Saturday, November 21, 2009

All That, and a Pair of Chaps.....Pioneer Woman Book Giveaway is Here!

I'm here, posting the giveaway! I'm so sorry if you kept checking back.
I really need to have a talk with the person responsible for making my daily schedule.
She's absolutely wearing me out!

Meeting all the bloggers and people at the book signing was just as much fun as meeting Ree.

We got to Barnes and Nobles at approximately 1pm. I needed to insure that I got a copy of Ree's book for the giveaway.

There was a man handing out numbers. We were #'s 75, 76 & 77.

The great thing about this was...we could now go shopping and have a place in line!

We were told that at 5pm chairs would be set up for a Question and Answer period with Ree at 7:30, and then the book signing would commence.

The first thing we did was to go to Maggiano's. I got a Chicken Caesar Salad. Big mistake.

More on that later.

We met the CUTEST girls. Everyone was so friendly, funny and creative.

Mother and Daughter sitting in front of me.

Susan, from Susan's Snippets. She really inspired me that night.

This little girl was enamored with Aaron. She couldn't take her eyes off of him.

See what I mean about funny people. That lady was a crack up!

This is my lovely neighbor Gina (on the left) and a gal we met there. I'm sorry I don't remember your name! You were so sweet...and very pregnant.

The crowd thickens.

We scored second row seats in the chairs that were set up!

At approximately 7:30pm I saw this:

It was rather surreal seeing Ree. I really hate admitting how star struck I am over this girl.
Big girl crush.
Lots of admiration.

She seemed genuinely nervous. It made her all the cuter.

After a short Q & A, we got in line according to number and waited. And waited. And waited. When we weren't busy waiting, we waited. I cannot tell you the physical discomfort I was in during this wait. I was hot, and had one of the worst headaches of my life.

And I was burping.
A lot.
And it tasted like hot fish.
I don't eat fish.

It took approximately 2 hours to get the signature.

This picture cracks me up. The woman next to MM looks so bored....

Here's Aaron right before his turn. He was so excited his hands were sweating.

She was so sweet to him, and mentioned how mature he was. She seemed excited that he was a homeschooler.

That is just how she was. So pleasant, so engaging. She took her time with everyone like they were the only one there.

She is a doll.

Here is my lovely neighbor Gina again. Aren't they just the cutest girls?

After we got her 'autograph', we met MM. Oh my. That voice.
He was incredibly sweet and again, seemed like he was just hanging out, and would talk as long as you'd like to.

Of course I asked to photograph his foot. I didn't even try to explain myself.

By this time I was in serious physical discomfort. The room was so hot, I was over stimulated. My head was pounding. All I could taste was fish.

Traumatized in the early 1970's by the masses of dead alewives washed ashore on Lake Michigan, I've never eaten fish.

I love Caesar Salad though. But not REAL Caesar Salad dressing.

This was all I could see in my mind. This is what my mouth tasted like. I could hear seagulls. I could feel the sand in my crotch.


So that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Now! On to the giveaway!

For your chance to win a signed copy of Ree's wonderful cookbook, you'll need to do the following:

Go to Cottage Instincts, and read the interview with my chickens.

Comment here and tell me which chicken is your favorite and why.

Winner will be announced on Monday morning!


  1. Hi. I'm new to your blog (came here from Cottage Instincts). I enjoy humor so hopped over here to check you out.

    My favorite chicken is Miss Fifi LeFew. Drama queens who lay blue green eggs are way more fascinating than my laundry. Thanks!


  2. Doubt that the #2 entry will win, but SOMEONE's gotta get this going, so let it be me! :)
    I've got a fondness for Mrs. Puffington! I've been known to not find my way back to my car in the grocery store parking we must both be going through the change of life at the same time! That comforts me! I also love handiwork and I'ma thinkin' we'd be close "chickes" straight up from the start.
    Plus...she looks like my kitty, Punkin'. 'Cept Punkie has 4 legs, not just two. That way I could tell them apart! :)
    Great snaps of Ree...what a DELIGHTFUL woman! And you got snaps of MM...full on, straight frontal view? I don't even recognize him from that angle! could prolly buy a whole herd of milking cows by selling one of those face views! Ha! {j/k...we bloggers would NEVER think of doing such a thing..would we?}
    Thanks for sharing your big day with us smalltown folk!

