Friday, February 22, 2013

She Lives : -)

Remember my last post?
I was sitting here up in my chair watching the snow fall?

Well, it's a good thing I did sisters, cause that's the last time I sat still until this very moment!

I wish I had a report of exactly what it is I've been doing - but I don't. 

You know - I haven't lifted a single knitting needle yet this winter?
There's only a week left of the meteorological winter!

However, I did redo my 'studio/pantry/catchall' room.
It's still evolving.

This photo from Pinterest was my inspiration.
The only money spent was a few dollars for the curtain on the desk.
I must say, I might like to paint the walls a lighter color in the near future - but right now - ain't nobody got time for that.

The program that I used to lose the 100lbs a couple of years ago, started up again on February 6th and I've been busy doing coaching there.

Aaron has visited.

I've cleaned the basement and have been selling anything that comes loose up on Craig's List and eBay.

Last happy Saturday morning, I woke up and found a puddle of water in my kitchen.
My barely 10 year old fridge was broken...again.
Fourth time since we bought it.

I thought of blogging and requesting donations.
Help me save the unborn chickens!
Save the milk!
Support the meat!

Within a whirlwind of 48 hours I had an empty bank account, 10lbs of thawed meat and new fridge sitting on my inside front porch  - a half an inch too big to fit in the house.

I was nearly in tears during this -

and this....

Finally the beast was in.

She's a beauty, and the measured water fill feature has revolutionized my life.

The fridge is only an inch or two bigger than the other one, and yet it seems ginormous. 
 I feel like saying 'Welcome to my refrigerator' when people stop by now.

Just when I thought I could catch my breath, I got a heartbreaking call from the BoyChild - he was sick.
I had to go get him.
I had to.
He wasn't about to lay there alone and sick.
Not on my watch baby.
These are the days I'm so thankful I don't work full time.

102 fever - aches, pains, sore throat.
I got him situated on the couch and turned my attention to the 10 lbs of thawed meat.

I cooked:

Venison Stew
Sloppy Joes
Turkey Cranberry Walnut Salad
Turkey Noodle Soup
Roasted Garlic Chicken and Potatoes

He's on Tamiflu now, after a nose swab confirmed he has Influenza B.
He's had his eyes open for the last hour - it's the most I've seen the whites of his eyes since he's been here.

Guess who's sitting here now with a tickle in her throat,  and eyes and nose itching?
So there ya have it.

A week (or two) in the life.
Better than a stick in the eye.

My next blog post is going to be a giveaway of two great new books about chickens from Storey Publishing!

Don't miss your chance to win!


  1. Love ya! Hope he's well soon and that your tickle is just a tickle.

    1. Hi Honey! I hope so too - I definitely feel like I have a cold now - hopefully it won't get worse. Poor Aaron is still sick as can be with a 101 fever. I've never seen him this sick for this long. : -(

  2. When it rains, it pors, doesn't it! Hoping Aaron feels better soon and that you stay with just a tickle! The fridge it booteefull!!!

    1. Ya, and Glen broke a tooth off the next day! Forgot all about that! : -)

  3. Welcome go to bed! Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend.

    1. I'm going to try to Lisa - but it's half off day at Goodwill. : -)

  4. Donate to what ?????

  5. Ain't nobody got time to be sick. Get well quick, girlie. You ain't got time for that.

    1. I know I sure don't! Cooking Club is Monday and I'm bringing the main course! Oy!

  6. You are so darn lucky to have a good-looking husband who is so talented! Your fridge is a beauty and I'm sending you wishes that it lasts more than ten years!

    What does a "measured water fill" mean anyway?

    I noticed the Christmas cactus sitting on the windowsill in the top photo. Is that your home or from Pinterest? I noticed the cactus looked all trimmed up and even and then looked at my own, which has long straggling arms! Do you trim yours every year or just once in a while?

    Here's to good health and family!

    1. Aren't I though? That sucker better last longer than I do - that's all I know. I bought the extended warranty!

      Measured water fill is this - you put a glass, or your coffee pot or pitcher in the water area - poke a button saying how many ounces you want, and then you can walk away while it fills! I spent so much time at the old fridge getting my 3 quarts of water a day to drink.

