Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lived to Tell the Tale

I'm happy to report that I didn't end up in the ditch.

I have no idea why I pump my bike tires in the kitchen, nor do I have any idea why Aaron finds it photo worthy.

I kept thinking of ways to get out of it.
Aaron thought it was a bad idea - reminding me of how long it's been since I'd been on me bike, and how many inclines were along the way.

I didn't need too much convincing.

Every cell of my body was telling me to

and then I'd think of this

I had no idea how hilly it was around here.
It took about 15 minutes to get to the Tastee Top.
Four miles down the road a piece.
I went with my new 'met-ya-on-the-INterNET' friend, Cheryl.
She's the one that gave me pickled 'sparagus, 'member?

We were both so ding danged proud of ourselves!
So busy being proud that we parked the bikes right up in the drive thru.
If you look real close like, you can see that I have shorts on.
People - this is huge - huge I tell ya.
I'm livin' my life.
Throwin' caution to the wind.
Airing me limbs.

We ordered one cheeseburger and then quickly got in a fight over who would cut it.

Then we decided we'd cut it together, kinda like a wedding cake.
But that Cheryl kept pushing the knife in her favor.

Then finally, we decided we'd do the 'I cut, you choose' system.
Worked like a charm.

I actually only ate half of my half. I couldn't believe how quickly I became satisfied.
I ate about a quarter of the cheese fries.
You know, eating the way I am now, I fear the Tastee Top may go out of business.
Rumor is they are laying off.
(Down four pounds so far)

After we ate, we sat and chatted for a good hour.
It started to drizzle, fo schnizzle, so we thought we'd better head on back.
Was it down hill all the way there? Sho nuff seemed up hill all the way back.
At one point, I was going so slow that I actually got three mosquito bites. I had to get off the bike and walk it up the hill.

Aaron took all these pics, by the way.
My boy.
Nice having your own private photographer!

Lest you forget - Cindy at Cottage Instincts has posted two more blogs about her visit here!
She's made the place look so dreamy and nice.
I loved seeing the place through her eyes.

She talks about how much she relaxed while she was here.
The true story is --

I worked her like a rented mule.

See how hungry she got by the time she worked enough to eat?
It's not all smiles and sunshine here folks.

Make sure you check out her side of the story at
She's got some serious bloggin' skillz.


  1. Looking close at that snap, I'm pretty sure you got the bigger 1/2! And you were so gracious not to tell everyone that I ate your leftovers! {we DID leave plenty of cheese fries though!}

    I had a ball and I'm not hurtin' anymore! Maybe it's b/c I painted everything that was brass in my house, Oil Rubbed Bronze today and got my mind off my pain.

    I'm steppin' out I tell ya! ;o)

  2. Jayme, great post. you look like you are having fun.

  3. Hilarious! Up near my hometown of Goshen, they have a Tastee Freeze in Dunlap....kinda resembles the same as your Tastee Top. Love it!!

    You are too cute.

  4. Jayme,
    I beg you to stop posting about the Tastee Top. I don't think I can take much more before I jump in my car and drive 2 hours for lunch.

    So happy you made the trip safely. Last time I rode my bike to get food I landed in the bushes on the way back. Okay, there might have been wine involved.

  5. That looks like so much fun! You guys are too cute. I was wonderin' who was doing the picture takin'.

  6. I'm PROUD of you both for riding your bikes to the Tastee Freeze! Uphill both ways, huh? LOL

    When my kids were little and going to split a treat ...I would let one of them cut, but the other one got to choose their half. Kept the cutter real honest. Ha!

  7. Looks like a very enjoyable outing!

    And I teach photography. If Aaron were in my class he'd be getting all A's for sure. I'm really quite impressed with his work. He should persue photography as a career.

  8. I went to Cottage Instincts and I have to say, "I LOVE YOUR CHICKEN DISHES!!!!" Where did you get those??????

  9. Jayme, this was so fun to read! I'm with you on this cutting it in half thing. I'm fed up with diets. You are inspiring me. Thank you!


