Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I'll Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want....


Anybody still here?
I am! 

Just wanting to pop in today with an update, let you know I still breathe - and the goings on here.

How often do you think about what you really want?  I mean really, really.
Past - I want Chinese for dinner, past - I want to be out of debt - past - I would really love a new Subaru Forester....

These may be my immediate wants at the moment....

One thing I'm learning this year, as I spend endless hours spinning sugar into puffs of happiness are the things I don't want.   

I think that is a great place to start in order to find out exactly what it is you do want.
  I honestly can't trust myself at times to know what I want - it changes way too frequently based on hormones, seasons, and whether or not I've had a Starbucks flat white.

But what I don't want?
That seems rather consistent.
In the consistency of 'what I don't want' I find my true desires coming forth.

I'm blown clean away by the response to the mallows this year.  I truly could clone myself and keep the clone as busy as I've been.  It's been rather non-stop - and I have 65 days after today before all this stops up in here for a couple of months. 

My cousin Jim from Missouri has been here helping for three months!
We do the big shows on the weekends, and Glen and my sister have been doing the Farmer's Markets.
Tomorrow a radio station in Ft. Wayne IN is calling me to interview me about the business!
I'll try to get a link and attach it here so you can hear it - if that's even possible...

I have much to decide - about where I'll take this, because one thing I don't want - is to work this hard again, like ever.

I started this with one goal in mind - live debt free - and girls, I think we are going to make it by year's end - there might even be a new davenport in the works as well!

I'm blessed.
I'm exhausted.

I signed up with my Coach again because I want back in these pants:

I promise I'm not going to go on and on about it  : -) - just know it's happening.

Aaron is well - just got back from a Disney vacation - he's working in Chicago - living in Chicago - and completely far too grown up in some ways and not enough in others.

And these are without a doubt the things I know.

Home is my first love, it always has been - and always will be.

A well run, well tended home and garden is something to never, ever, take for granted. 

Family and friends are the most important things.

Anything of true value cannot be purchased.

When I thought I had nothing much - I was so incredibly wealthy.

Being nearly debt free doesn't really feel any different.

Things that you thought you wanted, when you couldn't afford them - you find out that you don't really care that much about when you can afford them. 

Your health goes south fast if you don't take good care of yourself.
Cats are good medicine.

Chickens are good therapists.

Blogging soothes my soul.


  1. Still here, and cheering you on toward true happiness.

  2. Still here too... and hooray for you!... Do what your heart tells you. Just that.

  3. Still here in Oregon as well- and waiting for the day when we hear more from you because it soothes MY soul girlfriend!!

  4. Love hearing from you! So happy for you for doing so well. You are one talented determined lady! Nearly debt free--wow!
    Totally agree with you about the things that really matter in life. The important things are not for sale in some fancy store. Good luck the rest of the year-now you need to figure out how to balance out your life, so you have time to enjoy your successes.

  5. Happy all is going well with the marshmallows! Being debt free cures a lot of ailments. Take it from someone who has been living debt free for about 2 years now. I worked hard to get out of debt and took the Dave Ramsey financial course. Now I manage my money - it does not manage me and there is plenty when before I was always scraping the bottom of my wallet. Note: there has been absolutely no pay increase. Just budgeting & managing way better than I use to.
    Hopefully you will get there this year and be able to sit back and reap the benefits of all your hard work.

  6. Good to hear from you, take care my friend!

  7. I have been away from blogging and just came back. I have a short list of people I was going to "look up" and you are on that list. I am so glad to hear that you are doing well---tired but good! That is a good thing, my friend.
    Glad you are back on your program. We are on the Whole 30 food program here and so far I have beaten off every marshmallow with a piece of celery.
    God bless ya- I think about you and am happy that you are happy. xo Diana

  8. So happy to hear all is well...come back are missed!!

  9. Glad you're still kick in' . Your mallows all look so delicious! Keep on blogging. Patti in Missouri

  10. I was hoping you would be debt free due to your your thriving business!! I love your list! I needed to read it today! I'll be here waiting when you're ready to blog again. :)

  11. Jayme, you look great and, though you say you're weary, you seem very satsfied. We love hearing from you! HAPPY FALL! 🍂🎃

  12. Congratulations on your thriving business and success. You have worked very hard and it has paid off. I'm happy to see a new post, I always check in , just in case! -Jenn

  13. Think of you often!!!


  14. Maybe not yet because it hasn't happened, but just letting you know that you WILL notice being debt free. There is nothing like it! Get ready . . .

