Friday, December 17, 2010

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime....

Christmas 1965 - That's me on the top.

Just popping in to wish you a Happy Christmas.

My blog break has been wonderful, but I have to tell you, I miss y'all so much!
Thanks so much for the sweet emails and Facebook messages - it helps me feel connected.

It's been a whirlwind of a month - not like I imagined - I was hoping to sit with cocoa and stare at the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights - but instead, I've been up to my elbows in flour, blistering my hands making candy canes, running to and fro - and entertaining so much it would make Martha proud.

This week - this week I hope to settle myself down and sit and drink cocoa.
Just as soon as I finish making four more Christmas presents and make the homemade marshmallows - and clean out the chicken coop - and plan my Christmas Open House for the family......
Yesterday I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in about 5 years.
Look at the little video she made of our day.
I wish I had a photo of her to share - she's a doll.
I hesitated to post it - since Aaron cut my hair - yes Aaron.  I feel a bit like a concentration camp prisoner now - but it's nothing a can of hairspray or a hat can't fix.  I didn't want to discourage him - it's hair - it'll grow back.

Please notice the cute chicken soup mug - the saucer that matches is shaped like an egg! It was a wonderful gift from my neighbor!  Thanks Gina!
Yes - that's the pot.
I'm lovin' it.

(Teresa - does that mug on the island look familiar? Kelly - does the apron look familiar?)

We sat and chatted the afternoon away.
 I can confidently say she's the most creative person I know, and I was so inspired by her that I barely slept a wink last night!

I felt like I was on a creative high - I couldn't stop searching odd images like this:

Or this:

I wish I had an explanation for it.
I felt like I was searching for something.
I haven't found it yet - fyi.

I digress.

Here are a few glimpses around the old farmhouse -

See the snowflakes hanging from the ceiling?  Aaron and I hang those every year all throughout the house.
One of my favorite traditions - only this year was the first time he tried to do it with one hand - cause the stinkin' cell phone was in the other hand.  Please tell me that this shall pass.....

We've had more snow than we know what to do with.
Monday the town was shut down!
4' drifts - 40 mile an hour winds - single digits.

The girls are hunkered.
I am too.

Merry Christmas friends!


  1. Merry Christmas Jayme! The homestead looks stunning and comfy..if that makes sense.
    Glad he is using one hand and a cell phone in the other..that means he has friends:)

  2. Oh, how I wish I lived closer to you! Your home looks beautiful--all warm and cozy! It got cold here again today--haha--in the 50's. We are expecting a low around 36 tonight. We have had some freezes. My yard is full of dead plants! I LOVE the chicken footprints in the snow!

  3. Love the video and I always love your place at Christmas. Did you do a tree in the living room this year? Hope to see you soon. Hugs and kisses! The hair is fine. How did the marshmallows turn out? Great I'm sure.

  4. Julie - great point about the cell phone! Lorilee! Thanks for stopping by - Ra - ya, I put a big real tree in the livingroom...smells sooo good! Marshmallows are fabulous!

  5. I LOVED that cute. Gotta find out how she did that. ha.

    Your place looks awesome, Jayme. I hope I get there while I'm up, but with all that seems to be filling up our calendar with house hunting, I'm not sure it will happen. sigh.
    I will keep you posted.

    Glad you decided to give us a taste of what you've been up to. Miss you.


  6. Keep those pretty girls warm! Aaron will let go of the phone about the time he leaves home, I imagine. It's gonna be with you awhile, Jayme. Merry Christmas! You be safe out there in snowland now!

  7. Your girls are beautiful!!.. what an array. And, love your bedroom.

    Regarding the cell phone attachment situation, it will pass. In about, ooohh five years, give or take a few.

  8. Looks like you're enjoying your December to the fullest. The soup looks so warm and cheesy...yummo. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Patty

  9. Ooooh - our mug! It looks so cute on your island. I think we should set a date and time and all have hot chocolate and...what...a conference call? Something anyway. Does anyone do instant messaging anymore? Facebook? Except I'm not on Facebook. Hmmmm, I'll work on that.
    Jayme, I think your house is the coziest, warmest house I've seen in all of blogland. I want you to make me soup and bread.
    And my experience tells me that the cell phone use won't be getting better for a while. Or ever for that matter.
    Hugs to you, Jaymes!

