Friday, December 16, 2011

Belly Rings, Pizza, Cookies, Eye Doctors and Dentists. Oh Ya - It's Drivel.

If there was ever a picture that depicted how I've felt lately it's this one.

Poor old Scarlett is molting at a most inconvenient time.
Being the most vain bird that I own, I know this has been taking an emotional toll on her.

Yesterday came and went.
My brother in law and nephew arrived bearing a large pizza.
I think there's a rumor on the street that there's no tasty vittles up in this house anymore.
I noticed an odd mark on the tree in the front.
Have I been tagged!?
I haven't had pizza in 9 months.
It's smelled like heaven in a box.

They all ate pizza.
It's compliant with my lifestyle, and it's Dee Dad Gum Delicious.

You really must know that it's not about my figure at all anymore.
Sure - it's nice to feel thin, it's nice to look better in clothes and know that I've decreased my risk of heart disease dramatically.
For me - it's all about how I feel.
How I function.
I want to live with energy and focus.
Eating clean gives me that.
Eating clean gives me sanity.
I'll talk more about it after Christmas, k?

Here is the picture of the belly ring.
I hope for some of you - that you've already digested your breakfast.

As you can see, the entry wound is still tender.
This darned bee belly ring is the reason I re-pierced my belly.
It's the ultimate bee sting!
I was told not to change the ring for six weeks.
Six weeks!
They had put a very non descript ring in me belly - and I was bored with it.
I had to get the pliers out to take it off.
That just made my butt pucker right up to even do that - but do it I did - and I changed the ring.
About four hours later, I was rather sorry I did.
It was too soon to change belly rings.
Who knew?
: -)
I have the little plain one back in now.

I've never been good at following directions.

And now for something completely different.
It's just too funny not to share.
My last follow up appointment with my eye doctor for contacts.
My eye doctor is such a gentle soul.
He said the contacts are looking good - just to give it about a month to fully adjust.
"Do you have any questions or concerns?" he asked.
"Well, yes.", replied the CoopKeeper.
"Do I look old? Do I look high?  Do I appear surprised?"
"Does it seem that I have too much face showing?"
Oh my - I wish you could have seen his face!

He answered me kindly, and gave me rather scientific reasons why I thought my face looked horsish

And last, but certainly not least.
I made cookies yesterday.
Gluten free peanut butter cookies.
Natural peanut butter, sugar and eggs.
That's all that was in them.

I made two dozen.
I ate 18.

Told ya.
Bad idea.
This morning, I feel like I've a bit of a hangover.
I feel bloated and disappointed in myself.

It's OK though.
I'm failing forward fast.
It's a journey of excellence, not perfection.

Sadly, I broke a molar on an over baked cookie.
Which led to me dreaming about my dentist.
He was very tan and told me that he had just returned from Varruba.
I don't think that's a country.
He didn't recognize me because of my weight loss - and told me he wished he had a daughter just like me.

So basically - the cookies cost me a day of not feeling good and about $500 in dental work.


  1. 18, oh my gosh. i ate part of the toffee popcorn that i bought for the mailman and was up half of the night with a bad bellyache. lesson learned.
    I believe... you is me and i am you.

  2. Jayme you are a hoot and a holler! I was eating my breakfast when your belly ring showed itself. Thanks. ;)

  3. oh my! my! my! MY!
    what's this you was sayin' here recently 'bout not being funny any longer? ;)

    also, i have belly envy. 2 precious babes = never in a million years will my belly look like yours (without photo shop that is), but I wouldn't trade 'em.

  4. Oh my....that body piercing.....
    I, too, went to the dentist and I came home with my pockets empty and those pockets will be a lot emptier in the near future.
    Merry Christmas.

  5. i luv the belly ring ... so pretty. perfect to have a bee. now is that not the coolest thing you have ever seen!! (:

  6. Awwwh...don't you just hate it when just one little naughty behavior causes so much havoc?

  7. Girl, you're posts make me giggle, laugh, say 'Oh my' and 'Oh no' all in one post!

    Love the bee belly ring! I'd never have the guts (pun intended) to do that though!

    18 cookies, huh?! They must've been good... you gonna post the recipe? Peanut Butter cookies are my fave even though I never make them, ha!

    Kudos to you, though, for NOT eating the pizza. I would've caved BIG TIME!

  8. That bee is precious! OOOOH, I want one!

  9. Belly ring??????????????? Oh, I wish the Coop Cam had been there for that visit. In fact, could you take it to your dentist appt? Would this be the same dentist that saw your afghan during the Root Canal Incident of 2010?

  10. Ok, that belly button ring removing thing made me the whillys!!! However, I love your bee ring!!!! My quilt group is the Busy Bees and at retreat in February I am going to (with a straight face) suggest we all get them. They are such a big dysfunctional bunch of fuddy duddies that I can't wait to see the look on their faces! This should be good!!!!

  11. It was the sugar that did you in! know what? Everyone has to have a little "fling" every once in a while. For sugar or white or wheat flour since July 18th. Down 40 pounds. Feeling GREAT- You're right- the clothes fitting better is the bonus, isn't it?

    Wanted to tell you I am loving the Spring Chicken serum. Because I have kids around here I am just wondering if there is anything dangerous (posionous) in the serum at all?

    Love coming here, Jayme! xo Diana

  12. I like the bee belly button ring...perhaps following the rules is less painful? You ate cookies and broke your tooth...ouch! BUT you didn't eat pizza...YAY!

  13. Gotta say I envy the belly ring! (My husband would be horrified! hee, hee) But my lovely sons took away any chance of having a pristine belly to ring!! They gave me too many stretch marks to make it worth the while!! I love the bee, though! I've been doing the gluten free thing for the most's helped some. Hard to keep up though! I'm trying to hold off any holiday far, so good!

  14. Love the little bee, but looking at the piercing makes my belly button's sensitive! I made Kam a cream cheese blueberry pie, sigh, because he said he was hungry for one, and well, ya know...I would do anything for him...and he is as skinny as a green bean anyway...thought it would fatten him up some...but...alas...I ate a piece off I go to do my workout downstairs...and tomorrow is a new day ...once again. :-)Hope the tooth gets fixed painlessly... Hugs and have a great weekend.!! xo

  15. Sometimes it's better not to follow directions to closely... I had to have an ultrasound the other day. They told me to drink a full litre of water 2 hours ahead of time. (I have to qualify all of this by saying that I am generally not a dehydrated person... water goes through me in about 30 min flat!) Anyway, after 2 of the most painful hours of my life, filled with very intense praying that I will not sneeze, I meet the technician. By this time my eyeballs are floating. She says, "you mean you drank it all? No one ever drinks all the water!! That's why we tell people to drink so much... so we know they'll drink at least some of it." Well. Thankyaverymuch.

  16. If it's not one thing, it's another! I just had a crown put on my molar after indulging in a Heath Bar on Black Friday! It was actually two bites of a Heath Bar since Hubby and I shared it. Two bites, that figures out to about $200 a bite with our insurance plan!

  17. You are a brave, brave woman to get your belly button pierced! Good for you Jayme!!!

  18. You are lucky it was only $500 at the dentist. When I broke a tooth eating potato chips (yes, really) on my BIRTHDAY, it cost me $3000 for a crown and root canal!


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