Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Catch Up....Shall We?

Good morning blog friends!
I'm alive!
It's such a busy time of year, as I'm sure you all know.
I'm going to give you a few highlights of my last week.
I hope you don't mind this post being short and sweet.
You see, it's daylight out, and I've got to get a shovel in my hand.

The ducks continue to delight me to no end.
It's hard not to smash them a little. They are so darned squishy.
I wish you could feel the plumpness of their breasts.
I went to Tractor Supply last Friday to acquire more of these delightful creatures, but alas, they were sold out, and I took it as a sign from above.
Stop the madness, Jayme.

Aaron took all of the photos in this post. I think he did a great job!
He's such a delight to me.

Most of my time is spent in the yard at the moment.
12 hours yesterday.
I love it.
Most of it.

This is the time of the year where it's hard to find balance.
Food? You need food?
Clean clothing? You need that too?
My mind is all about the garden.

The magnolia tree is most splendiferous this year.
The frost didn't kill the blossoms, and the wind hasn't blown them away yet.
This may be the best year yet for it.

This guy (who is crowing this very minute) is a joy as well.
I'm SO glad I got a rooster.
It was difficult at first...you know...my girls...well, they were pure.
Now they are not.
I've not personally witnessed the deflowering of Helen, so I'm still convinced at least she is a pure bird.

Scarlett is another story.
Trampish, you might even say.

This is a bit of a fuzzy photo, but I wanted you to see a portion of the fence that I've been toiling over. Oh my Lord, this fence is going to be the death of me yet. Anything that could go wrong, has.

But it's so necessary. Those bucolic photos of chickens scratching around the yard - you know the ones - the ones that look so old fashioned and romantic?
Ya. Those.
Chickens + Gardens = Disaster.

He still is nameless.
I call him Buddy.
'Hey Buddy'
I don't know what breed he is, do you?

Names suggested:
Jesse James

I just love this photo.

And this one.

This picture represents one of the biggest blessings to come from my blogging.
I've reconnected with one of my childhood friends.
Cynthia and I were best buds in grammar school, and remained friends until I moved to Indiana.
We lost touch.
I'm not even sure how or why.
Boy does she have the dirt on me.
I haven't laughed that much in a long time.

We spent Friday afternoon together and the hours flew by.
She baked me a pumpkin bread in a cute vintage Pyrex.
Love that girl!

Ok...the following pictures may be too much for some of my younger, more sensitive readers to handle.

Seriously? Will you look at these bunnies?

I can't even look at the pictures without my stomach hurting.
Talk about wanting to smash something.
It took all my willpower not to just squeeze them to death.
It's a very long story how I got my hands on bottle fed baby bunnies.
I'll spare you the details.

I think I need to have an animal shelter/rehab here.

I just can't get enough critters.
Just call me Ellie Mae.

Well dear folks, the sun is up, and that means, I'm out in the yard for now.
The chicken coop needs a good cleaning, and I'm still working the flower beds.
Today 2 pounds of worms arrive for my vermicomposting project.
Saturday is the second Beekeeping class, and I'll be picking up my hive.
'hep me Jesus.

Just remember:


  1. Great shots, I wish I had your energy!

  2. You go girl, I admire all your energy. Nothing cuter than baby bunnies, or kittens.

  3. Jayme, Your place looks so lush and pretty this time of year for sure. Love the pictures! Your ducks are very cute...but again, I'm glad YOU have all those chickens and not me. Ha. All the work you do makes me tired just reading about it. Hope your day is awesome and very productive for you! You are a dear.
    love ya

  4. Does Aaron have his own camera? He's VERY good with photo composition and perhaps he should have his own. Just a thought. :-))

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. You are quite over the edge, crazy, whacked, mental.....yes, all of the above. How do I know? Been there. Oh, yeah.
    Ain't it fun though????? Enjoy.

  6. You are hilarious and I love your blog. You have a delightful insanity that mirrors my own. You go girl!!

  7. You be a busy girl....I wish I had the gumption to attack my bog, er yard. It's a big ole patch of mud and muck.

    I was thinking it was rather funny that 1) you just posted about beans and then talked about smashing small creatures. Did you read John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men?