  10. LOVE the 1965 picture. I posted an old picture of me and my siblings from 1967. What fun.

    That soup and bread look fabulous, I think I could smell them from here!

    I agree about the phone, it will probably be that way... for a while... speaking from my experience too :)
    Keep warm!
    Happy holidays,

  11. What a cute pic from 1965...lovin' your snowflakes:) I’m having a Christmas Open House…would love to have you join in on the fun. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  12. Talk about being creative. I think the chicken prints in the snow needs to become a picture in your house during the winter months. Too cute :)

    Love everything about this post, from the beginning to the end.

    Merry Christmas :)

  13. Love the video, wish I could have been there... would have loved being in on the conversation and eating some of that soup. You are so brave to have let a teenager with scissors near you!! Hope you have a blessed Christmas!

  14. Just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS, Ms. Jayme, to you and Glenco, and Aaron and your Sis. Glad you're enjoying your sabbatical from blogging.

  15. I just love it all. Did you just by your Christmas plate? If you did , did you buy it at Antiques on Main?

  16. Merry Christmas! Your house looks so great... I want to curl up on your couch with some cocoa and hear many a story. You have told some great ones and I have found so much enjoyment in them. If I lived closer I would so be there. Or you would be on mine. I know we would have to fight for a turn to talk:)
    As far as the cell phone goes... it doesn't get better anytime soon!
    He did ok on the hair. My youngest is a hair stylist. She once died our Pomeranian's hair red with a Koolaid package. I should have known then she had a callin'!!
    I am a natural redhead with some bottled help now. I refuse to go the Koolaid route!
    Have a great weekend

  17. Hi Jayme!
    I haven't commented here before but I visit often and love your blog.
    I've been scolded by a certain blogger that I'm just plain rude, woops...sorry!
    Anyways....glad you're back from your hiatus, we all missed you (even those
    that don't comment).
    You're farmhouse is looking cozy and I can almost smell the soup.

    I don't let my chickens in the house like some people, ethem....for fear
    they may find out how YOURs are living, I'd never get another egg!

    Merry Christmas, Jayme!!

  18. Boy. Cigarette. Chicken.

    *this* is why I love you.

    Oh, and your cheesy potato soup.

    ps...I was indeed in bed when you emailed...please call me on Sunday afternoon. Or I'll call you. If I can find your digits.

    I may need to road trip to your place for a day between Christmas and New Years. It's just that bad.

  19. Must share this with you. A card came in the mail today informing me that a chicken - yes, a chicken! - has been given in my name to a poor, third world family in need through one of those organizations that handle such things. I cried I was so touched at the thought of a family so far away having the joy of playing with and loving a chicken and getting wonderful, nutritious fresh eggs as a bonus. This is a way of giving I will definitely have to give some thought to.
    Christmas blessings to you and your family.

  20. such lovely decorations and a very inviting table. The bread looked so delicious as well as the soup.
    Merry Christmas!

  21. Jayme, I'm glad you're enjoying your blogging break - even though I miss you.
    Your home looks so pretty, festive and inviting. I love the idea of hanging snowflakes from the ceiling all over the house. We did snowflakes is the windows before, but that was years ago and I like your idea so much better.
    Not to be a downer, but the "phone in one hand" isn't going to change any time soon. Ever since our oldest got hers, it's been attached to her like glue.
    Hope your holidays are happy days!

  22. Merry Christmas!! jan

  23. Jayme.....just love, love your home. Gota love this winter we Hoosiers are having....No Way my girls are going step out into the white stuff to make cute little snow prints! They just sit in their coop looking out wishing it would all go away!
    Merry Christmas!

  24. Jayme.....just love, love your home. Gota love this winter we Hoosiers are having....No Way my girls are going step out into the white stuff to make cute little snow prints! They just sit in their coop looking out wishing it would all go away!
    Merry Christmas!

  25. Sorry to break it to you, but the cell phone isn't going anywhere. It only gets worse.

    I recall once when one of my son's had a run in with the law and I told him... do you realize that if they take you to jail, they take your cell phone away. What would you do then?

