Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nothing Makes Me Happier....

...than meeting 'you's guys'.
(see that's what I really say - but I usually type y'all - I'm from Chicago, y'all!)

About ten days or so ago - I had the immense pleasure of meeting TWO of you's guys.

Meet Mirjana.
(don't fuss at me for posting this picture Mirjana - you are beautiful in and out)

She's been a long time blog reader - and actually one of my first commenters.
She lives locally, but right when we planned on meeting - sweet Mirjana was diagnosed with breast cancer, and has been battling it since.
Please remember her in your prayers.

She is the lovliest thing.
She served us turkish coffee.

and spread before us a feast fit for kings...

she absolutely adores Aaron and calls him 'her beautiful angel' regularly.

She painted this picture for me - I'm not kidding.

I find myself trying to pin 'one word' on people I meet - and if I chose a word for Mirjana it would be courage.

Now - I'd like y'all to meet Jaimie.
Great name, eh?

Jaimie and I have been emailing back'erds and forth for a while -
She came here in March and met me -
and I finally made it to her pad.

Behold the cutest house on the planet.

It's a Sears kit house.
600 sq. feet of fabulousness.
I want it.

Jaimie - another sweetheart.
She exudes this peaceful feeling that you just like being around.

and she weaves -

I know, right?
You's guys are so cool.

We walked around her neighborhood to a gluten free cafe - as in there wasn't a strand of gluten to be found....

and I ate a sandwich and an oatmeal cookie!
It was divine.

My word for Jaimie is peace.

I just want to take this time to thank each and every stinkin' one of you's guys for the kindness, support, and encouragement you've shown me.

I've met quite a few of ya now, and I can truly say - I have made 'real life' friends with so many.
I'm truly grateful for the time you spend here reading this drivel, and taking the time to comment.

I continue to shake my head in wonder 'what have I done to deserve all this?'


  1. You are just yourself...that is what you have done. What fun you have been having with new friends. Continued Blessings!

  2. I absolutely love reading your drivel! You're entertaining, fresh and you write from your heart! Keep it up!

    How fantastic to meet some of these two awesome people in bloggerville!

  3. Well Miss Jayme,

    If you ever have a hankerin' to come to Oregon- I would love to host you for a visit! We probably should email a little first...but what the heck- I'm feeling bold and a little exuberant today!

  4. I just want to say that you seem like you'd be a great friend to have! My boys (2 yr old twins) and I are trying to work up the courage to pull a "Jayme" and drop by a most beautiful home we pass regularly! I don't quite have the gumption yet but we're workin' on it!

  5. Jayme you're so lucky to be able to meet these sweet ladies! It's because you're so sweet yourself that we all love ya.

  6. That's fantastic, Jayme. Having the common interest in blogging is enough to have everyone feel comfy and eager to meet each other. That picture painted for you is beautiful. Aren't you lucky to have that as a remembrance of this lovely lady. Your blogger friend, Jaimie is gorgeous and I can see the calmness of her personality in her way of living. Lovely photo of her. If you are ever in Ottawa, Canada drop on by. Still loving that oil.....I think I saw a wrinkle disappear right before my eyes. ;-)

  7. "The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It's the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years."
    Quote by Audrey Hepburn
    ~~Peace & Love~~

  8. Ooops~~~ forgot to mention YOU and others maybe interested in this give away at a Folk School..Yeah, who knew? Seriously go to catalog and try and decide what classes you would take...
    ~~Peace & Love~~

  9. Mirjana's painted picture made my insides hurt, it's so beautiful. I felt the love in it, the many wonderful thoughts toward you. You Jayme have found a treasure in her friendship. Love to you both, Ra xoxo

  10. Oh Heavens, I have so much to say here!

    1. Mirjana. I have never even heard that beautiful name before. I love it. The courage. I love it. The painting- I want it! Oh bless! I love her and we've yet to meet! Covering you in prayer.

    2. Weaving Jaimie- Law. The house, the loom, the talent, and the gluten free cafe! Law. Precious.

    3. Coopster- I need to tell you what I love about you. The for reals-ness. (Yes, I made that up). The girl on the blog is the girl on the phone, the girl in person, the girl at the campground. I love you for that.

