Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sharing the Love

I couldn't let another day go by without checking in with you all.
I've gotten so many sweet emails, real - up in the mail paper Christmas cards and even a gift (thank you June!)
I'm astounded by the love, community and friendship that you all offer.
From the bottom of my heart - I thank you all - so very, very much.
I'm still not done talking about the trail - but I just thought I'd give you a photo journal of what I've been up to since I last wrote...
I apologize in advance for the photos.  I've gotten into a terrible habit of taking pictures with my phone exclusively.  They look great on the phone - on here - not so much.
Perhaps it would help if I actually stood still during the snapping of said photos, or pointed the camera at the subject.
It's been a homemade Christmas - the best kind.
I made a quilt out of all of the old Life is Good shirts and pajama pants I had that are now too big.
I gave it to the person that gave me all of the Life is Good shirts in the first place.
I love this blanket so much it makes my stomach hurt.  These rag quilts are fun to make.  I see many more in my future.
I've also been making these sculpted figures.  I made this one for a dear, dear friend that became a first time grandma.  She loves reading to her grandson.
I squealed when I finished it.  I just love it.
I think I'm addicted to glitter now.  I couldn't stop m'self.  I made this for my sister and her newish husband.
Of course, I had to represent the chickens -
this one is for the fabulous Janie Fox -
These pictures do not really do them justice - they are so cute - I may start making them and selling them.
Story of my life.
I've been busy in the kitchen as well.  I'm not sure it's a good thing - it brought back so many memories and emotions.  I still struggle with food addiction and well - I had to sample everything I made - a few times - and the evening ended with me worshipping at the porcelain throne.  My body is not used to those type of foods anymore at all. 
Maybe it was all the glitter that I swallowed - Glenco was always teasing me wondering how I got so much glitter around my mouth when I was working on the snowmen.
I still adore baking - I so enjoy the windows getting fogged, the sound of the stand mixer whirring, O Holy Night playing in the background - and just that feeling you get inside that all is calm, all is bright.
I really hope y'all aren't up in the kitchen trying to do your Christmas baking and cooking when you are all tied up in a knot of stress.  Wait until you are calm and happy - trust me - it's better that way.
It's been a long time since I've had this much butter up in the house.
Help me Jesus.
I added cinnamon to my caramel recipe this year - genius - it really made them uber delicious.
I remain the best fudge maker in the land.
 Glenco is of a Swedish descent - and early in December - we hosted a Swedish Christmas party here with his side of the family.  A pox upon me for only getting this photo.  A Swedish Almond Cake and a Swedish Chocolate Bundt cake.
I realize I don't talk about Glenco that much here on this ole blog - but rest assured he's here.  If he weren't - nor would I be - I'd be out among the English asking you if you wanted fries with that.
I laughed the other day thinking about how I speak of him so infrequently here you might think that our relationship is like that of Dolly Parton and her husband.  Oh, you didn't know Dolly was married?
There he is!  Jax is checking out what he's eating for supper.
Hard to believe in 8 short months Jax has gone from a fluff ball to the huge cat you see here before you.
The other day I had to stop myself from going to the shelter and adopting all the cats - bringing them home and making catnip mice for them and feeding them turkey dinners.
I'm aching for furry companions.
It's a good thing my mom isn't alive to see this photo.  Law!  Cats up on the table.  She'd be bleaching things so fast it would make your head spin.  I've taught my cat some terrible manners - and I don't care.  I'm a childless, perimenopausal woman and I can do whatever I want.  I promise not to feed you off of dishes the cat has licked.
As I type this - all of my gift baskets have been delivered - all of the gifts I made are done.  All Christmas dinner groceries are nestled in the fridge and I'm DONE.  That alone is a Christmas miracle!
Aaron arrived last night and is up putting a roller set in a dummy head.  The kid won't quit.  Added to the glitter, sugar and cat hair slurry on my kitchen island - I now have bleaching powder, hair clips and foils.
I've never been happier.
About ten days ago - I had to go to the school so that Aaron could use me for his Practical Test.
He passed with flying colors.
Four days ago he turned the ripe old age of 17.
Glenco and I drove down and had a quick lunch with him -
I brought four dozen cupcakes to his class.
We've been busy around here - and that's a true story.
I'm looking forward to a relaxing holiday now with family and friends.
I'm wishing you the same - a holiday filled with love, hope, peace and the assurance that the coming year will be filled with all the goodness life has to offer.


