Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why Yes, I Am the Bee Whisperer.....

First things first.
My haircut.
Here I am under the crabapple showing off my honey cookies.

Here's a side view.
I have to admit, I'm liking it.
It was a bit traumatic yesterday, and I almost chickened out.
Today I feel liberated, and down right sassy.

Here I am before:

I've always had serious hair issues, and something tells me they aren't over yet.
This morning when I woke up, I felt like a bit like Julie Andrews in a Concentration Camp.
I don't know how to 'fix' my hair.
I've never learned.

On to bigger and better things.

Bee Class Numero Duo

This is what I feared would happen to me today.

Fortunately, it didn't!
Instead, I fell in a trance with the bees.
I'm in love.

Just look at this sweet little face.

Apparently, there has been a rise in the interest of beekeeping.
Ed, the Vice President was telling me that the size of the club has doubled this year.

It was a perfect day for it.
Calm and overcast.

Here, Mark, the president is showing us how to find the queen in the queen case.

Here's Ed, the VP. He's a super guy.
He totally has a crush on my neighbor.

Here's my neighbor Danielle.
She handled those bees like a pro.
My hands were a little.
There's something about live bees crawling around on your bare skin, that makes ya shake a little. I've never been stung by a bee - a wasp yes - and it was most unpleasant.

I found the humming sound of the bees so calming.
I already want a few more hives.

Ask me if I want more hives after I get stung.

This lovely picture is the only one that was taken of me during my bee installation.
See that look of determination on my face?
Perhaps it's fear.
Aaron tells me I have the same face for every emotion.

Seems that beekeeping is a male dominated hobby.
At least in our club.
I'm aiming to fix that.
I'm bringing doilies to the next meeting, and my fine china.
What this club needs is a little feminine OCD.

I have to confess to one thing that is bothering me about keeping bees.
My hive.
It's supposed to be facing Southeast.
It's going to bother me that it's sitting crooked in the yard.
I've said it.

Miracle of all miracles.
Glenco came to club today.
If he's interested in beekeeping, he's not telling me.
He's always so aloof about things.

I do think he's interested in Coop Keeper keeping.
I think he'd take a sting for me.
Thanks Glenco.

Aaron is having a ball with his blog.
You, dear friends and readers, have gone over and above in your encouragement.
I've got to find a way to thank you!

I'm in a really good place with my yard work right now, and I'm so looking forward to making my blog rounds and seeing what you've all been up to.


  1. I KNEW there was a reason I'm still up!

    Tell me this - what does Ed say about getting stung? Do most bee-keepers end up with a sting or two, or twenty, along the way?

    And I'm shocked that it is a male-dominated hobby! I really am. Oh man, do I ever want to be in that club.

    Your hair ro-ocks!! It's so great, Jaym.

    ps - Honey Cookies. I need some. So does Calvin. He's got a fever, and the only thing that can cure it is more honey. No joke.

  2. First of all...your hair cut is fantastic. So cute!!!

    Second...I think it's awesome that you have bees and will have your own honey. I love to buy local raw honey when I can. I use it in everything.

    Have a great rest of your weekend.

  3. You know the sad story about my bees but I cannot wait to try again. I too found it very comforting to listen to them buzz! I even sand to mine, that might be why they left! Good luck and keep us posted!

  4. Love the cut! I'm seriously considering dropping my hair color. Scary thought since I have no clue how much grey I have anymore! If I could be totally white - and a pretty white, then I'd definitely go for it, but I don't want to be salt and pepper.

    I totally agree with the bee thing... I was scared, but determined. Then I found I loved it! They are actually calming. Go figure. And I'm totally in to pretty - so my hive had to have a special copper roof. And sit straight in the yard, when the time comes to get it outside! No need for the bees to have to live in a "trailer park setting" with what's her name - you know, that gal you hired?

  5. Hi Jayme!
    I looove the haircut, you're gorgeous! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in beekeeping, such a cool hobby.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Jayme,
    I just love the new hairstyle, you really make it work for you.
    Too bad you had to crush it with the beekeeper helmet, but you still looked great.
    You do look fabulous under the tree with the basket of honey cookies
    Can't wait for your bee stories to come about. Will you be naming your hive or each bee, haha.

  7. Your hair is AWESOME. Seriously, I think it is the perfect hair cut for you! (Not that I even know you outside of bloggie land...but I feel like I do, since you were the one to motivate me to clean out the unnecessary clutter in my kitchen!)

    Anyway. The haircut looks great! The bees...don't. That would scare the junk out of me.

