Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It Doesn't Take a Brain Surgeon

What?  Two days in a row?
I'm trying to develop a habit here...

My trip to Whole Foods yesterday was fab.
We've finally got one in our area - it's still a bit out of the way - but much better than crossing the state line to get the organic kale contraband.
I've started juicing.  The amount of organic carrots I consume is borderline ridiculous - but I tell you what - I feel rejuvenated! 

I went with my old pal Donna and her 24 year old son Kyle.

As I was talking to Kyle about work and school - I mentioned to Donna -
'24!  What would you do if you were 24, knowing what you know now?'

When I was asked the question, I think I surprised them both when I said 'I'd  do something in the field of neuroscience'.  I really think they thought I was joking.  I think that because Donna laughed.
Me?  A scientist? 

See, I'm absolutely smitten with the brain.  
Mainly the actual physical organ.
Also -
The mind.  
The brain/mind/body connection.
Just this morning I was reading about increasing GABA production.
I've been reading books by Dr. Carolyn Leaf, Dr. Daniel Amen.
Brain health.

Word on the street you gotta know your multiplication tables and then some to call yo'self a neuroscientist.
I make marshmallows.  

Then - I thought - well, since I can't do maths - what other path would I have chosen?
Do you need the maths for to be a Functional Doctor?
Dang it.

So then I decided I would be a hippie of sorts, living in a tiny house somewhere Northwest - running a microbakery in a cool Portland town, and commuting on my Honda Metropolitan scooter.
And I'd dabble in neuroscience.

Which really isn't too far off of my life at the moment.

Then end.

What about you?


  1. Jumping in here . . .
    I would do much of what I did . . .
    (Crazy sentence . . .)
    But true . . .
    and a librarian in a very small town . . .

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  3. I'd live in a small, quaint town with cute little shops and own a coffee shop/bakery!

  4. Not Portland....but a cottage at the shore somewhere so you can feel the breezes that make your pretty curtains flutter. And of course rocking chairs on the porch. My sister and I shall live that life when we are old ladies.

  5. I am such a faithful follower, I don't care what you write about. I just am happy when I see you have written.

  6. Man oh man it's good to read something you have written. I needed you "back in my life." So glad all is well. Looking forward to reading about your health progress. I'll be along for the ride in spirit. Just don't have the money to fully engage. You go girl! Lisa in Pasadena, Ca.

  7. Please come to Portland, you'd love it. Fabulous fabric and yarn shops...very modern vibe. Or better yet, come to Seattle. We've got a fairly famous farmer's market you may have heard about. Psst...it doesn't rain here all the time.

  8. You should send some samples of your marshmallows and Graham crackers to QVC.

  9. Think of you often! My daughter lives in Oregon. Love the Northwest. Miss you!!

  10. You've chosen an interesting topic, what would we do if we weren't already doing what we are doing now. Makes you think. It also makes you question, why not? Thanks for a second post in such a short time! You make me smile. -Jenn

  11. I would like to get some marshmallows, but not by mail, I want to come to one of the markets that you will be at, so I can meet you. Do you have some kind of a schedule? Looking forward to it!!!

  12. girl! read Why Isn't My Brain Working? Dr Kharrazian {sp?} Fascinating book!


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