  1. So glad to see you on here as was wondering what you were up to. Should have known better that you were busy creating beautiful things! love the decorations in your dining room and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sculptures! You are one talented lady.

    Merry Christmas Jayme..Enjoy your holiday with the Boy/Man/Husband/Sister/Family/Friends.


  2. I will sooooooo buy a snowman and snowgrandchild sitting in the chair with teacup on table next to it and teddy on floor if you ever make one again for sale. WOW.. just love it. Precious. What a gift.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Jayme - xo

  3. Jayme what a fun post to read...lots to it!!
    The pictures are great!Love Jax pictures...he looks like a very sweet cat...and loved.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  4. What creativity! TIS the season of GLITTER! Congrats to Aaron and happy birthday too. Jax has grown into a handsome cat. Aren't they all so cute, you just want to take them all home. Merry Christmas to you all.

  5. I was pining for some drivel from you. Glad to hear you're busy as a bee homemaking love and such. I miss thee. Merry Christmas!

  6. It feels like an early Christmas present to hear that you and the family are all doing so well! (put me right behind Karen in line to get a snow grandma.)

    Cat on the table? Who cares. They're family, too. (today I posted a cat on the counter watching me bake.)

    Merry, merry Christmas to you, sweet Jayme. What a year it has been!

  7. Oh, so good to hear from you. Looks like you've been busy creating love! The best kind of creating. Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas, and health and happiness (yes more happiness) in 2013.


  8. i love love love that Life is Good blanket ... so cool!! love it!! glad to hear you are busy as a bee. sure have missed ya. glad to know the hubby is just fine. the cat is too cute!! Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you in 2013. can't wait for more posts. big hugs. ( :

  9. Hi Sweetie, just put a pie in the oven and making some angel eggs. Thought I'd check in with you. Love the gooseberry book you have displayed, someone must really love you! lol I loved the blog, it's the real you that I hold in my heart, the one with butter! Gotta run, love you. Rho

  10. First, I loved the quilt. Then I loved the sculptures. Then the baking, and the caramels and the fudge. And if that wasn't enough, you tossed in your gray tabby! Which we consider the epitome of cat perfection. Merry Christmas. You have some fortunate friends and family!

  11. Well, Law! I've missed your posts. Glad to see this show up in my inbox. Merry Christmas!

  12. Merry Christmas Miss Jayme and family! Thank you for taking the time to share what you have been up to- you are one creative and generous lady!

    Enjoy your restful hours with family and furry friends!

  13. Delightful post Jayme . . . Love your molded glittery whiminsical sculptures . . . yes, sell, I'll buy! Merry Christmas!

  14. So good to see you, Jayme! I just adore you, as you know, so I am always over-the-moon to see a post from you. Sugar addiction is hard to beat, isn't it? It is a battle I don't like to let myself get into because I am afraid the sugar will win hands down.

    Christmas blessings to you, Glenco and Aaron- xo Diana

  15. Dearest Jayme,
    You are so talented and such an inspiration to us all.
    Have a blessed season with your family and let's talk soon!

    White Spray Paint

  16. What ute sculptures...and the Swedish Party. Love that! Aaron is home...Yippee!!! Enjoy everything, Jayme...I know you are.

  17. What a blessing that Aaron is doing so well. He is such a doll. Glad you are proud of him. Good luck with the self control during the holidays. Those treats look amazing. Merry Christmas!

  18. We lost our furry companion, so you are blessed to have one to sit on the


    LOVE the craft stuff...I am not that creative. Food looks great!

  19. I love your sculptures1 What are they made of? Caramels look yummy! Merry Christmas!

  20. Hi J! I love your snow people. Have a great Christmas!

  21. Cute figurines! The chicken was the cutest thing I think I have ever seen made by a human being!! Very Merry Christmas to you and everyone in blogland!