    4. Aaron. I love your dedication. I can not wait to see you in Coopy's blog posts. You should start your own blog. Life from your point of view.

    I love all of y'alls.

    The end.



  11. Jayme,
    When you're on your way to Oregon to see Tracy (third comment down), please stop by Montana and see me. We'd be friends right away and my chickens would love you. I'm sure you could do a trip stopping in every state and meet friends everywhere!

  12. Courage and Peace. What sweethearts and strong women they both are. Oh my... check out that sandwich!

    My gosh... is that little house sweet or what? Like a fairy tale house. :-) I think Mirjana needs to paint a picture of it!

  13. How nice that you got to meet these blogging friends in person. I adore the picture and covet that beautiful house.

  14. Jayme,

    I agree the readers and writers in the blogging community are generous, creative and clever people! I am blessed to know you.

    Your Friend,

    PS Prefer "Yous Guys" to "Y'all"

  15. Mirjana is talented and she is in my prayers. Jamie is also talented and love her adorable home. Any more photos? How wonderful to meet in person blogger friends!

  16. you are a gift dear one. Truly a gift.

  17. I loved this post, having never met one of my fellow bloggers in person you made me think about how many many I really would like to meet and spend time with.
    Thank you so much for introducing these lovely ladies. Can you share the links to thier blogs?

  18. When are you coming to Tasmania?? My chickens and I are dying to meet you!!
    Kathy from Tasmania

  19. That is so awesome that you are able to meet some of "us". I so wish I lived closer and could be your bud to :)

  20. Your new friends painting is so beautiful! I love it. It's so great that you are meeting so many of your blogging buddies.

  21. The painting...Wow! and that Sears kit house...to die for! love, love, love. Thanks for sharing your friends!

  22. The people I've "met" from blogging are AHMAZING. It makes me excited for heaven, you know?

  23. What a beautiful soul you have inviting such goodness in :) Friendship is a wonderful thing. I'd say you do it well!
    xo, misha

  24. What have you done to deserve all this? You treat others with love, kindness and compassion and that's why you get the same in return. I think it is wonderful that you got to meet so many blogging friends in person.

  25. First off, My prayers for Mirjana.

    You both were treated like Queens and Kings, what a spread of good she created for you guys. What good time you both had.

    Aaron, you have a beautiful soul lifting smile! Comes from the heart.

  26. There's a Gluten Free Cafe? Where? I want to go!

    Oooh, Mirjana. I think she must have the biggest, strongest heart. So talented too!

    Jayme, as for what you've done to deserve all this it is simple...

    You are just you. You share your love of life with us almost daily and you give it freely.

    We love you like a sister.


  27. You share your life - the ups and downs with all of us. YOU are a dear 'virtual' friend.

    Thank you for sharing your new friends with all of us. LOVE your blog!

  28. WOW! You look so healthy! Been a reader since the start, lucky you!


  29. Prayers going up for Mirjana. What a talent she is.

    And you dearest Jaymee, are deserving of all your blessings.
    Keep lookin up!

  30. How great! I just met a fellow blogger for the first time and I was so nervous....it ended up great!!

  31. Where to start?

    1. Mirjana is definitely beautiful and oh so brave!
    2. Aaron is a cutie patootie!
    3. You can't have Jaimie's house because I want it! Too stinkin' cute!!
    4. YAY for friends new and old!!

  32. Wow… Mirjana is quite the artist! Continued prayers sent her way.

    I would loooooove to live in a small house again. And a weaver? Too cool.

    Love that you go out and meet your readers!! Can't wait til it's my turn!! :)


  33. They both look like so much fun. Prayers for Mirjana - and her painting is beautiful.
    Your sausage looks delicious - I am going to give your recipe a try - my husband and I are always looking for healthier breakfast options!

  34. Wonderful. What beautiful ladies and very talented.

  35. Oh what fun you have had! Strange how God puts all of these people in your life! If you ever want to come to IOWA come on out! :)



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