    2) you know waaaay too many girls named cindy. And they're all your favorites. *snicker*

    Miss you terribly. How I wish we lived closer....

  8. Fred. I'd call him Fred. I started with Red but decided to add the F.

    Your photos are so cool....LOVE the tulips and the laundry with the Squirrel in the background.

    LOVE you too!

  9. Aaron is a VERY talented photographer! He has a good eye for color and perspective. I vote for Achmed for the name for the rooster. Not sure why, he just looks like an Achmed to me. Kudos to you for feeding the baby bunnies. We had some a few years ago and they didn't make it. I did my research and it said that it is VERY hard to hand raise them. Are you sure that the momma had abandoned them? Momma bunnies only come to feed them a couple times a day and a lot of times people will mistakenly think that they are abandoned. Keep posting those pictures girl!

  10. Oh, I'm in love with your Magnolia Tree, its gorgeous!
    These are some seriously great photos he took! I love the pic of the laundry blowing!

  11. Jayme,

    Seems we are doing the same thing in different places. (Minus the chickens!) We have wild rabbits everywhere! My fence goes up at the end of the week.
    I would name the rooster Foghorn Leghorn and everytime I gave him a voice (just something I do) he'd sound just like the cartoon:
    "Did ya see that hawk after those hens? He scared 'em! That Rhode Island Red turned white, then blue. Rhode Island, red white and blue! That's a joke, son, a flag-waver! You're built too low. The fast ones go over your head. Ya got a hole in your glove. I keep pitchin' 'em and you keep missin' 'em! Ya gotta keep your eye on the ball! Eye. Ball. Eyeball! I almost had a gag, son--a joke, that is!"

    - Deborah

  12. OMG! It is SOOOO about the chickens. My chicks are now starting to actually look like chickens. I'm starting to wonder about the sanity of acquiring 8 more... I think it's just fine...that's the insanity talking. It's all about the garden too. LOVE me the garden!!!

  13. Hey there, Jayme!
    Great to see a post from you today. I just came in for a break from working in my flower bed and decided to check for blog updates! I was thinking about you while I was weeding...wondering if you were doing the same thing! HA! You were!
    I completely understand this thing about people needing clean clothes and food this time of year! IF. THEY. ONLY. REALIZED! lol

    Loved all of the pics from today. That Aaron boy surely has an eye for "art". I think I'll hire him to do a "shoot" of my flowers when I'm finished.

    SO glad that you were able to spend time with your friend on Friday! I have a friend that I still keep in touch with from our years BEFORE grade school! We were next door neighbors...you know how that goes...either she was at our house or I was at hers!

    Well...think the break is about over. I seriously need to get back out there because we have rain in our forecast for the afternoon. It looks as if it could start pouring any time!

  14. Give a high five to the photographer for me, will ya? Great shots - love them all!!! Certainly sounds like you have been busy - the fun kind of busy - not like what we had over the weekend!

  15. Oh my goodness. Such cuteness. No bunnies or ducks to be had here, but the container is all cleaned and set up for the chick arriveing in the next couple of weeks. I am watching youngest grandson while one of his older siblings is getting his tonsils out today. Then I am off to the farm store to buy warming lamp and other needs for chicks. You should pop by my site and on the first post up you can visit my daughters blog site. She is giving away a wood print that looks lovly framed. I know that because I have framed one for my home. So happy to come over and get the new news at your place.

  16. I love all of your beautiful pictures! What a fantastic yard . . . clothes hanging on the line, chicken, Magnolia blossoms . . . I'm so envious right now!

    I've always wanted chickens, but we are gone a lot during the summer and I don't think the dog would take very good care of them :O( One day my wish will come true and I will have chicken, cows, all the beautiful creatures. Until then, I will just enjoy your blog!


  17. I love your chickies and your duckies, but those bunnies just slay me! Aaron is a great photographer, the laundry blowing on the line is my favourite. You have so much energy I wish it would rub off on me. Now back to work!

  18. Doesn't it feel great to spend that much time outdoors? Great post.

    I just wrote a new post on Homemaking. If you have a moment, I would love for you to pop in and share your thoughts and comments.

