Friday, April 17, 2015

The Answer to Everything

Before I begin today's post, I just wanted to thank you once again for all of your kindness towards me.

I received so many lovely little notes, and I so appreciated each and everyone.

I think my greatest fear was that some of you reading would think 'oh, I know this bipolar person....' and you would think that my behavior was identical to someone else that perhaps suffered more than I did - or behaved in a way that I've never behaved.

But, I can't fix that.

But I can share with you the answer to everything.

And that answer is goats.

I had the immense pleasure of babysitting two prematurely born goats this past weekend.

My neighbor asked me if I could come up and bottle feed them a few times whilst she was out of town - and I thought it much easier if I were to just bring them home.

Was I nervous?  
You betcha! 
 I've never handled livestock with four legs and teeth.

Was Glenco nervous?
You betcha!
He fully realized that this was going to create goat fever, of which there is no cure.

I don't think words can describe the feelings I felt when I was handed a warm, lanky, needy, baby goat.
How it soothed my barren womb, my empty nest.

If I could make a video montage of my feelings - it would include images of pies cooling on windowsills, sheets drying on the line, babies smiling, the hands of a good honest working woman, the smell of roses on the breeze, fried chicken, warm biscuits from the oven, aprons, the taste of a freshly picked heirloom tomato still warm from the sun, the buzz of honey bees, the cackle of  a contented hen...I could go on....


I couldn't let it go.

However, I did let it go just long enough to go clothes shopping for them.
This is a note I tacked to the door.
The goats in house caused quite a stir - there was a revolving door of visitors.

I laughed at myself when I was in the Goodwill (half price day!  Score!) rifling through the baby clothes trying to find 'the perfect sweater' for a goat.  
Imagine my delight when I found the most darling dress for the girl goat.  

Don't think Glenco wasn't in on this too.
He picked out the following ensemble.

I may or may have not bought several outfits, and had a bit of a fashion show.

I'm utterly ruined!


  1. Goats!!!! I'll remember the answer to everything - AND - I'll remember the JOY you have given me today . . LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post. (thank you)

  2. That's hysterical!! What a lovely way to start the weekend! Vicky

  3. Now - if that isn't the cutest post ever, I don't know what is. It sure looks like you were having fun babysitting those kids. LOL I'm glad you enjoyed it. They do look sweet.

  4. I know the feeling when my Billy Bob pigmy goat was born and I was there to witness. The hugs the kisses is cloud nine. I see goat milk and soap in your future lol!!!

  5. Goats are so stinking cute but fortunately I'm very happy to leave them in someone else's yard....or bathtub. The photos are seriously adorable and so glad to see you smiling and happy.

  6. My best friend raises pygmy goats and I cannot leave there without it breaking my heart that I can't have a goat! lol Those little ones are SOOO cute. We had a big one when I was a kid and my mother looked out one day and it was standing on top of the cab of the truck. She took a photo of it which I think I still have. That was also the one that would chew the sheets on the line when she got loose.
    Great picture of you and glad you had fun KIDsitting! You totally missed the opportunity to PUN that- so I did it for you! xo Diana

  7. Oh my gosh, I am cracking up!! :D

  8. Adorable post Jayme . . . I think you are over the moon in Baby Goat Love . . .
    Loved visualizing you shopping for clothes and then playing Baby Goat Dress Up!

  9. They are so cute! And, the dressup is even more adorable. You will have to remember to go & see them when they're just a tad larger when they start jumping on things and doing twists & turns. That will be adorable. Have a good one.

  10. Oh my gosh, a goat, on my bucket list. But two goats, and you have to return them.....Oh the woe of it. I hope you will be able to visit often. They are sew cute in their goat cloths!

  11. OH MY LANTA. thank you for the laugh. The clothes are PERFECT!!

  12. Laughed out loud at the over-alls pic. The babies are sweet. What fun.

  13. Your post is the best thing I have read in quite awhile. It was the perfect thing to read before I head off to bed. I only hope I dream of baby goats in denim overalls tonight.

  14. Jayme, sweetie, I'm having flashbacks to posts years ago of chicks in your bra, chicken diapers, and hen wardrobes. It's so like you to get so attached so quickly ... and to have so much fun with it!

  15. I'm so glad you are back to posting and you have so much support. I am a firm believer in pet therapy. Here at our house it is cat therapy when you are feeling down, sick, cranky, etc. Goat therapy (especially dressed-up goats) could really be the answer to everything, indeed!!

  16. Oh-oh. I feel the urge to have a goat to dress. A very long time ago, the Daddy of mine raised goats. I wonder how he would've felt if I had tried dressing them. Of course, back then I didn't even like to touch them. Funny how age changes one. Nice to meet ya!
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  17. Well dear Jayme I 'tried' to send you a heartful reply to your last post, but, to my disappointment it sailed away to the abyss--deleted by yours truly. The night was late and I just didn't have it in me to 'do again' so if I may I will only use a minimal vocabulary to rival my long-winded 'lost reply' of days ago and just say you are so true, so real and so vulnerable in the sharing of your story - you make 'us' brave in our own skins too. No flowery/phony compliment, but, just the need to say I admire how after all you journeyed through - your head is lifted - think there's a new song in you Jayme that is showing in sweet beauty........ Not sure how to segway into the tender side of your cute post above, but, only to say that the photos definitely say a zillion words----from A to Z you have a special way of exposing the happy dazzle.....who the heck didn't get to the end of your post and NOT be grinning from ear to ear........PRECIOUSLY received kiddo!

  18. You are keeping those precious babies right?... or .. perhaps you shall get a goat or two of your very own to dress in sillyness? I had one as a teenager that I saved from a petting Zoo that was going to put her down - she was awesome. They have such great personalities...

  19. Love these little I'm wanting a goat here at the farm...I don't know if the hubs will feel the same since all livestock has been sold many years ago and only fields of corn and soybeans linger....but maybe...just maybe.......

  20. ha ha ha! I LOVE this, it totally made my day!

  21. I ADORE goats! My sister has a small farm and I have been begging her to get some for my entertainment. She just won't do it!

  22. Ooooh! Baby goats! Whenever I am in need of a smile, I look for videos of baby goats. The more the merrier! I would be in heaven if someone handed me one.


  23. Okay, I have to join in on this one - you are absolutely right! This is how it happened at our house...someone asked us to goat sit an adorable, orphan goat. Hubby knew it was all over that weekend...I did NOT want to take the little guy home. Look at this face - seriously! Fast forward...he came home, along with two other Nubians, and a pixie-eared La Mancha that needed a home. It's a blast...they're fun and full of personality. Keep us posted! -Mary


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