Friday, August 1, 2014

All the News Worth Printing

A month?
I can't believe it's been one month since I've sat here and jabbered.

Remember that soup that I was making in early July?
It was a premonition.
We've had unseasonably cool temps here, and I've even been chilled at night in the yard at times!

Life is good friends, it's very good.

It's so good indeed that I don't know what to talk about first.

Let's talk about Aaron...we haven't talked about him in, like - forever.

Do you know the child is nearly 19 years old?  
It always flabbergasts me when I look at him - and he's a man - but he's a boy.  But he's a man.  

He's doing great - loving life - planning his move to Chicago.

His cologne lingers longer in the house than he does.
He breezed in last night for a few minutes.
I hadn't seen him for two days - and we'd just sat down to a bowl of Ina Garten's Chicken Chili 
(see, I'm still cooking up the fall foods!) 
and I was so excited to see him.
I ushered him to the table in between hugs and kisses - 
"tell me what you've been up to!"

He brings so much life into the house - I love hearing his stories - Lord - the laughter!
I was saddened when he said 'I've only got a few minutes Marmie!  I'm leaving for a five day camping trip to Wisconsin - I'm just here long enough to pack!' To which I respond 'but what about my hair!?'

And so that's how it goes here with him.
He's happy.
I'm happy.

I told him to be careful - and my exact words were 'now - don't be drinking and fall off the boat and drown - cause things are really looking up in my life right now'.
We collapsed in laughter and kisses - and he blew the horn on his way out of the driveway.
He's a boy. 
He's a man.

On to the yard - 

I've fallen in love with gardening all over again!
I'm so enjoying the changes, and the downsizing.  It's like I have time to think again, and be creative!
I'm not spread so thin that it's all I can do to maintain things.

Here's just a few snapshots...there's still so much work to do here, but I'm just over it - it is what it is.
It'll get done.
I'm waking up to the possibility that there is life beyond being consumed by this old house.

Thank God for kind neighbors with heavy machinery!

Where I sit with my morning tea/coffee.

This used to be the garden where the brick walkway was, and the scarecrow....ah's all lawn now, with a little veggie garden.  I'll get some new photos soon. (like next month!)

 I promptly took out my seeds and planted a little vegetable garden.
I'll get a few beans and cucumbers before the frost.
Today I plant more lettuce and peas.

The chickens are terrific.  I just have 8 now.
I sold 10 to a great gal in my Beekeepers Club.

The bees are doing 'ok'.  I've got a few great hives, and a few not so great hives.
I've ordered a naturally raised half a hog - and a quarter of a cow.
I'm doing well with eating right and have started excersing again, as much as my knee allows...and I've even *gulp* committed to doing the RAGBRAI bike ride (500 miles across Iowa) next year with a blog reader I've not met yet!
I'm in a good, mentally and emotionally healthy place with food and my body.

The best news of all - I'm well.
So is Glenco.
Nary a thing to complain about.
Remember a year ago?
I do declare that it's taken nearly a year of getting that Effexor out of my system for me to truly 
feel like myself again.  
What we've gone through here is a lot.
I know that drug has helped some people - but I believe it's harmed just as many, if not more.
I can't encourage you enough to use drugs as an absolute last resort.  
Let food be your medicine.
If you are going through a hard time - find a friend to be an advocate for you - don't blindly follow Dr's recommendations.  Research things for yourself.  Follow your instincts.

Peter McWilliams wrote:

Definition of a victim: a person to whom life happens.

And doesn't life just happen to us all?
I suppose it depends on what we do with it.
Will we dwell on it, or let it destroy us - or will we find the gumption to get up and start over?

I feel like I must have been in the front of the Gumption line when God was handing it out.
I'm not sure where I get it from, but I flat out refuse to quit, give up, see thing negatively, or believe that life is anything less than what we make it.

I'm looking forward to August - not with butterflies in my stomach - but butterflies in my spirit.
Somethin' good is about to go down.


