Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wellness Wednesday - "It is Well with My Soul" Edition

Am I the only one that makes monumental decisions on the day they become unwell?

Unwell is what my mom and aunt's called 'that time of the month'.

I should never make decisions on those days, but alas -

I have.

I've decided what I want to be when I grow up.

Wait for it ...

Wait for it.....

The same thing I am now.


Aunt extraordinaire.
A good friend.
A silly blogger.
A gardener.
A beekeeper.
Chicken whisperer.

Imagine that.

I've been looking and looking, and here it was in front of me all this time.

I just read a quote yesterday that I wish I could find again now - but this is it paraphrased, and I've no idea who to give the credit to for this -

"It's a good thing the world is round - because when you leave your back door in pursuit of happiness, you wind up coming back to your door to find it."

It is well with my soul you's guys.
It is well.

(please note this is due to change at any moment because of hormones)

And that is my wellness tip for the day.

Pursue your peace.
Realize that enough, truly is sometimes enough.
Give yourself room and time to find yourself - and when you do find yourself, for God's sake don't go comparing yourself to someone else!

I believe you can eat all the healthy food in the world, exercise your behind off, but until you have that internal peace -
you won't truly be healthy.

I'm still fighing the good fight.
Realized that in four more pounds, I'll be down 100lbs from my highest weight back in 1990.


I'm rediscovering who I am in a butter-less world.
Never knew I could live so long without bacon coursing through my veins.

I'm seeing muscle definition in my shoulders and biceps.
I look in the mirror a lot.

It's all so very worth it!


  1. You are the best you I know. And If'n I love thee, so shalt thou.

  2. I've never posted a comment here before, but I just have to tell you. I read your posts through Google Reader and every time I see a new post, I smile. Before I even read it, I smile. Thank you. You make me smile.

  3. yay, yay, yay! So very proud of you. Love the pic of you and Aaron!
    xo, Cheryl

  4. Congrats! That's AWESOME!
    You almost lost a whole self!

    I always make monumental decisions at the worse of (those) times too!
    Like a house remodel after the birth of baby #1 & starting a blog after baby #2. Maybe I'd best avoid babies! ;) Or not! :)

  5. I love to read your happy posts. I just started my diet journey and your experience gives me hope! I found a quote today that I think you might like. "The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up." (Paul Valery)

    Hope the rest of your week is wonderful!!

  6. I'm glad you posted; I was just thinking of you and your weight-loss journey. I started dieting August 1st and am down 14 lbs. I have many more to go.

    Your quote reminds me of something Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale said in _The Wizard of Oz_: "If I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own backyard; because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with."

  7. Congratulations! You look fabulous!

  8. I get so much, not only from the blog, but also from the comments readers leave. I am drawn to this blog for many reasons; the CARE shared is huge. To say that to a bunch of folk I have never met seems contradictory- but it isn't.

    Thanks for the sweet, caring spirit. Lifts my heart... even when (especially when?) I'm 'unwell'. :)

  9. Hey "chicken whisperer" you are in a dynamo peace pace to do your thing
    with purpose
    and a happy heart.

    I am thrilled for you and thrilled at the inspiration you exude.

    You "keep on keeping on . . ."

    (Love your words and introspection.)

  10. I am always thrilled to hear someone exclaim they have found themselves. Peace is a state of mind some brilliant man said BUT he never had unwell days ;-) You look so pretty in the photo and your happiness shows. I am so happy for you even though you have 4 pounds to go(?) You look fabulous my dear!

  11. I read every post and I just wanted to tell you that you inspire me in so many ways!

  12. Isn't it great to build a relationship with ....your self.

    Awesome work and congrats and thanks for the inspiration.

  13. I so needed this post today! Thanks for sharing such validating thoughts!

  14. jayme girl,
    so proud of you. have you by any chance looked into the whole 'soaking your grains' theory? from what i hear, it can help a lot of the yuckier issues with gluten side affects. also been reading up on how bad margarines & oils are for you, real butter is better, as is coconut oil. what a relief! i swear this is a never ending learning curve. blessings, mandy

    p.s. i seriously think of that lionel richie poster throughout my day and crack up. i'm going on about 3 weeks since first seeing it and STILL makes me crack up.

  15. That's great Jayme. So glad you're feeling good and lovin' life :) I'm down 20 now!

  16. Love your quote. I'm glad you have realized that you are happy! Nancy

  17. Love that quote! Once we realize we are responsible for our own happiness, the magic begins! You are losing pounds Jayme, but it may be the load lifting off your shoulders!

  18. You're so glamorous! I love the vintage earrings. I'm sure there's a pair just like them in my jewelry box.

  19. about 10 years ago my husband and I were camping...sitting around the campfire. I quietly asked myself "If this were my last night on earth would I would rather be anyplace else...doing something else"?..the answer was no. From then on I have been at peace..

  20. I love this post! I have spent the last couple of months really trying to figure out what I want to be, and came to the same conclusion. Well, with a little tweaking :)) I'm enjoying your blog so much, and am so inspired by your honest, heartfelt writing. Thank you!
    Cheers, Andrea

  21. You look amazing! Your chicken is beautiful too! Thanks for the great post, it is so where I too am at right now! How wonderful to be able to relax and say 'This is good!' about your life!

  22. You are beautiful just like you are!!! Congrats.

  23. are my hero!
    And...a gorgeous one at that! XO

  24. Jayme-

    You look so pretty!


  25. "Internal Peace" ... thank you for reminding me how important that is and I agree the comparison trap is deadly. I'm very happy for you! Enjoy!

  26. Well said!!

  27. Jayme, I can say I knew you when... You were wonderful then and still are! Funny how we sometimes have to go and look for the obvious. I'm so happy you found the Jayme I've always admired and been so proud to know. Love, Penny

  28. You look like a million dollars. I'm so happy you found so much good in your life.

  29. You look marvey, healthy and glowing from all the goodness in your life. Rooting for you all the way and I get some much from reading your blog.

    We have cut out all processed foods from this house and am working on sugar now and all things white. No white potato, rice, white bread etc. Hubby is not liking this but its a new way to live, not a diet. Weight loss, can you say "Bonus".

    Have you noticed how cheep eating unhealthy is? A drive thru is cheep compared to eating healthy. Folks will pay for it in many way with poor health and medical bills so if you look at it that pays to eat healthier.

    Working on making my own energy bar or cookie so I can get hubby to take them with him and not get those in the stores loaded with chemicals.

    Have you made your own peanut butter? Have you ever read how much sugar, salt and 3 types of oil and crap they put in those jars. Its easy to toast your own peanuts, grind them in a food processor till creamy then put in a jar and keep in frig. NO sugar or oils added and once you taste it you will never go back. Your mouth wont feel all greasy after you eat your own.

    God bless you Jayme in all you are doing for yourself and family and to get the word out.

    Have a blessed safe Labor Day.

  30. I love that (paraphrased) quote! How true.

    P.S. I just sent you an email. :)

  31. I too, am happy at home, although there are some days I won't let myself believe it! Working on an attitude of contentment...Volunteering as a doula at St. A's near you helps with that!

    Have been following your weightless journey! Your are doing one fabulous job and look Georgeous!!!

    Thanks for your post! It is one of great encouragement and joy!

  32. I love that photo of you with the bird. And I love this post.


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