  3. It is too hard to choose! I would have to say my favorite would be Helen. I really love the name Helen and she has just been through so much. And dealing with poor Miss Fifi (her thorn). Bless her heart.

    I think the random number generator should definetly pick my number. I just got back from the doc and have been diagnosed with the swine flu and walking pneumonia. Did I mention I have four children?

  4. Thanks for the fab report! Love the pictures! Wow, you are SPECIAL since YOU got pics of MM :) Woo hoo!

    ok, my favorite hen (and it's a tough choice - they're all so wonderful and I adore chickens)... she has to be Helen. Poor Helen has been through SO much, and yet she is still handy-capable and manages to keep calm and carry on.

    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend! -Tammy

  5. I must say that Miss Fifi LeFew would have to be my fav. Every chicken house needs a little french sophistication.

    That Marlboro man is a cutie, huh?

  6. I think Mrs. Puffington is very regal and my favorite. I hope to have such great looking chickens in my new hen house next spring. Well chicks that grow into such great chickens. Great post, I went to a book signing this past week also. Mom in Law and I went to see Debbie Macomber. We also sat in the 2nd row! Have a great weekend.

  7. Stubbs and Helen. I'm a sucker for the downtrodden.

  8. James - it just has to be Stubs - the turmoil, the trauma that she has endured only to persevere and become Chicago's #1 amazing new artist for 2010. Nelson is on my lap right now staring at her fancy footwork in amazement. He can't take his eyes off her. She really should be the next poster child.

    Glad it was well worth it and that you went to meet Ree.

  9. You really want us to choose a favorite? But that's soooo hard... Guess if I really have to pick just one it would be Stubbs. Never give up, never surrender and always look on the bright side.

  10. I can't even begin to pick a favorite! They all have such interesting lives. Of course, I'm partial to the redheads...but they all have such amazing stories and personalities. To just pick one would not be fair. And they all all just beautiful!

    P.S. And good for you for killing that mean old coon!

  11. Hi! Here from Cottege Instincts! I just love Stubs. Such beautiful paintings!

  12. Well, they're certainly all beautiful ladies in their own right, but Stubs is a down to earth girl who doesn't have her head in the clouds!

    MM are the envy of town today! I agree with Tammy...Woohoo indeed!


  13. I love the story about Stubs. I found your blog on Cottage Instincts.

  14. Stubs won my heart with her art. I too paint and her unique stokes and color combination are exquisite.
    She is loaded with talent.

  15. Mrs. Puffington..Mrs. Puffington!
    Sorry to say I'm going stictly on looks here like it's a Miss Poultry America Contest..oh excuse me I meant- Mrs. Poultry America.
    She looks soft, cuddly, and she's creative. What more could you ask for. Seriously what beautiful feathers.
    I give you credit for enduring the line and waiting to see Ree.

  16. Well, my first choice would be the baked chicken as I need serious help in the kitchen with a COOK BOOK (ahem!!). My 2nd would definately fall on Stubs. She and I would be tight like 'that'. (two fingers twined together) Cuz we're both artists. Common bond of like minded individuals. Totally. Still waiting for Stub's Etsy shop to open.

    Funky Junk Interiors

    *(you know, in case I actually WIN)

  17. Mother Plumtree because she is gentle and likes the shady spot under the daylilies. Anyone who likes daylilies is likable in my book.

  18. I like Scarlett the best! Her beautiful color and quirky personality have won me over!

    Thanks for a chance to win. I have been reading your blog for a long time, and I absolutely love your humor!

    I now have lovely ladies of my own because you have inspired me with the stories of their personalities. The names you have picked for your girls are great! And far better than the names I have come up with!