  19. Aaron did an incredible job with the photos! Wonderful! Isn't it grand to reconnect with a friend that has all the dirt on you! I recently did too and it has been a blast. You are ahead of us with the weather. We are just starting to get the buds on the trees, can not wait to be in the gardens. We are now at 6 hens and 5 roosters!!!! OH MY! Love those roosters though, they crow at 4am daily, wonderful to wake up too! Have a great day in the garden

  20. What a delightful post, Jayme! My body is telling me today that I am almost 50 years old ... and every bit of it. Love Spring, but it just works a gal to death, doesn't it?

    Love the photos!! -Tammy

  21. Glad you're back!

    Your posts make me smile...and then feel incredibly lazy since I just sit and read about people working instead of doing it myself!!!

  22. Love how you are so focused on all your new projects! I love the chickens and BUDDY! I also have a worm "condo" for organic fertilizer, it is so easy and kids love to help feed.

    Sad news, as a 1st year bee-keeper I worked so hard on my two hives, feeding and making sure all was the way it needed to be and when I went out to check them last week, they had disappeared! Don't know what happened but I know that next time we are setting up our hives at home instead of on a fram, 25 minutes away. I want to keep even a closer eye on them! I will succeed! Keep your eyes on your bees!

  23. Hey Jayme! Good to see you back. How about Tiger for a name? Love your magnolia. Oh how I wish for one in my next house. There just so lovely. So wonderful that you reconnected with an old friend. Have a good week in the dirt!

  24. Oh my gosh, I wish you lived down the road. I would be over there daily lending a hand. I love ducks, chickens and bunnies (especially bunnies.) We were caring for a house bunny for awhile, and we got so attached to him. You do know that they are easy to litter box train...if you decide to keep them indoors. Love the pictures Aaron took. That one of the Magnolia is wonderful. Glad to hear you re-connected with your friend too. Enjoy the worms...and stay away from ticks!

  25. Love reading your blog as always. Especially love the angle of the laundry blowing in the wind shot!

  26. Name him "FogHorn"....he looks like the cartoon character....


  27. Hi Jayme ~

    I am thinking that your rooster is a Leghorn ~ well, at least a leghorn mixed with something as usually they are pretty much all white. Leghorns are a heritage breed. It would be nice if he was a pure leghorn, but I am guessing not.
    I can not believe how quickly your ducks are growing! They are so cute. I want some!
    I should be starting my seeds right this moment but alas I am icing my sciatic nerve pain :(
    I have time as I am in the North East and we actually had frost last night!
    And lastly, I love the photos of your magnolia tree. I have always loved those beautiful pink and purple blossoms in the spring. I asked for one for Mother's Day last year and got one ~ only the flowers are yellow! I have never seen such a thing :)
    Sounds like you are well ~ yea!
    Happy Spring ~
    ~Andrea in NH

  28. Love your posts, I so look forward to them, love all your fowl and bunnies!! That rooster is a stud muffin, huh?


  29. By the way, I wouldn't give such a lovely rooster such a bad name as Jesse James.


  30. A little slice of heaven...I'd say. Just lovely. Yep, a little slice. Way to go on the pics Aaron they are terrific!

  31. You absolutely crack me up Jaymes. Got a bit on your plate these days? First, I'm drooling over that tree....gorgeous. Love the rooster, and you went to get more ducks? Jayme's petting zoo. I can't wait to visit! I love that you're getting bees. You are awesome.

  32. Aaron did a great job on the pictures! All your little critters cheer me up. I'm so glad I stopped in. :)

  33. You are a lot like my fiance and I. We have so many projects going right now it's hard to decide which to finish first. We are also very excited about the gardening season that is fast approaching. Enjoyed the read. Thanks!

  34. Your struting rooster reminds me of my 23 yr. old son! *lol* And - I think you've convinced me what type of tree I want to plant this year. Your magnolia is beautiful. I think I'd like to try one!

    And I love your blog. I think I found it by jumping from someone's new friends link. But, I've been reading and enjoying your garden and your ducks!

  35. The yard looks beautiful! We are busy too with hauling mulch and planting. I always end up with an injury, my knees are killing me after a full weekend of gardening. Have to pace myself...

