Sunday, March 28, 2010

Greetings from Missouri

Greetings from southwest Missouri!

Just wanted to check in with you all.

I'm completely relaxed, rested, and recharged.

I've slept so much since I've been here.

I've relaxed so much since I've been here.

I could get used to this.

We visited Branson the first full day I was here.

I hadn't been there in a couple of years, I couldn't get over the growth.

Branson is all fine and dandy, and we ate at a great Mexican restaurant right here by the fountains called 'Cantina Laredo'.

If you go to Branson, I'd highly recommend it.

But these are the scenes that grab my heart.

Old dilapidated houses.

Winding roads to more old dilapidated houses.

I haven't even visited the cemetery, or my sister yet.

I don't think I'd realized how tired I was.

But, I think I'm well rested now, because I asked my cousin if we could tear apart a room in the house and re-do it today.

He said 'no'.

So I planted a little herb garden for him.

I'm itching to do something.

Glenco calls me daily with egg reports, and who is the rooster's 'favorite' at the moment.

Fifi is proving to be quite a floozy.

He puts the phone by the ducks so I can talk to them, and I have to remind him to play with the ducks daily, and hold them, and talk to them.

They need that, you know.

It has been a fruitful trip, though, and I've realized many a thing since my arrival.

Including, but not limited to:

I need to rest a little more when I'm home.

Afternoon coffee is a good, a very good thing.

A good bra is worth it's weight in gold.

Long walks in the woods should be a common occurrence.

Love conquers all, and I do mean all, even when it doesn't seem like it is, it is.

I appreciate all of my friends and family so much.

Material things don't impress me at all. AT. ALL.

Kindness does.

I miss my blog buddies.

I'll be rolling back northeast on Tuesday morning.

Thanks for your comments and emails!

I'm looking forward to reconnecting next week.


  1. So glad you got some well deserved and needed rest and relaxation. I've never been to MO, but it looks like a neat place to visit for sure. We miss you too, bloggy friend, but will wait until you get back safe and sound to charm us with more of your tales.

  2. So glad you're having a good visit Jayme. I look forward to your arrival home though as I have missed your smilin face in blogland!

  3. Jayme it is so nice to hear from you and know you've gotten some much needed rest. Hubby and I went to Branson about 20 years ago with his parents. I remember it being a lot of fun and dream of taking our girls there sometime...
    We have a Cantina Laredo here and the food is sooooo good! Love their guacamole and the margaritas aren't half bad either. :-)
    Enjoy the rest of the trip and take good care of yourself!

  4. Glad you are BACK...well almost.
    Look forward to seeing the growth in the ducks on Duck Cam. TTYL.

  5. Yes, the countryside is always filled with old falling down, paint chipped houses. They speak to me and I can never resist photographing them.

    You sound relaxed... always a good thin to be rested whether home or away.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  6. Missin' you too. Dad's coming home Wednesday! Can't believe it!

    Pray on your way home Tuesday. I'll explain when you get back, b/c hopefully, I'll have an answer by then!

    And drive safe.

  7. Miss ya girl. When you're back in town, I'm gonna call ya. I need some Jayme love.

    I wrote about you on my blog the other day. All nice things. And I posted the picture of you with the rosemary up your nose. I love you that much.

  8. SO glad to hear from you, Jayme! I loved your list of things you've learned. Why is it that we think when we are home that we have to be BUSY all the time? I'm the same way...

    Looking forward to your being back and seeing more blog posts. We've all missed you, Jayme, but we are SO glad you've had this opportunity for some VERY GOOD rest!

  9. Glad your are getting some rest and enjoying your trip. We all need a breather from our daily life!

  10. We miss you Jayme but finding out that a good bra is worth its weight in gold is worth it!

  11. My MIL has a time share exchange available for Branson Misourri ~ says it is the new hot place to visit in the US. This cozy Northern New England Girl says 'Huh? What?' but I will trust your review and say 'Eih ~ maybe we will take a shot in the dark' ;)
    Enjoy your time there ~ looking forward to hearing more about your adventures ~
    Andrea in NH

  12. Sometimes even the busy bees and hummingbirds that dart around my garden rest. It's good to be still and know now and again.

    So happy you are well and enjoying your journey. You are missed, my friend.


  13. Well, that picture of the dilapidated house is one of the coolest thing I've seen all week. It looks like a sketch or something - a bit surreal! I love it.

    So happy you're finding rest. And come home soon!

    ps - Mom, if you read this, I think Jayme may be your animal soul sister, holding and talking to her ducks and all. :)

  14. So glad to hear that you are rested. I think afternoon tea was a great idea. We should bring it back! Well, afternoon coffee would be ok.
    Have fun!

  15. I have missed you Jayme! So glad you got some good rest. I love that old house. Don't you wish you could hear it speak of all it's memories?

  16. Glad you are having a relaxing break...well, relaxing for a day anyway, until you have the urge to start vacuuming something! Those countryside photo's make me want to jump in my car and drive through the great state of Missouri. Have a safe trip home, and I miss ya, friend!

  17. Have fun in the "Show Me" state and thanks for showing me!

  18. I love meeting soul sisters and I definitely think you are one. The scenes that grab your heart, have a hold on mine as well.

  19. Happy you are enjoying Missouri. I live a couple hours from Branson but don't visit often, my hubby doesn't like the traffic.
    The old house you saw was wonderful. Makes you wonder who lived there and if they were a happy family.
    Get much rest, and look forward to hearing all about it when you get home. Be safe.

  20. Sounds all so lovely, Jayme! And like you much needed the time out, too.

    Lovely photos and very to-the-point points. Well done.

    You've been missed!

  21. I miss your face! And your songs! And your nephew!

  22. Good thoughts, Jayme! Enjoy the return trip home.

  23. Yeah, well, find me a good bra and we'll see. I love the photos of the old house and the winding road. You should frame those. Be safe coming home.

  24. Hi and tickled pink to find another wonderful blog to follow. I found you through Texan and just started reading some of your older posts. Sounds like your having a very relaxing time and while I read this post...I think just mentioning relax and rest in several sentences has put me into a sleepy mode! Thanks..I definitely needed that and I look forward to keeping up with your blog! Safe Travels!

  25. R & R is good for the soul--I just returned from 12 days away ---and I'm feeling ready for the challenges...
    I think Mohammed or Achmed would be a dandy name for that manly fowl of yours...or Bob...
    Have a wonderful rest of week and Easter!

  26. Glad you are relaxing and enjoying Missouri. I live in Northern MO and it's very laid back and purdy.


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