      I just got that Christmas cactus at Christmas....and I haven't touched it yet - maybe it's just old enough to be straggly.

  7. ALWAYS . . . a treat to see your name and read what is happening in your world.
    Your fridge looks like ours . . .
    I hope boy child is feeling better and I hope you stay well! Please . . .

    1. Thanks Lynne! I love our fridge but I wish it didn't stick out so much. We wanted a counter depth one - but all of those that we saw didn't have the features that I wanted. I'm thinking of pulling out that counter and the stove now to 'meet' the fridge and putting a shelf or something behind the stove. Gotta love old houses. : -)

  8. YOU have been a busy girl. Don't you hate it when those expensive items bite the dust? I am glad you got the behemoth into the house though!
    I am so sorry Aaron is sick. I hope you don't get it. I had baby boyo here all day and he was not feeling good either. At 8 months they sure can't tell you what is going on though. Poor little tyke.
    I am glad you are coaching. I am gonna have to talk to you about that program one of these days- Take good care of your boy AND you- xo Diana

    1. Yes, when little ones are sick, it's SO much worse. At least Aaron can tell me when he needs something. He's still laying here sick as a dog. Breaks my heart.

  9. Ooh... I was thinking about you earlier today.

    Hang in there my friend.

    "Welcome to my fridge.." - that made me chuckle. Don't know why... it just did.

    1. :-) How's the skin serum? I was surprised to hear it froze! I didn't think it would since it's oil. Duh!

      The fridge is getting smaller by the day - I guess I'm getting used to seeing it.

  10. Oh when I saw this post I just had to chuckle. I had to do the exact samething to get out double side fridge in the house we just moved to. I actually had to take the doors off, just so it would fit threw to the 2 doors they had to go threw. Who ever built this house did not use normal size doors for the door that you come onto the front porch with or the Main door to the house. I think they were suppose to be what they call 3'0 (3 OH) is how it would have been said instead they are 2'6 doors. It was not fun but its in the kitchen and mine sticks out some as well from the cabinets for now any way till we start remodeling it. Then everything will fit the way its suppose to.
    Aaron I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    1. Hey There!

      Yes, we took the doors off this fridge, and the hinges that we sticking out - and even had to take off the water thing a ma gig in the back. Seriously it just fit by like a quarter of an inch after all of that. Our doors are 29.5" wide!

  11. Wow you did have a day!Get some rest then tell us who don't know how did you lose 100 lbs?

    1. Hey there! I lost 100 lbs using a program called Lifestyle180 -

      I do online coaching there to help others now. It's a very healthy program, and I finally learned how to eat real food, do moderate exercise and finally change my mindset about food! It wasn't easy - but oh so worth it!

  12. wow, you never get a break. hope you get a chance to relax a bit between cooking & being a nurse. get well soon Aaron. poor thing. love that desk - pinterest can be oh so dangerous. enjoy your weekend. big big hugs. ( :

    1. I gave Glen a pore cleansing facial that I saw on Pinterest! Ha! He's such a good sport.

      Aaron is still down. Bless his heart.

  13. Hope Aaron feels better soon!! I had to laugh, but I feel for you. The refridge thing is sooooooo like me. Just did that with an oven, but i did not have to get the door cut!! Oh no!!! Mine was too small.


    1. Shall I ever meet you!? So close and yet so far. : -)

  14. It's a good thing you updated. I was about to send out a search team.

    Hope you flu skips town like it stole something.


    1. Hello darlin. Did you get my message about the washi tape. Thank you for it! I still 'don't get it'. Am I too old for the washi tape revolution?

      So far I just feel like I have a cold. I hope this is as bad as it gets for me. I would have to think that my immune system is pretty kick ass from the way I eat.

  15. Oh my, we went through something similar when my daughter got a larger fridge for her house. Doors off broken door frame to repair, and so on. These larger appliances just are not made with older homes in their construction. Glad the boy is feeling better and sorry you are not. So did you freeze the fruits of you labor or did the men eat it all? Your creative die for. I LOVE it! Just up my ally. Have a great weekend!

    1. No they are not made for old houses! Sure is a beauty though.

      I did have to freeze some of the food. With Aaron not eating - there is no way we could eat it all. Aaron's mom came last night to visit with Aaron and she ate as much as she could! Kinda nice not having to cook every day!

