Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Gift Idea - A Repost

I'm at it again - cheating here - reposting old posts - but perhaps it's new to a few of yuns...
This year I'm doing apple themed baskets.
Canned pie apples, the crisp topping mixed in a cute fabric bag, a red dishcloth, and apple butter.
Of course I have no pictures, cause I'm not blogging right!?

All is well here in Coopkeeperland.  I'm enjoying my quiet month, and realizing that I have to guard it like gold or I'll be overbooked in a heartbeat.  I'm feeling awfully run down and feel a cold coming.
Phyllis the banty hen is up in the house - toe amputation necessary due to scaly leg mites.  (I shant go into details in this post) so she's fat and sassy and cackling in the kitchen.  I had to decorate her cage as well, since she'll be in for a while).  Aaron comes here after school today for us to do our Annual Snowflake Hanging (200 glitter snowflakes hanging from the ceiling throughout the house).  I just put fresh flannel sheets on his bed and some fresh baked cookies are in order.
And that's all the news fit to print.

Remember - slow down.

Originally posted Dec. 2009

Need a quick little gift idea?

Every year, I tend to do a 'themy' thing like this. This year, because I can't stop thinking about bacon, I have fresh eggs, and I've been roasting my own coffee beans, I decided to do a 'breakfast theme'.

Here's one of the gift baskets ready to go.

I call this one the 'Cowboy Breakfast'

Included in the basket:
Local Bacon (help me)
Fresh eggs (the girls wanted in on this)
Pancake Mix
Homemade Syrup
A handmade dishcloth
A vintagy apron
A little cowboy picture (LOVE THIS, she almost didn't get it)
Fresh roasted coffee
Green coffee beans (she wants to try roasting her own)

If you want to keep it simple, all you need is a little bag of the pancake mix, and a jar of homemade syrup. I added a hand-knitted dish towel for a touch of homey-ness as well.

Here's the link for the pancake mix. I just mixed the dry ingredients, and on the back of the little card, I wrote what you needed to add to finish it up.

The total cost of this gift?
Less than $10, and that includes the basket, bacon, etc.
Of course the dishcloth is worth about $150.


  1. I love your gift ideas. I am done gift making for this year but will remember your theme ideas for next year.

    The hand knit dishcloth is priceless!


  2. Perfect, absolutely perfect! Thank you. I have saved this for use next year because, *by then* I hope to have farm fresh eggs right out in the backyard :) Jayme, you're the best! thank ya :) -Tammy

  3. What a wonderful gift! You know, you could easily start a gift basket business from home...I think you'd be fabulous at it! :)

  4. Jayme,

    Lovin your blog posts. AND I can only right arm for your strength at that cookie exchange. You are da WOMAN! Oy my goodness. It was beautiful. And I did love the smores display. such creative minds in women. And I loved the game. B-A-C-O-N. My guys LOVE Bacon. made some this morning. It was all gone in a blink, but not before I snatched,yes... one strip.
    And yes I shared a snippet with my 3 canine Not feeling so guilty. LOVE your gift ideas. Your recipients must adore you. Have a good weekend. Keep up the willpower. YOU ARE inspiration!

  5. I wish I was on your giftie list! I would LOVE something like this, but no....I am getting slippers:(

  6. What a lovely gift! Your friends are going to be delighted! I know I sure would be!

    Also, congrats on your successful cookie exchange. You have amazing will power and serve as an inspiration to me.

  7. Well you can't beat that for a great gift! Thrifty too. And of course the dishcloth is worth far more than $150, silly.

  8. Well you can't beat that for a great gift! Thrifty too. And of course the dishcloth is worth far more than $150, silly.

  9. okay, this is a "girl who's never owned a chicken" Q, but how long can eggs not be refrigerated? if they're straight from the girls, is that different? your hand-knitted dish towel: at least $100!! (i knit & KNOW how long it takes)

  10. Thanks for the beautiful basket, your my bestest gf in the world, you know I love you with all the bacon in the world. Can't wait to do Chicago with the kids, pray for good weather. Really Jayme Jo, you are the best. We are all so blessed to have you in the world. Hogs and kisses. I mean hugs,lol Love, me


    I wish I were your bestest neighbour. I'd be standing on your doorstep with my hands out waiting for my basket. Probably before you even made them.