  10. Glad to see you whipped out the bicycle. We live on a mountain so I've decided NOT to buy a bicycle to add to my methods of weight loss.... I'd NEVER get back up the mountain!

    P.S. It's not the burger... it's the bun that you want to watch out for. Toss it to the birds.

  11. I'm with Jen! All this Tastee Top talk is pure torture! It looks so good, and that is my favorite kind of place to get bad for you food. And the cheese fries.....torture I tell you! How fun to go for a bike ride with a buddy - looks like a perfect day.

  12. You go girl! Four pounds is fab. You're probably the only gal I know who can be happy on a diet! ;)

  13. You go girls!! I see the same couple riding bikes past our house every night and I think...that's a smart idear..I should do that. I kinda need a bike first.
    Ok...I notice the weirdest things, so here it goes. I love the fact that you have a "Real" screen door in your kitchen, or on your kitchen, or how do you say that? I have very simple goals in life...raise alpacas, chickens and have a screen door that announces my comin's and goin's. As of yet I have a lot to aspire after or is it aspire to...Now I aspire that I will go get more laundry done!
    God Bless Ya,

  14. Jayme I am inspired. I used to be a runner, a bad knee and three years and 25 pds later, I have now started walking. I'm walking, knowing that many women who read your blog are doing the same thing. Your truth about your life has inspired us all.
    Cheering u on!

  15. Look how cute you two gals are! Great job... riding your bikes to grab a half-meal. Also a fabulous idea! That Tastee Top is something we need here in our neck o' the woods (or not?? dangerous.. lol!). Great pic of you and Aaron! And I must head over to Cindy's to check out her saga =) -Tammy

  16. Clap, clap, clap!!! You two did great riding your bikes - I probably wouldn't even try!

    I've enjoyed the tour of your place by Cindy. It was great, and I love your place and your Squirrel! I'm still working on my little farmhouse/garden. I hope I can come only halfway close to your gorgeous gardens!

  17. Sure wish I lived close so I could go split a burger and fries with ya. I love your stories. Thanks for the entertainment and congrats on the 4 ell bees!

  18. Yea! Four pounds! That photo of Cindy shucking corn looks downright scary. Wouldn't want to bump into this gal mad in the middle of the night!

  19. I loved this post. It was so sweet of Aaron to photo-shop the photographs so your training wheels didn't show.
    (laughing) And where may I ask were your helmets, knee and elbow pads?
    Thanks for sharing your journey. Yea for wearing shorts!

    Your Friend,

    PS I know exactly what Cindy is thinking about doing with that corn on the cob. HA!

  20. So glad you shared your day with us and kudos for riding your bike there and sharing a burger. You are my new hero!

  21. Aaron, I'm impressed with your growing photography skills! Keep it up!

    (Way to go, Jayme!)

  22. Coop ...That was my kind of day. I am going to pray for your Tastee Treat hangout tonight..
    Please God ...may they stay open...forevah

  23. OMG it's a comment party goin' on here. There is nothing better that I could contribute to the mix. Everyone is on target today!

    Must.ride.faster.than.the.mosquitos! That's my mantra. :>) And, shorts are the way to go - it's too hot to wear pants!

    Cheers to all!

  24. Four pounds already??!! You're on fire. Congratulations - you're on a roll now.

  25. Amazing how quickly one's relationship with food can change, eh? Yey for fresh air, exercise, good friends and a fab photographer!

    Those cheese fries look dangerous. Can I have the leftovers please?

  26. Jayme, you are such a cutie patootie! Keep wearin' those shorts and keep up the good are an inspiration!

    Bonnie Jo

  27. I know why you didn't take the car,"Um,somebody left their vehicle on".It's much safer with the bike. I am so proud of you,FOUR POUNDS!! And those fries looked amazing.

  28. So long since I have been in blog world....mine or others.....I can always count on you to make me smile and laugh and I just want to say thank you for being authentically YOU.

  29. Oh my! LOL..the corn comment made me laugh right out loud. Seeing as we grow a LOT of sweet corn...anyone who stands in my hard long enough has to help suck, pick and stack corn! I think at this point, I am ready for FALL to arrive!

    If you ever get up this way, let me know!


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