love that everything is already worn in (soft) and preshrunk. It feels great at the end of the day to come home with THREE bags of clothes for $80! It's totally worth it! And if you donate stuff to the Goodwill, they'll give you a 20% off coupon!

  16. I love resale stores too. At our old office location, there was one half a block away that a girlfriend and I would walk to at lunch once or twice a week. Jewelry, clothes, purses, housewares ...all for pennies on the dollar. Sure, there is some junk, but there are plenty of bargains too. The trick is finding the good stuff in the right size. I even bought a never-been-used bread machine at one resale shop for $14.99. LOVE that thing!

    Our office has moved now and it's too far. But I have a friend whose mother and aunt from Baton Rouge give her NICE clothes that they've grown tired of. These are high dollar clothes. My friend takes what she likes and can wear and sends the rest home with me so my sister and I can see if we want anything. She charges us $3/piece ...well worth it. My sister lives about an hour away but we see each other every couple of months. My sister and refer to the little arrangement as Dianne's Closet ...we joke about how much we LOVE shopping there! LOL
    : )

  17. I am a big TJ Maxx shopper. Great deals but not as good as yours. I love a good thrift store. I went last week and got some great little plastic bowls for the kids...they have faces on them. They were thrilled. I am a junker ya know, so that is kinda the same.

  18. One of my neighbors in Arizona turned me onto Savers, it's a cross between Goodwill and and Walmart. Very organized, very clean, nice dressing rooms. I don't know if they have them every where, we don't have one here in Il.

  19. Only YOU would think someone had died in your jeans! lol I have found some great buys and when my kids were little they LIVED in used clothing. Bleach cures all ills...unless the ills happen to be in DARK clothing. Love your buys! xo Diana

  20. i would love it, but i swear!, i see things other peole in other parts of the country get...ours here stinks!

  21. Jayme,

    I go to the thrift stores once a week! Most of the designer clothes I get still have tags on them. My score yesterday was a Talbot's sweater (with tags still on) priced at $118.00. It was marked down to $12. at thrift but because it was green tag day (this was tagged green) I got it for $6! The way you are dropping pounds this is the only way to shop. I can't believe you've never shopped there before and call yourself frugal.

    Your Friend,

  22. doesn't freak me out! I love going to Nordstroms and checking out the jeans and then finding a pair for $4 that would've cost $150 at Nordstroms.

  23. I love the bag sales! Some of my favorites are from the thrift store.
    I threw a sweater into the bag to make a pillow out of. I also bought some tanks to "makeover". That was 4 months ago...LOL.

  24. What a haul! You did good, Jayme!

  25. You make me laugh so hard...out loud at 7:52 on a Sunday morning while my whole family is sound asleep!!! I think I may have scared them laughing so hard about the comment of someone dying in the jeans!!! I thought I was the ONLY one who EVER thought that!!! To know that I am not alone.....priceless AND hilarious!!!!!

  26. Hurrah for you! You went prospecting and found some treasure. Sometimes treasure is hard to spot, but you did it!

  27. Great deals. I have to get over the previous lives and the smell of our goodwill. Please document the jeans rug....sounds very interesting.

    I'm slowly coming over to your side and understanding...really understanding and embracing that in order to life fully, with energy and light - good clean non processed food is the way to health. Your post hit home for me and I'm relieved to see I don't have to be perfect....your honesty is endearing and I am grateful to have stumbled on to your blog.


  28. I can't stand paying full price for anything... especially clothes! I found some great deals at a super nice Goodwill store while on vacation! SCORE!

    Looks like you got some really great stuff!

  29. I would love to hit consignment shops. I just don't have the patience or the time.

  30. I have always been a fan of finding things at resale shops, I guess it's the challenge, even when I made six figures a year for my own income, I was shopping at resale shops. These days, I'm with you on ELECTING to be frugal so that we can better enjoy other parts of life that would be otherwise consumed with making money so that we can walk out of a department store with an article of clothing that is too linked to fads and not worth the high price to begin with. You have some beautiful clothes.



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