Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

Seems the day just gets started, and before you know it,
the shadows are long.

Computer time is but a luxury right now.
Seems the day has a mind of it's own.
It just goes.

Thought I'd just give you a semi-quick overview of what we've been up to here at the Coop.

I had a baby in my spare time.

No, no no....just joking.

My friend Aisha flew out from Colorado and stayed a few days for a mutual friend's mother's funeral. Did I get one picture of my friend? Of course not - she has a baby! Aaron was in love and said he wants six. I asked him to please wait a few years.

I've been doing a lot of cooking and baking.
I'll share the recipe for these Honey Cookies over on

I spent the day Saturday at the Kane County Flea and Antique Market with my pal Cynthia.
I'd planned on getting a lot of cool photos to share with you.

But once I ran into this, I was too traumatized to continue taking photos.

You aren't going to believe what I found at the flea market!
See that laundry tub!?
I know what you are she gonna use that?
Every day sit my coffee on.

I've been out in the garden a LOT.

Which leads to moments like this.
Legs up on the wall.
Achy, tired legs.
Tired hands.
67 days to the Garden Walk.
I still have a couple of emails to return with your gardening questions...give me another day or two ok?

Lots of schoolin' this week. I'm a little freaked out over yesterday's Language Arts lesson.
I ALWAYS thought that showing possession on a word that ends in 's', you use s'.
Get this - and I still can't believe it.
I'm wrong.
So, a name like James, would be James's. What?? Was Aaron's text book wrong? I always thought it would be James'. Nope. The name Jesus, you do use Jesus', or other 'historical names'.
It said only on words showing PLURAL possession do you use the ' at the end.
Please tell me if this is right.

Had an impromptu bee class.
I'm fascinated with these creatures. I still haven't been stung, and I have to tell you I'm getting rather cocky about it.

Aaron however, was stung.
He took it like a man - eventually.

Yesterday, whilst doing yardwork in my pajamas and ballcap, I had an impromptu visit from my friends Craig and Kathy Collins.
I hadn't seen them in YEARS!
I'm sure I made an impression.
It was the highlight of my day.
They are the kind of people you just want to fold up and put in your pocket.

Today was our 'hitch up the buggy and go to town day'
And just looky what I found in the trash of all places.
Old windows and a ladder.
This picture is a pretty good representation of what my vehicle looks like at any given moment.


On the way home from town, I got a call from Glenco saying Ed the Bee Guy called to tell me that he was removing a swarm from a lilac bush.

I made a beeline straight there (sorry).

It was amazing.
I was surprised at the ease in which he removed the swarm.

That's been my week in a nutshell.
What have you been up to?

Remember - when life stings you - keep smilin'

Added Thursday morning after receiving this link from a pal:

Plurals and Possession

My friends and I were having a discussion the other day concerning the possessive of names which end in the letter 's'. Several of us remembered being taught that, for example, it was correct to use either James' or James's to indicated that something belonged to James. Others in our group were adamant that only James' was correct. Could you clarify the issue for us?

Answer: Forming possession on words that end in s" is much less confusing if you sound out the word. The rule you are trying to remember concerns forming possession on *plural* nouns — not words ending in "s" generally.

Though it ends in "s," "James" is singular: "James is a great guy." To indicate possession, you would *say*, "Fido is Jamziz dog." You would write, therefore, "James's."

Say you live next door to a family surnamed James. When describing the lot of them, you'd form a plural with "es": the Jameses. You would use the "es" because the singular ends in "s," and we couldn't pronounce the double-s: the Jamess. You would *say*, "We are dining with the Jamziz (Jameses) tonight."

When describing a family possession, you'd *say*, "That is the Jamziz car," but you would write, "Jameses'." In this case, you would not need the extra "s." It does not get pronounced. You do not say,"Jamziziz." The apostrophe alone suffices to indicate possession.

Apostrophes, by the way, indicate that something has been left out (don't = do not). What is left out with 's is a morpheme English used to use a long time ago. In 1290, we would have written something like "Fido is Jamesis dog."