    This is honestly one of the sweetest ideas EVER.


  12. I had made 3 baskets very similar. Love it! I didn't, however, put an apron in. I'll have to jot that idea down for next year.

  13. What a great gift! I'll have to remember this for next year.

  14. Loverly gift!! I do the theme thingie too!! One year I gave breakfast also! A frozen quiche (green chile) and homemade bread and homemade cocoa mix! Yours turned out waaaay prettier than mine! This year it's movie night. Cheapo movie, cuddly throw and Grandma's carmel corn. Come visit and we'll use somebody elses instead of giving it to em!! You too, Aaronboy!

  15. I am amazed that the total cost of such a loovely gift is under $10!

  16. Love your themed gift basket - who would have thought to do something so fun as that!!! I wanna be on your gift list too!!!
    How do you roast your own coffee beans? Thought they were all roasted and bagged at the store!

  17. I love that idea! I am also fascinated with roasting your own coffee, knitting the dishcloth and making the syrup. You've got it all covered! What a perfect gift.

  18. Thanks so much girls! I've been busy making more baskets....I must say they are my favorite thing to do. I love tucking things!

    Janean, you'd asked about the eggs. Now, this is just my opinion, I haven't researched it. I just treat my eggs just like I would treat eggs from the store. I don't put the eggs and the bacon in the basket until they are ready to be handed to the recipient. In the summer, I try to get the eggs right away, but the girls lay so spread out, that I know some of the eggs sit out there a couple of hours.

    Classy Chassy, I did a post about roasting your own coffee beans. Look under the label 'In the Kitchen with the Coop Keeper', and you should find it. I don't know how to add a link in the comments!

  19. Hi! I just found your blog :)
    Great gift ideas!!

  20. This is fantastic!

    I just roamed over here from somewhere and I love it! :)

    Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday...

  21. Your photos are really nice on this blog. Beautiful!
    Thanks for visiting me, too.

  22. And to think---I got one of these gifts! Loved the pancakes, but can't bear to use the $150 dish cloth! Love, Sandy

  23. Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but hey...Christmas is LESS than 6 months away now, and I absolutely shutter at the thought...but this was a FABULOUS idea. Any more ideas would be awesome...this would save me a ton of money for co-worker's and other people's gifts (mailman, UPS delivery guy, etc.) Ok, so I'm hung up on mail... ;)

  24. I love those dishcloths.. Infact I have the pattern and the cotton yarn that you make them with..Have been so busy making hats for the grandgirls. I have 4 made so far..
    For something different I should make some of these for my friends.They would love them.
    Thanks for the ideas you are tiggeriffic~!~!
    ta ta for now from Iowa.. it's now a grand total of it's cold outside..but sunny.

  25. Ohh Cooper I love our ideas. Every year I try to be Oprah for my sisters- on my budget! This year top ten of 2010. A few of the things that I have discovered during the year and use almost daily. It is so fun. First year was all time favorites like coffee, my movie... cheap from Amazon, my candy, my nail polish, etc. This year there are some great finds!! I get great stuff at bargain prices throughout the year and I am not afraid to share. Yes I am awesome, just saying.

  26. I love basket gifts!!!
    I have been thinking about getting chickens for the studio.....then I read some of the things you have to do, and I am not sure!!!

  27. You are too clever. This is a wonderful gift that anyone would love to receive. Handknit dishcloths are the best.

  28. What a terrific idea, just love it. Anyone who receives this would be thrilled... love your name too...Cowboy breakfast :-)

    unrelated.. I am getting such an itch to start a henhouse. Am I nutz? I've had just about every other kind of animal, but never poultry. I love them, and the idea of fresh eggs, as we use many. I am MADLY in love with the little black hens that lay blue eggs, and bardrocks and rhodeisland reds. That's the mix I think I'de try for.

  29. jayme, no need to repost b/c these images stayed in my mind ALLLLLL YEAR! i was smitten with your baskets and had to pray past envy...

    you have blessed friends and family. :)

  30. Love this. I want a dishcloth!


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