  22. Hi Jayme just stopped by to wish you and your family the Merriest of Christmas's. Glad to see the holidays are joyful for you!!!!! Oh and I want to be first on your list when you start selling those chickens please :)

    Happy holidays
    Cedar Lake

  23. A Very Merry Christmas To You!
    So Appreciate You And The Wonderful Writing You Do On Your Blog! We All Are So Very Blessed With What You Share With Us!
    Hope You're Sitting, Have Your Feet Are Up, Staying Warm, and Sipping On A Warm Festive Beverage
    As You Reflect Upon The Holiday!!
    Take Care!!

  24. I really enjoyed having the chance
    to see who Glenco is...thought
    maybe you were single but then again
    I didn't discover your blog till
    recently. Enjoyed every word!

  25. Sitting here watching the weather forecast and am wondering what part of Indiana you live in. Stay safe.

  26. So happy to see a post from you today!! :) Just a few days late. ;) I love your quilt and snow figurines. They are SO adorable!! I might have to look up directions on how to make them. What special gifts to make for others. I'm like you, I LOVE being in the kitchen baking and cooking. My daughter and son in law left today and I packaged up most of what was left over for her to take home. She plans to share with her brothers in law too! ;) I had to laugh at the Dolly comment. That is hilarious!! =D Still looking forward to your trail stories too! :)

  27. Love the snowman and child, wowzer, you can really let your creativity fly with that craft. . . you have to email me the mixture or maybe you can do a tutorial for us crafters, I would love to make them for gifts next year, or maybe i'll just tell you what I want and you can personalize them for me. . . you're such a talent. . .

    Love what you did with the rag quilt, the old clothing is the best. . . I love to rag, you're inspiring me to make me another one real soon. . .

    Great hearing from you. . . no realllly great hearing from you, and as always your post was very warm and cozy, with great advice, . . . baking should be savored, it's an art that not only warms your home, it warms your heart, soo therapeutic, a task to be savored. . .

    You get so much done, you amaze me.
    Have the brightest happiest healthiest of New Years my friend.


  28. Beautiful post. OMG, you have endless energy and talent. That cozy quilt, to the adorable sculptures and all that baking, you are one busy girl. Aaron is adorable and I'm so happy for him. You sure do keep Glenco's world hopping, I'm sure. I love your dining area. It must have been wonderful to eat out there for your holiday gathering. May you have a Happy and Healthy New Year. Here's hoping you do make more sculptures. Is there anything you don't excel at?

  29. Oh,my, my mother would be twirling in her grave if I had a cat on the table. We had cats at home but they knew their place. If I even dropped a dish towel on the floor it went into the laundry immediately. Let's just say I'm more laid back than that now.
    Love your sculptures. What did you use to make them?

  30. Had to laugh about Jax on the counter, my Mom and Grandma both were phobic (is that a word) about animals in the house! Bleach continues to stir warm memories everytime I use it... some would think that's a little odd but it's part of my childhood. Alas, I grew up an animal lover and spawned animal loving children. We've had cats and dogs, gerbils and fish, horses and chickens (the last two didn't make it into the house) but I did "park" our horse in the garage once during a record breaking cold blizzard! Still wonder what crazy thing Jayme is up to and that will forever keep me coming back for more! That fudge looks killer, Happy Holidays!

  31. Wow! You have been busy! You are so right about being calm in the kitchen...very important to the success of it all and the way you'll think about cooking and baking forever. Your snowpeople are adorable! And so are you! Happy holidays!

    Stop by my blog to see how I've been doing my part to keep the butter producers in business...

  32. Enjoyed catching up with you, Dear Jayme! Glad to see everyone lookin' so happy too ;) Lovin' the sculptures. I am itching to get creative again!! Take up painting in oils, or something crazy like that. Happy New Year to you and yours! -Tammy

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  34. Jayme, I'm happy to see I'm not the only one with a cat on the kitchen table. My 14 year old Milo? We joke that he will die on the kitchen table. I LOVE the figurines you made! They are too, too presh. I would buy. You need to make a bunch and put them on Etsy.
    And wow! What a baker! You are one talented woman! But we already knew that.
    xo, Cheryl


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