Monday, December 5, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

Last night I dreamt that I was working in a big flour factory, that also baked breads and cakes.
I was on an assembly line where I was frosting chocolate cakes.
I was quite adept at it - but ended up eating a lot of the frosting.
Then the line went down and we were all sitting around looking for things to do.
So I ate more - cake and frosting.
Then I met the owner of the business and he was quite taken with me and gave me a bag of birdseed.
What does this mean?

The fall decorations are out of the house.
Next - I go outside and take the pilgrims down.
: -)

I wanted to share my Christmas list with you - things I've been hankering for.

Been hankering for this since my 'mall day'.
See - that's the trouble with going to the mall! 
You want things you never even knew existed before you went.
Like Coach perfume and Elmo underwear.
One spray and I knew I found my new fragrance.
Not that I'm a big fragrance girl.
My bottle of Clinque 'Happy' has lasted me three years.
I usually smell like dirt, grass, onions and Pinesol.
I'm ok with that.

This beauty.
KitchenAid's new 13 cup food processor.
I swoon when I think about it.
I eat a lot of veggies.
Imagine the ease in which I could slice my cucumbers and julienne my carrots.
It's enough to make a grown woman cry.
My floor would no longer be covered in cauliflower when I chop.

I'd love a $5000 gift certificate to this place.
I'm not a Kindle/Nook kinda girl.
I like turning real pages, I like smelling books, highlighting them and using them to decorate.
I understand the Nook has it's value - don't get me wrong.

I'd LOVE a shopping spree at Barnes and Noble.
*a single tear*

Anything, and I do mean anything from this place:

Even though I've been pinning cute outfits on Pinterest, talking about pencil skirts, and wanting Coach perfume - I'm a Life is Good hoodie kinda girl at heart -
 that really doesn't mind smelling like onions.

Something happened yesterday as I looked out my backwindow and saw my orange lights glowing, and my pumpkins sinking, and my pilgrims illuminated - something that I'm
not quite sure of -
I want nothing for Christmas now.
And I'm not really planning on giving any gifts to my friends this year.

I went over to the side of the fridge where my Christmas Gift Giving list is and I took it off the fridge, looked at it, and threw it in the garbage can.

If you are my friend reading this - please don't get me anything - please give that waitress a big tip, buy someone's groceries, shovel someone's walkway -
That's a gift I would love for you to give me.

I've got a big heart - I know that - and giving makes me giddy.
I love giving gifts and I shan't lie - I like opening a gift or two on Christmas Eve around the tree.
And there's not a thing wrong with that.

But somewhere between lunch and dinner yesterday - somewhere between my heart and my mind -
it all seemed so silly.
It all seemed so 'this is what we do every year' - and I'm opting out.
You can't imagine the freedom I feel.

I'm decking my halls today - and the Christmas music will play - there will be some gluten free cookies floating about in the days to come -

My present this year is going to 'be present'.
Giving 100% of my attention to whomever it is I'm with - be it the BoyChild, Glenco - my other family members, friends.
Giving my time, giving a great attitude, giving my sympathy, giving my encouragement, giving, giving, giving.

And promising myself that I'll continue to be that way - long after the needles are vacuumed out of the carpet, long after the boxes of ornaments are tucked safely away in the attic for another year.

Be present.
I think that's an awesome present.
And much harder to give than a pair of socks.


  1. One year, early in our relationship, my love gave me everything on my list. Everything! It wasn't an extravagant list mind you. Seven or so things, maybe? But I only expected one or two. Something happened that year, to my heart...and ever since Christmas, or really the anxiety of it, the worry of it, the sadness of it...all disappeared. I can't tell you what the gifts even were at this point.. I remember some kind of perfume and some book, but not's not important. Somehow, because of all the things given (and now forgotten), I got the greatest gift of all.

  2. I too have a different attitude this Christmas. It is more of a quiet and peaceful feeling inside that I am so much enjoying. I have not purchased one single gift. I love your idea of "giving, giving, giving". Is not that what Christmas is all about? Also please let me know how I can find you pinterest boards. Pinterest is so addicting.

  3. You hit the nail on the head. Being present in the present is a hard thing for me but I'm working on it.

  4. Oh, you dear sweet friend...I LOVE your outlook...your attitude...your humble spirit. Sometime over the weekend I posted a quote by Jill Elliot..."wherever you are, be fully there". Same idea as your "be present" and I have to tell you this, since we seem to be walking a lot of the same paths in our journey, that my theme for 2012 is to live life with a purpose! Same ideas.


