Monday, June 30, 2014

I Got Nothin'

Thank you for such a warm welcome back!

I've been sitting here in my living room, savoring a delicious latte as I listen to a gentle storm passing through the area.

We've sure had our share of the rain up in here.

I've got my yoga video queued up and I'll be unrolling the yoga mat in a moment.

I've sat down a few times to write a blog, and well...

I got nothin'.

The beauty of nothing new.
I'm embracing it.

In actuality - there's a lot new - but it just doesn't seem noteworthy.
I'm more about listening than talking these days.

I've downsized the chickens.

I have 7 now.
I'm liking it.
I can dote on them again.
It was hard to spread my affection between nearly 20 hens.
I don't know how the Duggars do it.

The gardens continue to be under construction, or perhaps more accurately - deconstruction.  No sooner do I close one up - I fight the urge to make a new one elsewhere.

Glenco is great, Aaron is swell.
I'd have to start thinking hard to find something to complain about.

Word on the street is that I'm flat out tired.

If I'm honest - I'd say I've caught myself resenting summer this year.
I shan't have it.

I think I'm more menopausal than I'd care to admit.

I feel that in ways my eyes have been opened to my manic, yet endearing views of life.
My 'go big or go home' ways of living have caught up to me.

I bet I've apologized to, and thanked Glenco a hundred times in the month of June.
I've thanked him for all the hard work he's done around here, and apologized for how often I've changed things - over and over.  I keep promising him that this downsizing is for real - and will stick - and I dasn't plan on changing my mind about it.

No, really, I don't.
"Go small and stay home" is my new mantra!

I just wanted to drop in today and tell you I was thinking of you all - and let you know how much I appreciate you!  Please know that I as I go through my daily routines around here, I think of you all and smile - 

Til soon...


  1. You will feel so much better after the downsizing reconstruction. I promise! We did the same last year and I drive into my driveway just thanking God for my home's simplicity. My life might be crazy, but I don't have to have a crazy household along with it. My brother, who is almost sixty, has decided he now wants to go big, so he is selling his cute house in a small town and moving an hour and a half from everything he knew, buying twenty acres in the literal Middle of Nowhere with a storage barn and rough terrain, building a house mostly by himself, and probably having a midlife crisis on the side. Craziness. My sister in law is fighting the madness, but I'm not sure she will win. I keep suggesting simplicity, but I guess everyone must go through Much to find the beauty of Little.
    Please keep blogging, even if you don't have much to say. You inspire this old chicken!

  2. Even though you've got nothing I still enjoy your posts cuz even your nothing is worth the read :)!

    I feel like I'm going through the same things you are. Downsizing, simplifying, enjoying what I do have, wanting to blog but feeling as though nothing is blog worthy, dreaming about (and wanting) our farm, etc., etc. Yet, I am content. I really am. Maybe it's because the big one (50) is tomorrow and I'm away from family and friends so I'm emotional. Who knows?! I do know that when I started blogging we had a house, chickens, ducks, a garden and we were trying to develop our little piece of land into a self sufficient piece of paradise. Now that we're traveling and have only the home we pull around with us and no land I find myself sort of out of sorts if you will with few things to blog about. And my poor readers, the ones who followed me for the country type lifestyle are just as befuddled. I have a few that are hanging in there, bless them :)!

    But, I digress and am rambling, my apologies. I do so enjoy following along on your new journey to simplicity!

  3. You think you got nothin' but you got everything . . .
    Live when you post nothin!

  4. You're such a blessing...

    thank you for being you!!

  5. I love the go small and stay home my own way I have been saying that for the last five years or so....mentalpause will do that to you!

  6. I always look for a post from you out of all of my blogs that I skip over....:) A blog about nothing from you is better than a blog about something from others. Does that make sense? great to see your post!!!! Happy 4th!!!

  7. I applaud you. I don't know how I survived menopausal. I enjoyed your post and it is somethin not nuthin. :-)

  8. you know.... I'm thinking.. this getting older thang.. really isn't so bad at all... kinda settling, and not in all the bad ways you could insert here. Acceptance.. quietude.. you know, things you wouldn't allow yourself before.