    That's all the threatening he's ever needed. Without his phone, he's lost.

  26. So nice to hear from you. Hey! I have my very own Caribbean Blue Lodge Dutch oven on the way, thanks to my loving husband :) Can't wait till we get our hog and beef and make a pot roast in it or a big pot of cheesy potato soup! Any suggestions for anything to make in it or how clean it etc.?? Merry Christmas!!!!!

  27. So much goodness. Love those old photos. You look exactly like my Aunt as a child. Sounds like you're enjoying the true meaning of the season - hospitality! Perfect!
    ps- sent a note back! :-)

  28. Random thought on your post:
    I think your hair looks cute! Aaron did a good job. And I don't think the cell phone thing will end with that generation until it's implanted into their heads or they have children of their own (sigh.)
    Your house is so cheerful and Christmas-y! And clean! Mine's a wreck right now,but I think of you and how you clean your fridge weekly every time I open mine and pull something out to see it left a sticky ring on the shelf. :)
    Those hens look like ceramic sculptures!

  29. Jay, I just love the pic of you, Cindy and Glenda. The house looks very comfy and cozy for Christmas. I wish we could have spent time together before the holidays. Oh well, maybe next year. The Happiest of Holidays to you and yours. Cyn

  30. Jayme, Jayme, Jayme, every post I just dont’ know where to start. I think I have to start with smoking child and rooster. That is the funniest picture every-I have laughed and laughed over him. He looks like one of the lollipop kids from The Wizard of Oz. The video--is amazing. You should definitely do a show on HGTV or Food Netword. It was wonderful. Your house all decked in Christmas is warm, cozy, festive and everything Jayme’s home should be. I love it. Aaron did a great job on your hair too :)
    Hugs, Amy

  31. me thinks it's sorta mean to show the soup and not show the recipe. Because now I want some.

    I'm so dissapointed I'm gonna have to go outside for a smoke with my chicken.

  32. It is too busy a time, don't you think. I did take a moment to drink Russian tea and eat some of the cookies I baked. Hope you will return soon. Nancy

  33. beautiful pictures! warm post. welcome back.

  34. Two of my kids are teens and yes it is attatched 24/7 on the bright side if you cant find them just give them a call and follow the ring LOL cause they can never hear ya yelling for them with those ipods plugged in their ears!... Oh that soup mmmmm my new fav! I make it a little different each time I subed broccoli for the carrots and it was really good, next is bacon and some sour cream instead of carrots, who needs vegtables lol and that picture of the boy and chicken is so becoming a magnet on my fridge!! love it :) thanks for sharing all you do. I love reading your blog :)

  35. Mmmmmm! I can almost smell that potato soup. I enjoyed the tour of the farmhouse. Thanks for sharing, and Merry Christmas.

  36. I'm so glad you're enjoying the chicken apron. Wish I could have been there to enjoy the nice warm soup with you.

    Being in southeast Virginia, our chickens are afraid to touch the snow we've gotten - they've not seen it before and it's freaking them out!

  37. It's great to see that you are enjoying Christmas to much! Sorry about the snow ... and the cell phone. Homemade marshmallows? I'm not worthy.

  38. Jayme, LOVE how your home looks so warm and inviting!!!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Cause I won't have time the rest of the week still have a few projects to do!!!

  39. Jayme, I'm glad your having a break and getting recharged for the tales you will be telling us next year. Have a merry christmas stay safe and warm. I wish you could come to lunch with me!

  40. It's SO good to hear from you, Jayme! Merry Christmas! Your home is beautiful...

  41. I love that photo of you as a child sitting near the chicken having a smoke. :)

    Your Friend,

  42. You have a Redware plate?? REDWARE?? Oh Law!! (there, I said it!} ;)

    That pot is extraordinary!! I'll take a dip of that Cheesy Potato Soup maam!!

    Merry Christmas!!

    January is a comin'!!!

  43. I hope things are finally settling down for you. I've decided to take the month of February off. We both know that's not going to happen but the thought of it might be enough to get me through the next month!

    I'm glad you had a nice lunch with your friend. Too bad the weather kept you from seeing Shanny!


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