Sunday, November 29, 2009

This Old House...Part VI - The Kitchen

At long last! The next house installment.

I left you hanging, telling you that the masked man showed up here when I was alone.

I just finished telling him I'd burnt all of his belongings.

So this is where we pick up:

"You burnt everything?", he replied.

"Yes, I'm sorry, we didn't know what else to do", I said.

"Well, I had to move out so fast, I just grabbed my clothes and left in the van".

I'm thinking, 'um, ya, well ya grabbed the mask too, thank GOD'.

"I'm living in the van, I have no where to go."

I just kept repeating how sorry I was.

He muttered around, kicking the dirt and left without incident.

I went in the house and collapsed into a bowl of warm jelly.

I was afraid of a lot of things back in 1988.

I was afraid of the dark.

I was afraid of bugs.

I was afraid of barking dogs in the night.

I was afraid of the quiet.

One thing that I wasn't afraid of apparently was hard work.

Here's the kitchen upon possession of the house.

One thing I want to tell you is that I never made a bed until I was married.

I never pulled a weed until I was 23.

I never painted anything...ever.

Do my nails count?

This is definitely a case of 'ignorance is bliss', because I had no fricken' clue how much work this was going to be.

My tastes have changed a lot since we've moved in. I can't tell you how many colors the kitchen has been, or how many times I've painted and refinished the cabinets. It's madness!

Here's a glimpse of what I liked in the 1990's.

I don't have a good picture of the vintage stove and fridge I had. I really do miss those now, but they were impossible to keep clean. I'm realizing now that in times where you are just overwhelmed and tired, you really have no business making decisions.

Is this a Christmas shop? No, it's my kitchen! Can you say 'over decorated'?

Here's what I did in the last six years or so. I got rid of the primitives, sold them all on Ebay. Wish I'd kept a few things now. I'm so impulsive!

See that incredible sink there? Another bad decision. Sold it on Ebay. I kid you not! A guy from New Hampshire bought it for $300. My reasons for getting rid of it? It needed refinishing, and it took up 3/4 of my counter space. Counter space in my kitchen was at such a premium.

I weep over this sink now sometimes. I miss it.

Yep, Aaron was a character even at a young age.

Late one night after watching 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy', I lay in bed dreaming of what to do to the kitchen next.

"Glenco", I whispered, "you asleep?"

I heard a groan.

"I totally know what to do now. We have to rip out the kitchen cabinets" I said, confidently.

He bolted straight up in bed, just like Pa from "Twas the Night Before Christmas", except this was "Twas the Night Before More Kitchen Renovations".

"It never ends, does it Jayme?" he queried.

"No, honey, no it doesn't" I said as I patted him back down in the bed.

He wasn't keen on the idea at ALL. He even seemed a little miffed. I sketched things out, showing him how awesome it would be.

Two days later he showed up in the kitchen with a crowbar, looked me square in the eye and said, "If I take these cabinets off, you'll never get new ones"

"Deal", I replied.

That was a few years ago, and so far all I've done since is paint, tweak, buy new throw rugs and constantly move things around to the point of Aaron asking me 'Where are the plates today Marmie?"


I'm working on it. I know I know...there IS medication for this!

Here is my kitchen today (well, actually this was this past Wednesday, when I'd planned on having this post done on Friday!)

I didn't clean or straighten for these photos. I really wanted you to see it 'just like it was', dishes and all. See, I told you I'm trying to get better about these things!

As you can see, we left the very top cabinets in. A couple of reasons. We would have had to completely redo the ceiling if we'd taken them out, and I really thought I should save a little storage for crock pots, etc.

I like the open shelving concept. I don't find that dust is too big of an issue. I use the things constantly. Once a month or so, I remove everything and wipe it down, it takes less than ten minutes. It really opened the kitchen up.

This is the view of the kitchen when you walk in the back door. My cousin made the island for me, and Glenco tiled it. I can't imagine life without that thing now.

Here is the kitchen when you walk in from the living room. A little brown bag of onions was sitting on the table. I wanted to re-take the picture, but I forced myself to leave it. Again, I remind you of the great healing taking place before your very eyes!

As you see I went for the stainless steel look. I really do love it, but miss my vintage stuff. Depends on the mood I'm in. Sometimes I don't miss it at all and I'm glad I have this.
I'm complicated.

Here's the top of the island right now.
I always have the cookbook that I'm working out of on display.
I love that saying. It's a wallword from Uppercase Living.

This area is still under construction so to speak. I bought that picture for $3 from GoodWill and I've no wallspace to hang it. I don't want to give up my chalkboard. I'm thinking of hanging it right there. What do you think?

This area always seems to be a mess.
I wanted to do something 'camping themed' on top of the shelf there.
It's not going so well.

Here's what you see when you walk out of the bathroom.
I'm torn about the chicken border. I have a love/hate relationship with it.
How long before it's back in style!?