  36. I will need the scoop on those bees. Will you have to buy the suit, to go with the bees?

    Hey - fancy fence! I like it.

    You are a wonder. A machine.

  37. Dog gone it Jayme there is one thing and I mean one thing that I hate about you! You live so far away from me here in Maine! I absolutely love you and your blog! You put a smile on my face everyday, thank you! thank you! thank you!

  38. I would love the hear the story about the baby bunnies!

  39. Just love your farm!! Sorry to here that your girls were deflowered by the rooster! That was so funny!! Thanks for the laugh! Kendra

  40. ellie....er...jayme! you've been one busy woman. adore all the photos.

    Q: why ducks? like, are they just pets? do they bring some kind of balance to the *coop?* do you eat the eggs? just curious. :)

  41. Jayme Jayme so enjoying catching up with everybody... Oh my you have been through it from one end of the spectrum to the other...
    LOVE LOVE all you photos in this very last post. Rooster guy is just splendiferous! Handsome dude. And yeah I remember feeling the same way about the hens when we had Cracker Jack. Poor girls!!!
    Loving the little (hah not any more!) duckies, and baby rabbits...oh my goodness... Yes I am going to call you Ellie May for sure. Glad that all is going much better with Aaron. That age is so difficult for kids, especially boys... You know they must feel like some days they are going to go crazy. Hang In there...Roller Coaster Rides do eventually come to a rolling stop...and then we can all get off.!!
    So glad to be back visiting and reading and laughing.
    Thanks for visiting. TTYL and have a great weekend. Sounds like you will be nonstop! Go girl! :-)

  42. A most delightful and refreshing post, looove the pics and oh the chickens!! Never enough - such beauties :)

    and yes, keep them awaaay from gardens... disaster! :-o

    Mine keep escaping the new run we made them, gaaah! and of course they make a beeline for the flower beds!

  43. First of all that picture of your magnolia tree is beautiful..kudos to Aaron.
    My vote is for Steve.
    Bunnies are adorable.
    Our Mr. Kane begs to differ. We have to keep him far, far away. I have witnessed horrific scenes. I couldn't even look at the poor dog for weeks after the "incident". Of course, the mama bunny should be better about making her nest. Honestly, It was made right outside our back door butted up against the house.
    I always tell hubby to keep him away from my flower garden..cuz that is their favorite nesting place. I accidentally threw some mulch on a poor baby bunny the other day. He was hiding under some plants. I did get a good picture.
    psst...garden walk;D
    Have a terrific weekend Jayme,

  44. Jayme-----
    All the fowl look grand!!!
    I miss my sweet hens....not only does that fencing guard your garden, but it keeps the raccoons and coyotes at bay as well!
    I've smashed a few baby bunnies of my own and am always a little sad to let them go... life is good...

  45. Wow! Aaron took those pictures!?! he is SO talented in so many different areas! *Use your powers for good, Aaron, not evil:)

  46. Did I see the time '5:41 AM' on your post? Wow. But then again, if I had a farm with critters, I suppose I'd be looking at getting up earlier too. :0) The baby bunny photos brought back memories of when we lived in Hebron, and one spring, when my Dad was plowing up the garden, baby bunnies were plowed up too. Our dog, Tippy, brought each one up to the back steps and set them there, where we found them. He didn't hurt them. They didn't even have their eyes open yet. We put them in a shoe box and set them by the register in the dining room. Mom got us up extra early before school so we could feed them with an eye dropper. A few survived and we turned them loose out by the barns. Years later, Mom bought some home from the local strawberry patch. I can't remember what happened to them, but I do remember how adorable and soft they were. Great memories...
    Love your pictures.
    PS: You had me a bit worried there for a minute when you said 'smashed', but I am assuming you were very gentle in your 'smashing', right? :0)

  47. Sister you are too much, laugh-out-loud too much! Creative, funny, great photography, loves chickens and bunnies, homeschools! I am going to follow and add your link. Too much! I can't wait for your next post, my sister must read too, she raises chickens!

  48. Where to start. Great blog. Lots of information. Love the clothes line. What is that sweet little building in the back? Great chicken pictures. Those duck are growing too fast.


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