  5. What a totally awesome post! I'd love to count how many times you used 'give' in that post...I never realized that I could 'give' so much so easily...and all free! Thanks a million.

  6. Dream interpretation: The Lord has set a bounty before us, but because we have trouble staying disciplined, we then have to go through seasons of eating like a bird.

  7. I'm with you on this one, Jayme. For the past several years, I have pulled back on the gift buying. It's so senseless, feeding into the "more, more, more" scheme of things. I want the "less is more." And you're right; there are so many other ways to give... helping your fellow man. The strained pocketbooks appreciate it too. :)

    As for my Christmas tree: I have one of those "woodsy" looking ones, and it sets in my living room year-round. At Christmas, I plug it in! Some years, I may add some little homespun ties and raffia bows.... simple. All the glitz and glamor, what purpose does it really serve? Today's Santa, if I'm not mistaken, was to promo Coke... a marketing tool. Successful, but still....

  8. Amen , indeed!

    about fragrances... I just can't seem to bring myself to wear them. Bath & Body lotions are as close as I get :)

  9. Yes to this. Me too. :) Anonymous' dream interpretation sounds dead on!!! I can relate.

  10. my blessings are many. living simply is great. a joke between the family & i ... on my list every year is a millon dollars nothing else... now i know it will never happen but it has been on my list & will continue to be on my list until the day i die. it makes me smile & i know it's ok to be there. i'm happy with what i have & don't really need anything. well i need food & water. but that is about it. the humor in life is great!! (:

  11. I guess I'll return your gift now...!
    I'm with you! We're not doing gifts this year.Our extended family is doing a "be a blessing" and donating or working to our charities of choice. The siblings are getting together for dinner out and a white elephant exchange. The hubby and I are doing a home project and I'm making a few things. I love not having the stress of shopping!!! It is fun to people watch at the mall, however!!
    Enjoy this special time Jayme!
    Merry Christmas!

  12. I love your cake frosting conveyor belt dream...sounds like that classic old I Love Lucy episode, where Lucy and Ethel stuffed their faces with chocolates, when they got behind.....when I die, my family has instructions to spread my ashes at Barnes and Noble. By the magazines and the Starbucks. That is where I am most at home, it seems. LOVE this post, LOVE your blog!

  13. I am right there with you. I want nothing but to be "present" this Christmas.

  14. "I Love It!"
    You are right on girl! You inspired me today, very much.

  15. I think that the most meaningful gift you can give is yourself. Your dream seems to be about giving... you were doing something ordinary and then were given a new opportunity. Looks like you took him up on the offer in a big way. The best gift is giving!

  16. Thanks for the reminder Jaymee. . .

    The greatest gift at Christmas is peace . . . to have the peace of God in our hearts at Christmas and all year through, this is all we really need, and chocolate cake with chocolate icing,and maybe a little cocktail once in a while Ü

    I am honestly,liking how the recession is changing the world for the better,. . .bringing things back to the real meaning of Christmas, the mind set now is on giving tidings of comfort and joy, instead of things. all good. all good.

  17. Yup and yup. We are giving to those who need it. It is a gift we are giving ourselves and I couldn't be happier. It beats the heck outta of those Ugg boots I hanker for.

  18. what a wonderful post. Because of my husband's illness this year there are no decorations, no parties, no visits. But for some reason this year seems like we are enjoying it the most. WE watch old movies with a cup of hot chocolate.
    We drive around looking at the christmas lights,and enjoy each other. Our bank account is happier making us happier. I have given to a mom in need and will do more.
    This will be the greatest christmas we have ever shared.

  19. I have been saying that I'm going to cut back, but then I just can't resist giving this and that and before I know It, I've gone and bought 20 gifts.
    So let us know how you do at this.... not even a gift for the AlmostManChild??! See.... I'm corrupting you already!

  20. I like your "present" decision! Bravo!

  21. For years , we have only given gifts to the grand-"children" the rest of our funds are given to "Feed the Children" of the United States and the local homeless shelter, "Mothers and Children " Center...
    ~~Peace & Love & Healing & Blessings~~

  22. Love it Jayme.... I've cut back as well. The one thing I enjoy about Christmas is spending time with the family and having fun. This year, we are having a white elephant on Christmas eve. It should be a lot of fun!! I told the nieces to just be sure that they didn't give anything an aunt gave them for Christmas in years previous!!! Blessings to you my dear friend!!


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