You can see a peek of the awesome cabinet my cousin made for me on the very left of this picture. If you scroll back up you can see it as well.

My mother and father had this hutch built when I was about 12 years old. She kept towels in the bottom and dishes on the top. I'm so glad to have it. It brings back such wonderful memories. I've taken the glass doors off for now, just cause I like everything open right now. I wouldn't doubt if they go back up next year!

The top of my fridge. That is a picture of my beloved aunt's canning green beans. I feel like they are my guardian kitchen angels.

The view on the top of the black cabinet. I have a chicken problem, and it's got to stop. I've never liked 'themed' kitchens, and I hope that I haven't themed mine up to much. I guess you really shouldn't worry, and just do what you makes you happy, don't ya think?

Chickens make me happy.

Coffee makes me VERY happy.

Well, there you have it. My kitchen.
I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Please come back.
I'll put on some coffee.
I'll bake some muffins.


  1. Alittle Jayme the last photo, the bottom cookbook, country cooking, aren't you a featured cook? Love the new blog, thanks for updating, I can sleep sound now. Love ya, Ra

  2. I didn't know that one cabinet had glass doors once on it - seeded antique glass perhaps???

    Perhaps we were sisters in a past life?!lol! Your kitchen looks just perfect!

  4. Oh girl. I can't believe how awful your kitchen was, but you had a vision and now it is absolutely lovely.

  5. Wow Jayme. You have done a lot of work. Glad you didn't get rid of the Longaberger baskets though. They're perfect in any setting. My DH doesn't know how many I have...which is a good thing. You're an inspiration to me. I'm tackling my first remodel, our 70s kitchen. Fake butcher block countertops and the ugliest vinyl floor there ever was. If my new kitchen looks half as nice as yours, I'll be happy.

  6. I love your house posts, it's so fun to see the amazing transformations! I have kitchen issues too. We moved into our house seven years ago, and the kitchen was the first room I worked on. I had to tear down the primitive-style tan and red checked wallpaper and paint the brick-red walls yellow so I could display all my grandmothers blue & white Delftware. But now I'm tired of it, and I haven't figured out how to tell my husband that I need to paint it again :o)

    I love your quote on the island. I have a quote stenciled on my wall (A waist is a terrible thing to mind), which is also another obstacle in re-painting. I don't want to cover it up.

  7. Uh oh, you may have done it now. I'm movin' in.

  8. Your kitchen is wonderful, you did an amazing job with the renovation!!! It looks comfy, warm and inviting, a great kitchen for a serious cook as well. Beautiful!!!

  9. Your kitchen is very warm and cozy and really looks like the heart of the home as it should. I would be mourning the loss of the farm sink too. It was great.

  10. It is amazing what you've done with that kitchen. Just the right amount of updating yet it still has "old house" character!

  11. All I can think of looking at those before photos is "be afraid, be very afraid". LOL

    I'd love to have an old sink like that. I had one in a house many moons ago. Sure miss it.

  12. Absolutely do what makes you happy! I have a bit of a chicken problem too though so maybe you shouldn't listen to me. I love open shelving and hope to have it in my next kitchen. It's good to hear that it's not too terrible to maintain!

  13. I enjoyed the visit - quite the tour! Interesting how tastes change, but some things MUST stay - ie: Chickens!

  14. WOW! I love all the changes, and all the styles in the meantime. :)I'm going through a kitchen midlife crisis at the moment. It is getting a desperatly needed makeover soon. I have cheesy cow tiles for a backsplash...the cows are wearing *gag* pink and yellow bows! They are sickening! I did NOT put them mother in law did when she lived in this house!

  15. Jayme,
    I so enjoyed seeing the many fazes of your kitchen ! It brought back many memories. I guess the many styles reflected your mood at that time and the style of decorating for that time period. I really do think you have come along way and the kitchen of today looks great !!

  16. Howdy Jamye,
    Love your kitchen. I would have run away screaming at the before though!! You are brave. I love you old sink. I love the built in drainboards. I am debating about looking for one for a future countertop re-do! I have a typical double sink now. I only use one side. The other has a dish drain inside.

  17. Love seeing the before, middle and current photos of you kitchen. What a transformation! Wow. I can't believe the before. It is amazing that anyone lived that way! But, I guess some do. I love the current. The middle is a little busy for me.

    You have done a great job. Looks like a really fun room to spend time in and create yummy things to eat!

    Run seeing a younger Aaron.

    I am making the pretzel, kisses, m&m treats for an event this weekend. So exciting!

  18. Okay, you need to give Glenco a big old smooch. And he needs to give you one for the wonderful vision you had for the kitchen.

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

  19. I LOVE the open airy look of your kitchen! And there's nothin' wrong with a few chickens here and there.

  20. Wow, is that the same house? Are ya being truthful? You guys (I include the man) have done great and wonderful things to your house. I "think" I like the chick border.

    Good job.


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