Monday, November 18, 2013


Just a quick pop in today to let you know how much I appreciated the warm welcome back!
I've responded to your comments in the comments on the last post.
You've positively infused me!
Seriously - thank you.

Yesterday, we had big storms roll through the area. 
Thankfully - the damage here was minimal.
Am I the only one that glues her face to the window during a storm?  
I know it's a REALLY bad idea, but I can't seem to help it.
As soon as the storm passes, I also have to get in the car and drive around to see the carnage before people have a chance to clean it up.

It's fascinating to me.
The power of nature.
The reminder of how truly out of control we really are.

No power for about 18 hours, but my Amish-wannabe heart embraced it.
I almost felt a twinge of disappointment when it came back on.

Isn't it amazing how quiet things are without electricity?
All of the sudden, you've nothing to do.
: -)

I'll be back very soon.
Thanks again for the welcome back.



  1. Glad you are safe and I must say I love not having power...for at lest a little while.

  2. We used to do that when it would rain. We'd have to go see if the river or washes were running. Just something about running water. I grew up without electricity and it is so quiet and oh the games we used to play.

  3. Glad you stayed safe. I love having you back, Jayme- xo Diana

  4. Say what? Posted that sign to Facebook. Too funny.

  5. Glad you are okay. So scary to watch on the news. We had a big snow storm in December 2009 just days before Christmas and were without power for days. When it came time for our family Christmas get-together we plowed ahead. My daughter and I went down to our church (which luckily had power) and showered and fixed all our food. We had a mish mash of stuff I had in my freezer and had been in the snow. We had candles lit everywhere and our gas logs on when everyone started arriving. It was so cozy. Then the power came back on and like you I felt a twinge of disappointment. I was happy to have power but there is something so cozy, simple, and quiet about a power outage. :) Praying for all those effected by the storms. :)

  6. Jayme, So glad you are okay there. When we lose power , Ted and I always play gin rummy., by candle light, how romantic is that :):) Take care, wishing you blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. Glad all is well...I read that book and loved it!

  8. Thank goodness your are safe . . . appreciated your without power, candlelight reflections . . .

  9. You should have been here last fall when Sandy went through and we were without power for a full week! It brings the "pioneer" out in a person!

  10. So glad you're back, as well as making it through the storm ok. I've missed you! I'm also not the least bit unhappy when the power goes out. I tend to be super productive and industrious during those times! As long as I'm safe and warm. :-)

  11. Here's the thing Jayme -- you are a 'noticer' and I love that. You're a reminder to take a breath, look around and see with your mind's eye.... You shake up our funnybone and wordsmith away with sweet abandon......I love that. Come to think of it........I love a whole lotta about this wee blog Jayme! :o)

    "Standing O" for replying to everyone's welcoming you back Jayme -- that was so nice.....very!

    God Bless,

  12. I'm really glad you are back, too. I love reading about your chickens and gardening.

  13. So glad you are alright. I love to watch storms too. It's the kid in us that can still see the magic. Awesome power yet dangerous too. Now why would anyone clean litter boxes by candle light? Jist sayin lol

  14. Was so thinking of you girl, as the storms left our area and moved east to Indiana. Glad to see this post today and know your ok. So happy the coop is intact! Such weird weather. Snow one weekend and then this. What is yet to come with our winter weather? Didn't lose power here. Love the picture of the cards. You crack me up. Keep em coming...


  15. When my granddaughter was about 6 she was fascinated by the Amish in our area. One night when she had a sleepover at Grammy's house, she asked if we could pretend we were Amish. So we lit the candles in the dining room and living room, put a jar candle in the bathroom and had sandwiches for supper. Not too long after dinner I asked what she would like to do. "Watch a video!" she quickly replied. I told her that Amish people don't have electricity so they don't watch videos. She thought for a moment and then said "Ok, we are done with being Amish!" I makes me laugh every time I think about it. Such a serious face with that last proclamation!

  16. Thinking of you... hoping your not still hunkered down... but I do love that first picture. That is us here today.
    Puts me in the sewing mood, the candle mood, the music mood and the simmerin' sort of dinner mood - as well. ;)


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