  1. Wow! You are a brave soul. Good for you. I have been gardening. Have about 1/2 my plantings cleaned out. Going to the nursery with a good friend tomorrow after work. We use to go together every year, but we have been unable to do that since I have moved a hour north. Looking forward to it.

  2. Oh that picture of Aaron after the sting is priceless...OUCH though.

  3.! Amazing again. You manage to arrange so neatly and compactly so MUCH stuff in your blogpost, I can't believe it! I have to go back and read through it again to keep up!!!
    But, then. You are the chicken whisperer, and now the bee whisperer, and also the Grammar Queen ( yeah, I think that IS correct! even though, me too...I thought it sounded and looked wierd.) WHO decides all this stuff anyway, and I think they just do it to make those who have to explain it have a very difficult day!!!!!!!

    Those bees....uh....step away from the bee man please, people!!!
    Kudos to Aaron for getting stung at class and still smiling at the end of the blog!
    I WILL be looking for that recipe to be posted tomorrow. I got the Farm Chicks book from the library today and saw a recipe in it for Orange Meringue Pie..!! thinking I'm gonna try that!
    I'm seeing your coffee on that washtub girl!, but I can just as easily see you trying your hand at! And your van?? I swear I thought it was mine the way it looked, well, until I saw Aaron in it, and I thought....wait a minute!!! :-)
    And why is it that when you are either in clothes you don't want to be seen in, or you are sweaty and no makeup and covered with dirt and mud that a neighbor or friend pulls up and wants to talk????? gah.......!!!!!!
    Love your posts - just chock full of good stuff! The lovely things that make life fun, exciting, shocking, and comforting...
    And speaking of shocking...oh my gosh...that crazy mannican head or whatever that was... Scare me and throw me under the bed... that's worse than the clown in Stephen King's movie "IT"!!! Run for the hills! Put that on a post out front and you don't need a security system or a dawg....
    Woot! Hugs to you girl. Thanks for the fun.

  4. Wow, had a baby! You had me going for a minute there. You are one busy girl with gardening and beekeeping and now you've taken up modeling in pj's! Aaron isn't the only one with photography skills...that pic of a gardener's (did I do the apostrophe right?) hand says volumes!

  5. Aaron....what a cutie! And so talented. It's no wonder that he has such a superb Aunt. Where else would a kid learn all these cool things.

    Awesome update!


  6. You are one busy bee! That swarm scared me to pieces and it's just a photo, you are one brave girlie!

  7. Well, Jayme, this was an enjoyable post as always! Loved hearing about your week. We had a swarm that looked much like the one in your pic (yiKeS!!!) a couple years ago. I was greatly relieved when they finally packed their bags and left my yard =)

  8. dirt under your nails, babies to snuggle, beautiful flowers and thrifting finds... no wonder you've had a wonderful week... and even without all that Aaron's smile could probably make the week... :)

    oh and I'm confused by the grammer... i learned it the way you were saying you thought it was, but i was never great with grammer...

  9. There are so many interestng things in this post, that I don't know where to begin!
    But, I think, because it is too late for me to be on this computer, that I will begin and end with-
    My sister was at the Kane County Flea Market! She got some great pics and great finds. Check out her blog- it's Beautiful!
    Our goal is to someday have a
    booth there.

    Oh, and one more- I would get a second opinion on the s' verse s's. I'm with you...

    Keep posting!!!
    You are so much Fun,

  10. I desperately need a mentor!!!
    You're IT...
    yep, you are...

    you are one funny chick..
    loved the blog..

  11. Aaron is too cute! What a good aunt you are.

  12. This post made me smile all the way through! Aaron has such a sweet demeanor in the pictures I just want to pinch his cheek and give him a hug..all very properly you know.

    We have bees and my husband lets our grandchildren and children of friends suit up and help him. They love this and I see Aaron does too.

    What a find ! Creative use for it too.

  13. Pretty cool stuff with all the bees

  14. Congrats on finding that wash tub! I want to come sit on your porch all day whilst we sip iced tea and chat. I could even watch you work :)

  15. You have got to be one of the busiest ladies around! I am constantly amazed at all the things you do and get accomplished.
    I LOVE your patio by the way, it is the coziest and most inviting space ever. How I would love to be able to walk through your garden...