  1. Wonderful to hear from you again, girl, and that you are all doing good! X

  2. I read your post oh so quickly...just trying to ingest what you've been up to . The only thing that I came away with was "500 miles across Iowa." 500 MILES ACROSS IOWA??????? You ARE a nut bar.................................... and I love you for it!!!!! Wish I had the nerve and the verve to come along.

  3. Sweet Jayme, Finally . You sound more up beat. Your son is a cute kid/man with a happy out look. Please be careful on your bike ride. Your home and yard looks so nice. I have always love seeing your house. Take care , stay strong. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. It's so good of you to post again. I've been slacking this summer as well. My garden is about done as it has been so HOT here in Arizona. "It is what it is" is a saying I've used time and time again. I love it. Happy August.

  5. She's back! You sound so, so much healthier and happier. Everything at your house looks lovely. A smaller, less involved garden really is so much easier to manage and not overwhelming. I started in one direction this year and turned totally around growing most things in pots. I don't have the raised bed I thought I needed but I have so many sweet potatoes growing, three kinds of beautiful tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. Just enough to make me feel productive and not enough to make me twitchy trying to keep up with weeding and harvesting. Your man-child looks like he is loving life and isn't it nice to know that you had such a big role in helping him become the fine young man he is today?! Can't wait to hear about your August!

  6. Great to hear from you! WOW look at that young man!! He is living life! And so are you, it's all good. I loved this post!

  7. I like that " butterflies in my spirit" kind of SPIRIT.
    Gosh you sound wonderful . . . being self empowered is such a very good thing!
    That young boy/man sure looks delightful . . . I hope he is having a great camping trip and laughing every minute! Wonderful to hear from you . . .

  8. Well,finally! I thought you were done with us forever! So glad to hear you so healthy and happy.
    You have been sorely missed-don't make us wait so long to hear from you again.

  9. It's WONDERFUL to hear from you! Thanks for posting all the photos ~ I just eat them up! Your "Man/boy" is a beautiful person. His charisma nearly jumps out of the computer and into my kitchen! Sending love to you and your family.

  10. Things sound great! I know seeing Aaron so happy and living life and getting so grown up is something that makes you happy, but it always seems like it happens too fast....watching my granddaughter (who I raised for 10 years) turning into such a beautiful girl (14) and growing up is killing me! But I AM happy! Just always have those thoughts of that adorable little baby girl! Congrats on committing to the ride! My husband I have talked about it and just haven't made the leap (not him--me!). I had a friend that did it and thought it was really fun. So good for you! Loved you post!

  11. I can hear the smile in your voice!

    Gardens evolve ... and sometimes they evolve into lawn. There's nothing like old farm soil for the ability to overgrow and sprout every sort of weed imaginable, in concentrations that just aren't seen anywhere else. Gotta regroup and adapt. (doing a bit of that here myself).

    It sounds like you have teetered for long enough and that balance is coming to your life. Feels great, I know, and we love seeing you triumph.

  12. You can totally tell you are in such a good place right now. Such a positive, happy post.
    Smaller gardens are so much easier to deal with and fun to design. Enjoy!

  13. "Butterflies in your spirit" LOVE that!

  14. Love your flowers and wish I could sit a spell with you for tea/coffee! It is great hearing from you, and updated with the goings-on with the fam and the farm. Happy August! DON'T WAIT A MONTH TO SAY HELLO AGAIN :)

  15. Missed you! Love love love your house-flowers-livestock photos and stories. And Aaron - boy/man/boy/man. I think they're always going to hover there!

  16. My Friend- so good to hear from you again!! I've missed our "visits", but am so happy to know that you and Glen are well- that Aaron is happy and being a man/child as he should be! Love that you are finding that sweet spot of "enough", of everything in your life :)

  17. I have two boys, they're really men, but they're still boys.
    I feel your pain!

  18. "Tales from the Coop Keeper" has been included in our Sites To See #385. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  19. I so agree with you "Something Good Is About To Go Down"!
    Loved your post!
    Read it to my husband in which we agreed with you over your serious words shared and laughed with you over the funny ones!!
    The pictures captured of your boy and around your house are so uplifting!!
    Glad you're in a Great Spot now and back to your being in your "Groove"!
    Love you!!


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