Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This, That and the Other Thang

Again, I find myself hacked by a hormonal woman talking about no Christmas presents!
Good Lord.

: -)
So let it be written, so let it be done.

Anti-Aging 'Spring Chicken' Skin Serum

I'm about ready to fly out the door here, but wanted to stop in real quick like and let you know I just slapped 12 more bottles of serum up on Etsy.
I'm clean out of the chicken charms, so I lowered the price on them even a bit more.
The charms are on their way from Taiwan I do believe, it takes a while.

Vintage Styled Farmgirl Christmas Apron

I'm heading out to the fabric store to get some apron fabric.  I hope to have more aprons by the middle of next week.  I will only promise this if in fact I have my Merry Christmas tree up and lit by then.

19 days til Christmas and there's nary a holiday bauble in my house.
But - there are no pumpkins.

I have to work at 'The Pier' (Pier One) today from noon to three.
I have to remember to take my allergy meds before I go!
I'm giggling at a three hour shift - but at least it motivates me to put on makeup today.
I haven't worked there in two weeks, I hope I remember how to run the register.
Woe unto the impatient woman that get me today!
I'm still hankering hard over a pencil skirt.

I pick up my contact lenses this afternoon too.
I haven't worn them for 14 years and I imagine there's going to be a LOT of blinking going on - since I ordered the rigid gas permeable.

Makes my eyes water to think about it!

I'll be 50 in 52 days.
I've got a doozy of a way I'm ringing in the big five oh.
I'll tell ya all about it -

And the last nugget of wisdom I impart to you today -
If you ever decide to 'make up' a healthy Italian Turkey Minestrone soup recipe, and think that it's a good idea to put cannellini beans in it, along with an entire head of chopped cauliflower -
Think again.
Think really hard.


  1. Well, have fun on your 3 hour shift...I think you can do anything for 3 hours!;>)

    I hear you- I am just now decking the halls here- new baby and all has kept life at bay. But, I wouldn't change it for the world.

    Can't wait to get my serum. I am hoping it comes today before the deep freeze weather sets in. I don't want to find it frozen solid in my mailbox.

    I hope you have a good day and maybe nextime you can leave the cauliflower out~ xo Diana

  2. Ooohhh, Pier 1?! Well, that sounds way more fun than my part-time job. have a great day, Jayme! -Tammy

  3. Proud of you for having your fall decorations down...mine are still up. I do plan to change that tomorrow though.

    You will make a lot of shoppers happy today by being in your place behind the register at The Pier! ;-)

    Have a SUPER day!

    Dianna ~ -1.2 going into day 3

  4. Law, Jayme! If I ever need to laugh, I just stop by your place!

    What timing... I'm almost out of my bottle of "happy drops" (aka hormones) and my doctor quit. Just where am I suppose to get my happy drops now?


  5. The soup gave me a 'laugh out loud'. Needed to have a good laugh this morning - thanks.
    You are very busy. Have a good day too.

  6. noon to 3. .. noon to 3, ya killin me Jaymster

    It did make me laugh, that's my line, I always say, "If I could find a job from 12 until 2 with an hour lunch, I may consider"

    Good luck with the lenses.

    Making note to not put beans and cauliflower in the same soup. Ü

  7. What about cauliflower with tough beans? Betcha didn't think of that.

  8. LOL -- you crack me up! Enjoy your Pier shift -- wish we had one in this neck of the woods :)

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  9. Oh the beans + the cabbage....well I'll bet that was a real gas.

  10. oh Lord, I know my fiber count pretty good... was that like a 40 on the Richter scale? We are both going off with new projects, mine is a little food column in an online newspaper. I'm "practicing" right now in their guest blogger sideline. Scares me a little, the can't do's creep in but I.love.food. so this ought to be a piece of cake. See...can't even say a whole sentence without mentioning food! Good luck with the contacts, mine are in a drawer somewhere.

  11. Cauliflower AND BEANS??? Are you kidding? Must be a national threat when they're combined.

    Joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  12. Air permeable contacs for 48 yeas...simply the best. Don't worry, they are great. You are such an inspiration, pure joy. Thanks

  13. I can only imagine the musical tunes in your house after eating your soup, lol!

    A pencil skirt? I've never ever, in my entire life, been able to pull off a pencil skirt and I shant believe I ever will. My waist is way too small for my butt & thighs, lol! Oh well!

    Good luck getting your Christmas decorations out before Christmas!

  14. Beans and cauliflower...why oh why can't I be in the Squirrel with you now? hahaha

  15. I'm not sure how I got here...from one blog to another, to another, but I'm glad I did! Enjoyed reading your post. Love the chickens, and humor. I'll be back:)

  16. bwahahahahahahaha....laughing over the beans and cauliflower...REALLY!!?? Is there holiday music in your house tonite??? howl.....~ After 50...51 is nothing... :-) all in a year's work-up. Looking forward to 2012!!!!! Got started on my contacts again at 50. my eyes STILL have not gotten used to them...seriously I wear my glasses half the time anyway...must be age?? hormones??? eyeball change???
    sigh...Have fun at work. :-) what a nice smelling place to work. Ya know whatever you need to know, Nancy Settel will be all over it. She practically manages a Pier One.
    Hugs to you dear Jayme! xoxo

  17. i'm laughing & blinking. ha. ha!! so cute you are. (:

  18. haha - think you can stand behind that counter today holdin' onto those beans and cauli? Good luck with that! But at least there's lotsa candles and potpourri there at Pier One...

    Tried your soap recipe - my house smells so good and I've already did a load of laundry with itAND I did it right, and you gave such good instructions, Jayme!

  19. I have been catching up on your posts over the past month or two and all I can say is I adore your sense of humor and sarcasm, again I wish you lived next door to me.
    And after 12 hours last night working in the ICU, Pier 1 sounds like a dream job. Enjoy!!

  20. Yesterday I had a rough day and your blog made me laugh and encouraged me. I read back through almost a months worth of posts. Thank you for encouraging me to make laundry soap again, I had given it up.


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