  8. We got bees about a year ago but never did a honey flow because mosquito planes killed our queen and we had to rebuild our hive. This will be our first try at extracting. I feel like I'm not doing enough. I'm nervous, like a mother hovering over a sleeping child, making sure its still breathing.

  9. I really do love the new hair cut - and I love your glasses, they look great with the new "do"!

    I am in awe of anyone who can have bees! I do admire you so much for going the extra mile to help the environment and at the same time, be more self sufficient - people like you are my hero's. I've heard that the sale of chickens is also on the rise - where I live, they could hardly keep them in the feed stores. So many people out there trying to make a difference!

    Good luck! And tell Aaron he's doing a great job - love his photos.


  10. You should have titled this one
    Sweet and Sassy.
    Love the hair cut and I know you'll enjoy the bee class and honey.

  11. Love, Love, Love your hair. It makes me want to rush out (while I have the NERVE) and get a shortish sassy new doo. It's so nice that your doing the bee keeping thing. Good luck.. I Love your blog by the way!!

  12. Haircuts are a good thing ... did it myself just last week.

    Part of me wishes I could have bees. My friend is the president of the beekeepers society here, and she teaches the classes, so it would be easy here. Alas, we live next to 12 acres of wine grapes, where they use Sevin to kill Japanese beetles that would destroy their crop ... it's just not to be.

    One unexpected thing about beekeeping ... you always have a Halloween costume on hand if you need it.

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  14. Nice Hair!!! and maybe bees would be good for us too? jan

  15. My mom used to tell me that everytime I would cut my hair my personality would change. So if you get a sassy haircut...ha...well you get the idea! ;)
    I LOVE it. I would so cut my hair short short short, but my man objects, so guess I'll limit it to my shoulders or just above.

    Bees...well, I am scared of them, and will let others do the work so I can enjoy the honey!

    You rock girl!!

  16. First of all, love the hair. You do look sassy!

    I love the picture of Glenco looking on. He is either verrrrry interested or verrrrry bored. :)

  17. All I can say is good for you and it is something I will not be trying. I seem to be a little allergic to bees because I have gotten stung a few times over the years and each time I have had some very large lumps appear and once I ended up with blood poisoning. I am happy they take care of our gardens but I prefer to keep my distance.

  18. The hair? Why it's fabulous dah-link!! So YOU!! I need to quit hiding mine under a bushel basket too and git er fixed for heaven sakes.

    Off to visit Aaron now and see what the latest pics are he's been snapping.


  19. Jayme the hair cut is really cute! Looks good on you!You go girl on the Bee keeping! I'm still considering it myself! :)

  20. Love the new cut!

    Once you get stung that first time then you will know what to expect and not be nervous. When I was a child this elderly lady used to come to the farm twice a month to get bee stings in her hands deliberately. She said it was to treat her arthritis. My mother would hold a bee with needlenose pliers and let it sting her joint.

    Have a Great Weekend!!

  21. My Dad loved his bee hives and we loved the fresh honey! I wish I had learned how to care for them, it's not too late...I had no idea there were "classes!"

  22. Jayme your new do is great, it really suits you. Very, very pretty!
    I love that you are taking beekeeping classes. Sounds like an awesome way to spend the day and learn something new. Are you going to show us your crooked hive? :-)

  23. Woot! Your haircut looks fantastic. Kudos to your hair gal for giving you an awesome look! I love my hair gal. It's a treat to go to her and sit and just talk while she works on my hair, and I totally trust her, so that's why its so relaxing...
    Second,...I can't wait to keep hearing all about the bee stuff. DAng girl you are so interesting with all that's going on in your life. I can just live out my dreams through your posts...DON'T stop!!!!!! (please?) and hurray for Glenco going. It is (will be)? fun for you two to have a common hobby that you both are into...
    And I do love Aaron's skill in photographing objects and subjects. It's been educating for me to read his tips, and I appreciate them. He's good!!!
    And his grammar and writing skills will come with practice, just like riding a bike and learning to cut with scissors and tying shoes...
    The more he does it, the better he will get at it...( I think you mentioned stressing about correctness in that area! ) lol...I know...been there!!!!!!!!!
    Yikes got to get ready to go to church! And by that way, that photo of the bees on the person...aggggkkkkkkkkkkkhhhhhh creeped me out...shudder! HUGS!

