Monday, September 5, 2011

It is Finished

Hey you's guys.

Just letting you know I'm taking an unplanned blog break this week.

Why you ask?

Well -

I have a friend coming to stay for three days.
She'll be in Bootcamp here - learning to cook and eat right, exercise and I'm going to talk to her til I'm blue in the face - about choices, and feeling good - and the emotional and mental battle of making positive changes in your life.

My head feels like it's going to expode every time I have a friend that tells me how horrible they feel when they are living on junk food.

And then -

This weekend -

I'm doing the Chicago Half Marathon.

I know.

It's nuts!

I'm walking it.

Been training the last few months.
Yesterday I did my 13 mile walk - and this week I taper off so that I'll be fresh as a daisy for Sunday's race - but I'm not racing -

In fact, I might be the last to finish, and I'm OK with that.

Because I'm going to finish.
And when I cross that line this comng Sunday, it will be so incredibly symbolic for me that I actually finished something - cause y'all know I'm a great starter, and a horrible finisher. 

But it's a new dawn of a new day.

Remember the upstairs bedroom?
Ummm, and the porch?
Oh that's only the tip of the unfinished iceberg around here.

Something's gotta change - and I've lived long enough to realize it's usually me.

I already know it's going to be my 'word' for 2012.
Twenty Twelve.
When did that happen.

SO...I'll be back next week and tell you all about the race, and the thrill of victory, and the agony of my feet.

Have a fabulous week!!!


  1. Good luck in with your marathon. I always wanted to enter one. I had knee replacement done this year so its taking time for me to heal. Keep up the good work with your healthy life style. It's great to accomplish something that you have worked so hard for. Good Luck & Take Care, Mar

  2. I will think of you next Sunday and pray that you do well! I love how happy and great you are feeling. That makes me smile.

  3. Go, Jayme, go! I'll be thinking of you this week.

  4. YOU GO, GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!! I'll be cheering you on.

  5. oh how this resonates: "great starter, and a horrible finisher." Me too!! I feel empowered to be a better finisher now too. Best wishes, Jayme... so proud of you!! -Tammy

  6. Me too...."great starter, and a horrible finisher." I'm cheering for you. Have a great week. You've got a lot on your plate.

  7. I will be cheering you on from North Cackalacky! Go Jayme, Go Jayme, Go!!!!

  8. Good luck at the race Jayme!! I'll be thinking about you and wishing you the very best!

  9. Good luck! You will finish and have loads of fun, too!

  10. Go Jayme! YOU can & Will finish that race...Listen in your heart for all the cheering us blogger friends will be doing...Love Ya..

  11. Jayme, this is terrific. GOOD FOR YOU! I am so happy for you. It's wonderful you're helping others to do it too.

  12. Have fun! I wish I had your will power:( I look forward to reading your thoughts and your blizzard video still cracks me up!!

  13. Hey Jayme-

    Our youngest daughter is running the Chicago marathon Oct. 9th.

    When my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's , she entered in his honor- representing the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

    Our family will be there to cheer her on!

    Good luck this weekend dear friend!

    White Spray Paint

  14. I want to come to your house for boot camp, too! I started a low carb. diet last Thursday. Can't say I feel great yet, but I am very hopeful. After this full week, I am hoping to add exercise to my new lifestyle. You have definitely inspired me. You go girl!!

  15. You know I believe in you. You are a hero girl. This is your year! xoxo

  16. Congratulations on entering your half marathon. Run or walk, what a courageous decision you have made, and no doubt you will finish. I admire your tenacity and dedication to live the best life you can, despite your strugles. I look forward to your postings next week.

    Good luck Jayme.


  17. In my best Forest Gump voice: Walk, Jayme, Walk!
    Have fun and best of luck.

    Your Friend,

  18. Go, Jayme, go!!! This is really exciting.

    Our daughter ran her first half marathon this spring, and she has done two more since then. Went from couch potato to running fiend in a few weeks, with training and determination. YOU, dear, have the determination ... and the training has obviously been ongoing. Knock 'em dead, dear. We are all pullin' for ya.

  19. wishes on your marathon!

  20. You are doing amazing!! Finishing a half marathon is an incredible feeling. Enjoy it!!

  21. You Go Girl !
    I find it harder and harder to finish stuff the older I get. Wish I knew where the race ends so I could send my brother and SIL to shoot your pic !!

  22. Looked it up - you start and finish at Hayes and Richards....only problem is that it looks like a triangle not an intersection.... going to be beautiful views coming and going .... so go go go.

  23. Good Luck with your marathon. You can and will do it. Because you know you can!

    Also enjoy the process of teaching new skills to your participant. That's a great accomplishment itself!

  24. That is so great Jayme and FINISH is a wonderful word! I need more finish and less start too!

  25. HOORAY and congratualtions in advance!!! You know we'll all be expecting to see a finish line photo here on the blog!

  26. Just saw your post on Facebook about finishing. That is so great should be so proud. I'm inspired.



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