  16. Wow, what a week! I can't imagine how you felt when you found out the fridge would not fit in the house!! Crazy. Glad you were able to save the meat and now you have meals for...ever.

    I have an old place too and I can just imagine what will happen, when I need a new one

    Glad Aaron is on the mend...hope you aren't getting it.

  17. Oh Jayme please forgive me, but the nurse is coming out in me. Since you've had a confirmed exposure to influenza type B, and it is such a virulent virus, it would be a smart move for you to be seen by your doctor...even if you have had the vaccine. So far, the vaccine has had approximately a 40% failure rate. I know how active you are and no one has time for that nasty ol' flu...and it's gnarly and unforgiving. Aaron is blessed to have such a dedicated "other mother". Take care of yourself girl, cause I'm snowed in and can't make it there. Much love-Tracy

  18. Welcome back Jayme!!!

  19. Things were being way too quiet around that homestead. Its life Jayme and you kicked it into action, never fear the Coop Woman is Here! Love the picture shares. Poor Aaron hope he is doing better today. The peek of the Glenco in action, well what words were being muttered in that picture..oh, dont ask right?? Boy, your fridge is a beast...but a beautiful one. Fridge envy! Take care of yourself too. Last Saturday mine started with a tickle and I was singing Ricola way too much, my lips where in permanent pucker from all the lemon, tea and honey and I ended up mid week at urgent care. Still terrible cough. Oh, winter woes. Take care.

  20. ok, Jayme, you and the boy child have so many things to shouldn't be germs and sickness!!! Take care of all, because I sure have missed your words! Come on back to NC and we'll pamper you up good.
    Kathy, Greensboro, NC

  21. Feel better Aaron!... and ooh nooooo Jayme... lots of handwashing. Vitamin C! Coldeez? Alka-Seltzer Cold and Flu, works wonders.

    Congrats on the new fridge! Do yourself a favor and buy the stainless steel wipes at the grocery store... or else the smudges will drive you nutz. I live with a Type A guy, thankful for those wipes, I am.

  22. Hi Jayme! I hope you and Aaron are feeling much better! My 10 year old side-by-side refrigerator also died last Sunday. I had no luck finding a repair person willing/able to come out on Monday, so I started searching the internet for possible solutions. Many sites described similar situations that indicated the problem might be the relay switch on the compressor, so I found where it was located, removed it, and off I went to the appliance parts store. I got the part (which contained 3 pieces, whereas the original was one piece) and it took me a while to figure out how to get it together properly and back on the compressor, but I fixed it! I also cleaned out the drain located in the back wall of the freezer, which was clogged. I was so excited! I was also a little bummed because I REALLY wanted a french door fridge with the lower freezer drawer, similar to the one you purchased. Enjoy your new fridge!

  23. I so love your new fridge! I was planning to purchase new one like this.
    Get well soon!

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  25. Hope Aaron feels better soon and no one else gets sick!! :) I am in love with your new fridge! We remodeled our kitchen a few years ago but kept our old fridge until it kicks the bucket. :P I have a feeling it will live forever.....

  26. Gracious sakes, Girl!! Hope you didn't get the flu, and that Aaron is much better by now. And don't we love those old houses for so many reasons? That fridge really rocks though! Love your studio (etc) re-do too! Stay well! -Tammy

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  33. Hiya friend!
    I hope you're feeling richer today. I so feel your pain. Both of us self employed w/ups n downs and our fridge died to... Like you I was a coookin fool. Hate to tell ya that I think my fridge is the same one you just bought, This was it's second death in 6 years! First time it was not quite brand new (expired warranty) and FULL of very special organic/ allergen free food and breast milk for my sensitive babies... No money in compensation! Last time was a month or so ago... It had been my dream fridge but now I'm liking all the older well built simple appliances of old... My Kitchenaide dish drawers are now gone too. Wishing you a sunny day and profitable spring open house! I'm also trying to get my nerves settled for one here. Wish you'd drive The Squirrel on down w/Janie to inspire (and make me pee my pants laughing)!? Love and well wishes to you, Glen and Aaron!


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