Tuesday, August 28, 2012

She Lives....

I'm alive!
I'm here, I'm here.
In a very quiet mood lately - and there ain't nothing wrong with that.
We've been quite busy - here and there.
Found out that my B12 levels were rock bottom.  My legs had been going numb on me and I was getting severe Charlie horses in my calves.  I've been getting B12 shots weekly for a month, and now just a got a prescription to give them to myself.  *gulp*.  It's funny - fatigue is a big symptom of low B12 - and it's funny - cause I didn't feel tired until I found I had low B12.  I know.  It's psychosomatic or something, eh?  I'm thinking that I never allowed myself to feel tired - I just kept pushing.

I'm tired y'all.
I can tell the B12 shots are helping....and I'm taking like 5mg sublingually as well.
Aaron did take the GED, and feels confident in the outcome.
We have to wait a few weeks for the results.
He's vacationing now in the Smokies with his parents.
I will never get tired of saying 'parents'.
So glad my sister found someone to share her life with.
We've gone camping a time or two -
In the process of finding a place for Aaron to live while schooling in Chicago - trying to work out the financial end of school as well - grants, scholarships, financial aid.
I'm a fish out of water here girls.
I don't feel like I have anything important to say - so I'll say no more -
not that it's every stopped me before.
: -)
Life is good.


  1. Also low calcium can cause leg cramps. Be sure to take care of you so you can keep going and going. Aaron is growning too fast, slow him down willya!

    You are missed so pop in more often.

    GOD keep you and yours safe!

  2. Hey girl,

    For Aaron's school funding think outside the box...look on beauty products websites and see if they have scholarships they give- my daughter got one from Best Buy for $1500.00!! Look to community non-profits as well. Anytime a kid is trying to make something of themselves these groups will try to help :)
    Glad you've gotten a leg-up on the fatigue- take care of yourself!

  3. I was beginning to think we would not be hearing from you anymore. Have missed reading your blog.
    Hope you are hanging in there-the long hot, dry summer has been hard on everyone. Never thought I'd look so forward to fall and cooler temps. I've had it with hot weather.
    Write again soon, please.

  4. Cutest photo of your cat. If you can't think of anything to talk about just post more of kitty. ;-)

  5. I was missing your drivel. Glad you stopped by. ha ha!

  6. So glad to hear from you. Love your posts. Have a great Labor Day.

  7. A day with a word from Jayme is always a special day. It's good to hear that Aaron is doing well. Take care of yourself!

  8. I am glad you are doing okay. I take potassium for my leg cramps and also flood myself with water- both help me. I hope the shots go okay for you- xo Diana

  9. Jayme, you are my morning coffee, my jumpstart to my day so please don't ever think about not blogging. I do have a question, I am trying to start a blog but i didn't realize how dumb i am because i am having so much trouble with technical aspects. Do you have any advice? Did you read anything that helped you start? Like where do you get images and how do you give credit for them. My profile and archives are at the bottom and i cannot make them be on my side bar. And a million other things....do you have any advice???????? Thanks so much.

  10. And how do i get my complete name off of my blog? Help!!


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