  9. Jaybird, I too am downsizing now that I'm an empty nester. Really enjoying the quiet time and glad you are doing well. Don't fret about getting together, I totally get it. Hugs

  10. I have missed you and think of you, wondering what you are doing and how you are fairing.

    I have to say....I love this....

    "Here's to less stuff but more time.
    Here's to smaller gardens, better tended.
    Here's to more soul time."

    Thanks, I have been doing this but didn't get the message....ha! I loved reading several of your latest posts....keep checking in from time to time and enjoy the season.

  11. So grateful to slurp up your wisdom and be re-inspired. It's hard to live against the grain, but easier after reading this.

  12. First of all, what you obviously need is a chicken on your head. I am thinking that would help with menopausal symptoms and may even entertain Glenco. Or he might have you committed but it's worth a shot!

    I have missed you and I am sorry that you are feeling "puny". (That's what they call it in South Carolina according to my former mother-in-law who is a much better person than her son could ever hope to be.) But I digress...that's how I deal with post menopause. I digress all over the damned place!

  13. It's a Seinfield episode....something about nothing. And yet we continue to learn from your nothing. Hang in there sista....everyday is something and you are bigger than nothing!!! We all love you. ;) you can put into words what most of us are thinking.

  14. Lisa in PasadenaJune 30, 2014 at 7:02 PM

    I'm glad you're back Jayme!

  15. Checked through the weekend, but no Jayme. I thought with that new computer you would be typing up a storm. Oh, yeah, lets talk storms, I am listening to thunder and rain right now, AGAIN.. No gentle falling of rain, no sir, torrential. Thank you Mother Nature , A big fat, NOT! This "Wet Fest" is getting on my last nerve. I was so enjoying the start of my summer around here. My plants were flourishing well, but now, I am having to tuck my pots under sheets of plastic and the porch on my outbuilding. With all this rain the mosquitoes have now shown and almost tried to carry me away this weekend. Fun. What simple pleasures I was embracing is being hampered big time and I hate to use Off. Well, now that I am retired, there are days I don't leave the house. Sweats are an embraced attire, as they are so much more comfortable and less constricting and for the girl who always wouldn't be seen without make up, I find myself quick dolling up before the hubs comes in the door. Don't I sound attractive. Yeah, I'm turning 59 this month and that is eating at me a bit. I will admit that I am feeling the "ouch" of not being a "young chick" anymore. My work out has been of late, digging and digging instead of a yoga mat, though I like yoga. Ya think with all this gardening/yard work, all the bending over involved, this menopausal little tummy would be almost gone. Ugh! Whatever! Simple, yeah I am with you on that, but I am slowly still tackling it. Someday, someday.... I'm glad your doing well, but it is probably a bit of a funk your in and menopause will do it to ya. Take care girl, until next time....


  16. Love seeing new posts! Even if you feel you are saying "nothin' ", you say it so cleverly!
    Melanie M

  17. Ahh Jayme!!!! Always so good to hear from you my friend! I love "go small and stay home." And yet why is that so hard to do??? When the world keeps screaming BIGGER IS BETTER, why do we listen? Why can't we see that the simple things in life are truly the best? Like having 7 chickens you can love instead of 20 that are just a chore. You inspire me sister!! Blessings to you, today and every single day!!!

  18. Apologies if this comment comes in twice but as you requested, I am reminding you that you do have something....You have a "Chasing the Noodle" in that noggin of yours to blog about! But please don't feel pressured in any way, shape or form :D

  19. ,,,,,,,because your readers are "blogger protective" Jayme -- know that we're thinkin' of you too with more than a prayer that your newly adopted mantra eases its way into your summer days.
    Gentle wishes over your 'today',

  20. Jayme - just the thing to cheer you up. Check out Yes! Chicken jewelry. No, not chicken jewelry for you. Jewelry FOR chickens!

  21. Downsizing seems to be the Mantra these days... I've been on the Great Edit and Purge Process for two years now... a Maximalist attempting some Minimalism... it's gonna be a LONG Process I think... Good luck in going small and staying Home... I haven't yet reached that point of Enlightenment. Dawn... The Bohemian


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