  16. Okay, I have a James and now I am completely confused. Would it be bad just to teach what I know (James') and then let him sort it out later? I guess that is not a good idea. But really, could they make it more confusing?

    You are one amazing lady Jayme. I fix you a real Southern home-cooked meal if you will come live with me for about three months and get me and this place straightened out. I will even throw in some homemade salsa!

  17. My problem is Biology. I thought I was prepared, I loved biology in college. I thought I remembered it all and would love to revisit. Not so much...I remember a little and have filled in my memory gaps with fiction. So it looks like once again my daughter and I are taking this class together! Learning at home...forces partents to learn too!

  18. That possessive stuff is just way too much to wrap me wee head about.

    Oh, and Aaron does realize that all 6 of those babies he hopes to have do not remain babies but instead turn into teenagers, right? He does know this??? LOL

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  19. Well, I wouldn't have believed that had I not seen so much evidence concerning James. I still think they taught us different and just decided this was the case recently... (Hate to be wrong, so that's my case and I'm sticking to it!) I'm jealous over the tub. And the road finds. Why is it I always find trash and things I'm afraid to touch on the side of the road?

  20. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does yard work in her jammies.
    Although I've been taught that either James' or James's is correct, I always prefer James's to indicate singular possessive of a name that ends in s, because that's how I pronounce it.

  21. Aaron took it like a man eventually? I LOVE that! You had me hooting at that one. As for the english lesson, I truly appreciated it. I might be more confused than ever though and I would actually say that house belongs to the James family just to avoid the whole thing!

  22. If I was in the country, I would want bees too! I am already pushing the limits with bats and chickens in town! I can empathize with the sore body and especially the rough hands from gardening!

  23. Jayme,

    I will look for that honey cookie recipe on your other site. Looks yummy! That bee swarm would have traumatized me more than the mannequin head!


  24. Man, you nailed it with the days just slipping away. Poof. Another day gone. Sounds like you have been very productive with a lot of fun along the way. That makes for the good kind of tired.
    Oh, and I can't tell you how many times I've rewritten a sentence because I can't figure out my puntuation. I truly think the rules have changed since we were young. At least that's what I tell myself.

  25. Your wonderful blog is always so chuck full of interesting information. I love it and usually read it a couple of times. I love all you fun hobbies. Time does fly by when you are having fun. Dogwood

  26. I notice that you do not wear gloves when you handle the bees. I got my first 2 bee hives last year, sad news, they all "went away" this year so I have zerp hives. I am going to start again next year, but I alwas wore gloves. I have only been stung 2 times, both times I did not have on light-colored clothing. Hope you have a good weekend!

  27. Your week was so busy it made my head spin reading about it! LOL! Loved it, super wonderful - please keep it coming... You made my day :)

  28. the double wash tub: i'm gritting my teeth not to covet!!!! the photo of aaron's face....bless his heart!!!

    ahhh, maybe you're a *bee whisperer?*


  29. Hi honey - yes all of Chris's life it has been Chris's, otherwise if it was Chris' lives, would mean more than one Chris and their lives. :D

  30. JAYME!!!!!!!!!!! How did I miss this? How? I got to the part about the names ending in S and I about jumped outta my seat. I came right down here, buzzing right past what looked like a picture of a swarming hive. Thank you. Thank you! I am sure you have noticed my propensity for spelling Silas's. Just admit it - you thought I was WRONG! Well, I wasn't entirely sure, myself. I have googled and sought advice from near and far. I was so stressed out about it before he came that I tried to talk Cory into calling him Abe, instead. I had 2 different teacher friends tell me that it should be Silas'...but it just didn't seem right. It seemed like it should only end in ' if it was plural. But they persisted. And my readers mostly continued to say Silas' and I hated the thought that everyone was thinking I didn't know how to properly regard my own child. Can you tell I'm excited?? I have been saving examples from magazines and planning a post about it...just to clear the air.

    But this. This makes it official.

    Sweet lady, you just made my day.


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