  24. Ditto to all the comments about your hair! I think that 1st photo needs to be your new avatar on your sidebar.

  25. Jaymes, you are adorable. Sassy cut, girl!
    Please tell me you've read The Secret Life of Bees. I loved it.
    It would absolutely drive me crazy if my hive had to sit crooked in my yard. In fact, I would probably set it straight and just hope it still worked. Crooked is just wrong. Wrong.
    Glad you're having fun with your buzzy friends!

  26. First things first...LOVE your hair, Maam!! Maybe I could go that short...not sure if I have the guts! You have a slender face. I, on the otherhand, do not.

    Second...I'm sooo glad to see you have one of those bee-keeper hat thingys on! Now, where's your smoke stick?? have a wonderful hubby that will come and support you in your new hobby! I'm thinkin' though, that he just wants to make certain you know what you're doin' since he's going to be living with the bee's! Don't even think about bringing those beauties in the house to nurse them when they are sickly!

    Did I ever tell you the last 2 years, we've had a bald faced hornet's nest in our front yard tree? First year it measured about 12" diameter and 16" long, last year, a storm caught it and broke it early on. A dear friend from Lincoln, NE. begged for the nest when the buzzards evacuated it. It was my pleasure to give it to her! Last year, a storm caught that nest and it broke the top off, leaving 1000's of hornets flying without umbrellas! {I didn't feel bad at all about that}

    Wonder if they'll come back this year?

  27. Jayme,
    First, love the new do. You are too, too cute!
    Secondly, if you haven't read "BEEING," RUN, RUN out and get it! I just went to see if I had my copy (I would have mailed to you) but I must have loaned it out. I love bees, too...but alas, am allergic. People always say "how can you LOVE something that can kill you?" How can you not love them? Such hard workers, such a sense of community, such honor for their queen. Love it.
    hug you, Cheryl

  28. Jayme,

    Your hair cut looks great! The picture of the person covered with bees just gives me the creeps. I have my own bees - they live in the 130 year old honeysuckle 'tree' not far from my garden. I find the buzzing comforting as well. I stepped on a bee once when I was barefoot. I had an allergic reaction and my foot blew up. I couldn't get a shoe on for a week! I think Glenco looks like Craig T Nelson, the actor that played "Coach"!

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  29. Hi Jayme ~

    Love the haircut ~ fresh & flirty.

    And also must say that Glenco is very handsome ~ you make a lovely couple :)

    ~Andrea in NH

  30. Both my dad and brother are bee keepers. I'm allergic to bees so that ends my actual participation as far as being a beekeeper, but I became a big honey consumer instead and it has helped greatly with my pollen allergies.
    Keep up your wonderful bee adventures. Blueberry honey is my favorite. Thankfully we have a beekeeper putting hives an the neighbors blue berry farm this week.
    Haircut looks fabulous. Good choice, glad you went through with it.
    Its calving season at the farm, come take a look at the herd:

  31. LOVE the hair girlie. Since cutting and coloring mine, I've been really tempted to to even shorter. I like the edgey-ness (new word, don't hate) of yours!

    So riddle me this: if you're scared of bee stings, WHY are you gonna keep a hive???? Scratching my head here....

    My yard is currently a bog with a terrifically large turtle currently making his (smelly) home in a ginormous muck puddle. Kids have named him Fred. Fred the Turtle.

  32. Your hair looks terrific, I REALLY like it. The bees, however, scare me. I'm one of those people that bees LOVE, something in a person's blood chemistry, I've read. I attract 'em, have since childhood and still do. I've been stung countless times. I can be sitting on my front porch with friends, minding my own business, and a bee passing by will catch my scent and make a 'beeline' for ME. The old adage that they won't sting you if you don't move when they land on you is NOT true. I held perfectly still and watched them sting me on a few occasions, so now I RUN if I can, or swat 'em if I can't. Hopefully they won't 'like' you so you'll be able to like them!


    the above is my post about the beeing book.

  34. Your hair is di-vine and the bees are awesome! You are so brave to learn bee keeping. I'm glad Glenco is around to watch out for you. Have fun!

  35. I do like the haircut! I've never learned to fix my hair either. Never wanted hairspray. Hate the stuff. I think bees are beautiful too. I sent someone who likes chickens to find you the other day.

  36. Your hair looks great! I wore mine long and french braided for years. I had to learn to style it when I got it cut. Anyone can learn something new! I love your crabapple tree too! I think bees are neat! I don't think I could let them crawl on me though!

  37. Number one: Love the is sassy!!

    Number two (in a good way;): You are brave for being around so many bees.

    Number three: Bring on the doilies...they will look so pretty with the yummy jar of honey.