  19. This is my first visit. Also my first visit to Cottage Instincts! So here I landed, via blog surfing. I just had that cookbook sent from Amazon to a blogging buddy in Chicago. I'm in Texas. I think I need to order it for myself now after reading this!

  20. I also wanted to add that I really like your blog. And I have to say I really like that I didn't have to type any words and numbers in in order to comment!

  21. Her post abot you and the girls was fantastic! :) I love all the girls, tough decision to pick a fav! It is a total toss up between Stubs, Fifi, and the Knitting gals Mrs. Puffington and Mother Plumtree! :) But my absolute FAVORITE thing on your blog is the coon killin song! :) Hey, what in the world are alewives? The book signing looked pretty fun, despite the discomfort. :) You are hilarious getting pics of the rocketdogs next to other shoes!!! :) LOL

  22. is so hard to pick...they are all so lovely and elegant....but if I had to pick...
    Miss Fifi LeFew would be my first choice. She looks like Cleopatra, queen of the coop, walking around with her nose in the air..hmmmmm, royal describes her to a t.

    Good luck to everyone and whoever wins enjoy your book. It sure comes from a beautiful person.


  23. I would have to go with Stubbs as I can so relate to her. She's been through so much but she still hangs in there. Then we'll put Helen on the list as I have went through life mentally half blind and then on to Fifi. Like so many, she comes across as a bag of chips and we know she isn't. You just can't pick one Jayme so those three are at the top of the list. Mrs. Puffington was way too rude to me the other day so all she has going for her is her looks like so many in today's world. lol

  24. I am a closet follower of your are so funny with the stories you tell about around the chicken coop. You had me hooked when I started reading your stories and they reminded me of my sister and her chicks.....

    I choose Stubs (Helen a close second) because Stubs has overcome a lot and has never given up!

  25. Stubs for sure is my favorite! She is a wonderful Artist! Thanks for my daily fun!

  26. Oh I would LOVE to read/have/cook from this book!!! Please enter me in the drawing! I love your blog too...thanks!

  27. Miss Scarlet and I have a lot in common...we both go to bed early, I try to eat a high fiber diet so that I too have a glossy sheen to my "feathers" and I have a little too much junk in the trunk! Yeppers, she's my fav-rit!
    Joycee at GrannyMountain

  28. My fav has to be Mrs. Puffington - mostly because I like the uniqueness of her name, and also, because she LOOKS like a 'puffington'! Loved the 'interviews' - nicely done!

  29. Jaym, I think Stubs is probably the hero of the group and I hope she is getting some kind of chicken check for her disability. But you know my heart is with the girls that stitch. There's talent and skill in them there chicken's, they are the most like-minded, they get my vote. Raundalee

  30. A new fan of yours from Cindy's place! I love Stubs due to the disability! :)

  31. Jayme - While Stubs shows a remarkable amount of courage in dealing with her disability, I'm actually partial to your crafting hens. I've been following Mother Plumtree and Mrs. Puffington's work for quite sometime. I'm envious of their stitching talent. I would have to say those two girls are my favorites.

  32. Scarlett! Being a redhead myself, I just have to appreciate her. And now I have to go check out the rest of your blog! I think there is probably a lot there but the chickens got me excited. We just moved to the country and I am trying to convince my husband to let me build a chicken coop and get some chicks next spring...

  33. Great post! I have been touring the websites of all the wonderful people I met at the book signing! Love the pictures! You have a picture with me and my niece in it. It is the only one I have of us together! I hope you don't mind I am going to print that one out :) It was nice meeting you!!
    Cindy Z

  34. for me.. it's Helen as she does so inspire me now. What a tale she has.. sorta like "it's a wonderful life".

    Thanks for sharing!!


    I'm a new follower!

  35. they are all great...why dont you do a book signing and meet your fans!!! jan

  36. I think your giveaway is ridiculous. How in the world do you expect a person to choose a favorite chicken for crying out loud? I guess if forced to pick I will pick Miss Fifi LeFew because if I was going to have a chicken or more accurately if I was going to BE a chicken I would want to be a fancy french number that laid blue green eggs. Please don't tell the other chickens. I don't want to hurt their feelings.