  15. Ahhhhhh!! SOOO good to hear from you my buddy. I know from experience that your mallows are DELISH!! And the pictures . . . your marshmallow "stand" looks so great. If I lived closer I'd come and help you sell them :0!!! Praying for peace for you, and wisdom, and for God to speak to the depths of your soul and breathe His plan for your life into you. His way is best. Being debt free is awesome, and you WILL feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulder. Life is full of seasons. And maybe the work work work Marshallow season is over. Maybe its just on "hold" and maybe there is a way to have a Marshmallow business and only work when you want to work. I don't know. But I know that you and God can figure it out. Always wonderful to see a post from you. I miss them and look forward to the day your posts become more frequent. Blessings from Missouri my friend!

  16. So glad to see you back. Aaron has the most beautiful eyes. Goodness gracious!

  17. My new motto is "Don't believe your own hype"....don't know if this pertains but just saying...

  18. Well you are correct about the things that are important in life. However, I disagree about the debt free part. I think it's much less stressful living debt free. When you get those two months free, take time to think about the markets you can do and still be home part of the week. You have a great business going. Maybe you should cut back a bit, and let some of the people come to you. I still want to taste those mallows. They sound delish!

    Cindy Bee

  19. P.S. Do people still call them davenports?

  20. What's the atory on the marshmellows? I must have missed that somewhere along the line! Did you do the Dave Ramsay program too? I would love to do that, but I cant get my husband onboard, so it makes it really hard...ugh!

  21. Yay for all the good happening in your life! So happy for you, my friend.

  22. I swear, when I opened my Google page, I asked myself what do I really, really want to search for: I immediately wanted a new post from you, so I hit the Tales from the Coop Keeper favorites button and low and behold, there was another post...about what do I really want... How funny is that. Thanks for the update. I really miss your shenanigins (do not know how to spell that word, sorry) Have a blessed day!!! :~)

  23. Congratulations on being nearly debt free. It really does feel very different from living under debt. It gives you so many more choices about what you do and don't want to do. Hang in there. The season will be over soon.

  24. ..........kind of a coincidence because "blog reading" soothes my soul and "you' are good medicine -- totally unexperienced with the 'chicken therapists' though Jayme! :o) Sounds like the marshmellow world has conquered many a Marketplace - your amazin' work ethic is somethin' Jayme. Anyways -- it was a cheerie surprise to find your update here and I couldn't just 'read & run" without leaving an encouraging thumb's up to your words Jayme -- you know where your treasure lies...... Hope there's room along the way to find a wee bit of space and.... breathe.
    Have a blessed day,

  25. You are so cute, cool and talented! I love your blog! It's my inspiration.....God bless you and your family.

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  27. So glad you stopped in! I love your blog :)

  28. Deciding what you DON'T want is a huge step to happiness. So proud of what you are accomplishing for yourself! You go, girl!

  29. who would of thought...marshmallows!...glad it's working for you.

  30. You will be tickled to know that I couldn't remember the exact name of your blog so I googled "tales from the chicken coop" and it took me right to you. Made me giggle.

  31. I've been thinking a lot lately about what I really want... and what I can live without... with a major Life change and Move about 7 months ago now I do know that it was a chance to go in a totally different direction if I wanted to. So far I'm happy with the changes I've made... and though this has been a very long Process and quite the Journey so far, I'm glad I took the Leap of Faith it required. Congrats on all of your successes along your Journey. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  32. Just wanted you to know I still check your blog. Hoping you are managing to enjoy the Christmas season. Hope to see a post sometime to let us know what you are up to! Merry Christmas! -Jenn

  33. Oh, hoping for a 2016 update. Happy New Year, Jayme!

  34. There is definitely plenty to be thankful for and you are right, sometimes the things you think you want really are not nearly as fulfilling once you actually obtain them! This has always been a great thing to remember when deciding whether or not I really need to be spending money on things that I absolutely "need."

    Tracy Frazier @ Sunnen Law


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