    Number four: my neighbor with the goats on the corner is a beekeeper. I have purchased her honey. I have to say the bees do stay on their side of the fence! That did have me worried when I saw her out there one summer in her fencing outfit.

    number five: Offer still stands for garden walk help.

    number six: Happy Day!

  38. Holy Bee Batman, what a hobby!

    Can't wait to see your adventures in beekeeping, this is sooo cool!

    Of course I'm way too much of a wuss to ever consider it.


  39. Came by because of your funny comment on Olivia and ME...and now I think I like you...I'm actually pretty sure of it;)

  40. Love the's very youthful!
    No bees for me.

  41. Jayme~I love, love you shorter hair. Looks great on you and will be good for the summer. Bee keeping, oh my. I could never have that as a hobby since I am allergic to bee stings...deadly allergic. I like the pictures from the class. I have joined Aaron's blog.

    Have a great day.

  42. I am super envious of your tree. I love the colorful blooms and even the chais you have sitting under it. And - I am planning to landscape and plant trees in my backyard soon, so could you please e-mail me and let me know what kind of tree it is. My e-mail address is Thanks so much,

  43. I,too am a new beekeeper! I know exactly what you are feeling. And as far a beekeeping being a male thing...pish posh... there are plenty of ladies in our beekeeping group. I am now addicted too. Good luck with your new journey.

  44. Hi Jayme,

    Cute haircut!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog recently about homemaking. I appreciate your input and thoughts.

    I would love to catch up with you; since we basically grew in the same neigborhood on the Southeast side. I sent you an email recently- so when you get a moment-I would love to hear back from you. If for some reason it got deleted let me know, and I will resend.

    Good luck with the bees.

  45. Jayme, love the sassy!! It fits you. Much luck with the bees. You will love the day when you can harvest your very own honey. That is my favorite day of the year!

  46. first--Love the haircut...darling
    ...short and sassy...
    I never can "do" my hair after a cut and I've had it short for 3 years now. It will come.
    second---I want to do Bees...!!!!

  47. Jayme... I soo love the new 'doo' and you look so refreshed and alive!

    You are very brave my dear.. bee keeping is very hot now.. but I know just how that sting hurts.

    I'll just let them mingle amongst my flower beds for now.

    with love,

  48. Stop by and visit my blog, Jayme! I just got my bees this weekend too! I think I'm in love!!
    Bonnie Jo

  49. I think the idea of beekeeping is terrifying! That being said, I think it's way cool that you're doing it.

    Love!!!!your new haircut. Sassy, for sure!

  50. Jayme, too bad you live so far away from me (I'm in Hamilton County). We could help each other with our bees. You seem to have a strong bee club there. We are really spread out here and its difficult to find helpers...everyone is sooo busy! Your hair is adorable too. I just got mine cut today! Bonnie Jo

  51. Hello, Jayme,
    Fixing dinner around here really is a must...BUT before I go, I want to tell you how much I really like your new hairstyle! VERY becoming!

    Thank you, too, for stopping by for a visit. I've just been busy and/or not doing well physically. I got so tired of looking at my blog and seeing that title "Sauerkraut Anyone?"...but if there wasn't time or I wasn't in the best frame of mind...well, I think the phrase, "Silence is golden" is a good mantra to live by....which is really super hard for me because I love to talk! ~wink~

    I totally agree with you about my new blog background and rearranging of things on the blog...definitely more me. I'm not opposed to is a lovely color, but I really am more of a green and brown person.

    I understand how you feel about waiting for your first bee sting. I went through the same thing...but want to know a little secret? The second time you get stung hurts just as much as the first! ~wink~ The important thing is to make sure you PULL the stinger completely out because if you just brush across it without it being removed the pain will still remain. That honey that you will be able to collect at the end of summer will be SO worth every sting, though! Proud of you for adding yet another "hat" to your talents!

  52. I tried to post a comment earlier, so since I'm toooo lazy to go back and see if it made it or not... here I am. Again :) Love your hair!!! I got a little shorter do a couple of weeks ago too.

    This beekeeping thing just fascinates me. I probably mentioned it before, but I was an impromptu bee helper (smoker) for a friend a few years ago. Had I known I was going to be her bee assistant that day, and had time to hyperventilate, it might not have been such a pleasant experience. I had no chance to be nervous! Looks like you did great! Some people actually get stung on purpose for therapeutic purposes. Arthritis & such. No thank you very much :) Awesome, Jayme... keep us posted! -Tammy


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