  37. I must say that Ms. Stubs is my favorite. To have the determination to survive and find her passion in painting after a tragedy, proves she is a woman after my own heart. Love her art work, can't wait for her gallary to open next year. :)

  38. Seeing as I 1)can't cook and 2) hate cooking, I don't need entered in your giveaway, but I must say this post (as usual) is hysterical.
    I'm so glad our interview has brought your chickens some fame. They certainly deserve it....

    And I'm so glad you and Aaron got to meet the Pioneer Woman!

    Guess what? I am officially homeschooling my friend's son, age 14, beginning after Thanksgiving. We need to talk girl.

  39. Ya know, I am developing quite the understanding toward the "the southern gals quiet ways". I think Mother P's open admission about gossiping his the first scratch in the 12 step scratch recovery program. Mother P, Mother P, you get a vote from me!!

    Are we all ok?

  40. Hi Jayme~

    Thanks for sharing you fun day with all of us blog friends. Sounds like you and Aaron had tons of fun and met many interesting people! Love the photos. Cute hair-do!

    I love the blog post about you at Cottage Instincts. My favorite of you little chick gals is Mrs. Puffington. I guess I like her because the color of her feathers match my sweet Rocky cat's orange tabby fur.

    Have a restful evening.

  41. Helen! Of course, Helen! Who could not love a chicken who has been through all that she has? She is a SURVIVOR which is what we all are if we live long enough. We must all learn to make the best of what we have (in Helen's case, it is having just one eye)and to persevere through all that life hands us (thankfully, it won't be a raccoon attack for most of us). That is what I love about your blog. You are making the most out of everything, your home, your garden, the time with your nephew. You are INSPIRING! Thank you for such a wonderful blog to read.

  42. I like Stubbs the best, but I hate playing favourites. I like her because she's an unknown artist like me.

    Btw, who is MM?

  43. They're all delightful, but I have to say I love Stubs the best. She's the unlikely top dog -- so what if she has a disability. Like a typical farm girl, she does what needs doin', simply because it has to be done. Nothing stops her, nothing stands in her way. She's a woman on a mission to do what she was made to do. And be the best at it. Gotta love a lady like that!

  44. Since I have this new and wunnerful BFF who brought me a signed by Ree and MM cookbook I don't need the giveaway one BUT if my ## does get chosen I will share it with my most Darlingestsister. K?

    My Fave chicky? Hmmm, probl'y a tie between Scarlett and Aunt Pittypat, for GWTW reasons. Will keep you posted re:hatchings here even tho I don't know nuthin bout birthin babies.

    And how could that girl in pic #13 look so bored considering she could've reached out and TOUCHED MM???? Don't get me wrong, GrumpyUnk is cute but, Holy Wranglers, Batman!!!

  45. Scarlett is my favorite. I've just recently stumbled onto your blog and find it quite cute and a great read!

  46. I hope this isn't too late. My favorite poultry pick is Miss Helen. I call her Miss Helen out of respect. She can teach us valuable life lessons if we only look close enough. Be humble. No one likes a bragger. Learn from your misfortunes/experiences and move on to help others. Don't whine about your circumstances and/or people. (Fifi) This is such a turn-off. Remember there will always be difficult people in your life. Learn SOMETHING positive from them. Look hard - it's there. Put others first. It's ok to be last for feedings. No one will know how much you really eat! We all feel useless at times, but remember the greatest treasure in life is to be loved .... unconditionally!

  47. Jayme -

    Could I have looked any more like something the "cat drug in"?

    I have been enjoying reading Tales from the Coop Keeper, fun, fun, fun!

    We MUST (after the holiday) have a phone conversation about making my Susan's Snippets blog look as whimsically sophisticated as yours does!!

    me loves

  48. Stubbs it would have to be. Any gal that could survive getting her toes bitten off by a racoon and still live to paint there really any competiition?


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