Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fifty Fifty

I just cleaned my belly piercing - and Aaron (The BoyChild is my nephew - just clarifying)
 cleaned his nose piercing, and it made me think of y'all.
Pictures tomorrow - Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

We are in the throes of decorating the house for Christmas, and squealing with each thing we unwrap.
"Remember this!?"
"Oh I love this one!"

Now, if'n we'd just get some snow.

Too much fun.
Soon we'll depart and get our customary Starbucks Peppermint Mocha and each find an ornament that we'll squeal over next year.

Two things, nay - three things I wanted to say today.
Wait - I think there's four.
Did you know that word has haunted me for 24 hours.
It's the right word, isn't it?
It doesn't sound right.
I looked it up - and the definition is right.
It's still seeming wrong.
That's what you call the guy behind the batter that calls the balls, right?

The second thing I wanted to show you was the table that Glen just finished making for me out of 'reclaimed lumber'.
Actually - lumber I saw sticking out a dumpster last summer.
This beauty is 8' long and is going to make a lot of memorable meals.
Well, actually I will be making the meals - the table will just make them memorable.
After Christmas, I'll work on the porch again.
The chairs have to be painted, etc. etc.
And anotha thang I wanted to share with mainly my new readers, is my
Christmas Cookie tutorial.

I'm a great baker.
It's just a fact.
I'm sure you'll pick up some great tips!

And the final thang -
I'll be 50 in 50 days.
Today starts my birthday Random Acts of Kindness kickoff.
(another reason I wanted Aaron home today!)
For the next 50 days - I'll (or we'll) do a Random Act of Kindness each day.
Today - we are getting hot cocoa for all of the Salvation Army bell ringers in town.
Too much fun!

Until tomorrow - I bid you -
A squeal worthy day.


  1. What a great idea Jayme! You are already such a blessing to everyone you come in contact with (real or virtual!) and now you are blessing even more! I want to be like you someday!!!
    Can't wait to see pictures...piercings and decor!!
    Love the table and the fabric on the chairs is adorable!
    Let the countdown begin!!!

  2. That table is unreal!! Wow glenco!

    I love the random acts, I am on it, you have inspired me!

  3. That table is to die for awesome!!! Wish I had room for one that large. I think you need to go dumpster diving again looking for wood.... Glen could make a fortune making and selling those things!

    Love the Random Acts of kindness activity! The world needs more of you!

  4. I just squealed when I saw that table. Gorgeous! Your 50 random acts of kindness is the best idea ever.

  5. Great idea Jayme!! 50 acts of kindness!! So cool...squeal worthy to be sure!! You are so sweet!!! We all need to be more like you!!


  6. What a lovely post, Jayme ... that's such a nice thing to take hot chocolate to all the bell ringers!

    I love the table. My dad was out of work for almost a year when we lived in California ...I was only 6 or 7 at the time. He was never very good at having nothing to do all day, so he built a harvest table for us. It was beautiful, drop-leaves on both sides and benches to match for the long sides. Everyone in the family loved it ...except my dad. He was never satisfied, but we all loved it. I passed it down to my daughter when she bought her first house a couple of years ago.

    Don't worry about turning 50 ...I'm five years the other side and I'm here to tell ya, life is still pretty much the same. You have your good days and your GREAT days ...your bad days and your SAD days. But every day is a gift.

    : )

  7. Y'all are ker-a-zey I tell ya! What fun!

    Your ornament tradition also sounds like fun! Enjoy this time with the Boy/ManChild!

    I also love the way you are celebrating your 50th by doing the random acts of kindness! I know the bell ringers are gonna love you guys!

  8. Good for you two keeping those piercings clean! I thought "umpire" worked just great! The table is magnificent...BRAVO to Glen and the reclaimed wood! No longer make Christmas Cookies because when I make them I EAT them! But look forward to your tutorial...I know I'll learn something new! You and Aaron are too your RAOK you're doing for the bell neat is that!!!!

  9. Your table is BEAUTIFUL!!! Have fun during your 50 days til 50! What a perfect idea of RAK!! Happy Decorating!!

  10. LOVE the table!!! Now I am hungry for gingermen, may have to make some:O Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  11. oh I wish I were there to squeal with you. I am on the random acts thing too in your honor!! It is so fun to do that.

  12. Oh, the table is beautiful! WOW, what a man- he did a great job!... I made gingerbread men today, I did.

    I cannot believe you will be 50 in 50. I thought you were at the MOST.. in your early forties. I kid you not.

  13. Love the table and those bell ringers are going to love you! Being kind is where it's at. Have fun!

  14. I love the table...and I just may have to start a random acts of kindness countdown as well!

  15. I am so proud of thee and thy kindness. Drink a mocha for me.


  16. Alright...congrats on the belly piercing!! Brave you! And that table...I'm drooling. Would he like to build more for people who are wanting such a table? And the cocoa for the SA folks...perfect. You all are such angels....

  17. You never cease to amaze your readers. It is always such fun to see that you have written a new blog entry.
    That table is wonderful. Great job Glenco.
    Merry Christmas!

  18. Loved the blog. Can't wait to see the piercing. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  19. what a fabulous idea!! love it. now what can i do. it's got my mind a wondering. cool!! (:

  20. Loving your table!!! Love your acts of kindness in celebration of your 50th too!

  21. Gorgeousness. That's what that is. Glenco is fantastico! And coffee for the bell ringers? Bless your heart. That's a fabulous idea!

  22. The random acts is a great idea! Who knew Glenco was such a carpenter. Wow! Gorgeous.

    Cindy Bee

  23. Lord, girl. You are crazy. This is why I love you! LOVE that table! Laws a mercy that is gorgeous! Tell Glenco he did a magnificient job!
    Now, I have to tell you. I don't know about the rest, but I don't want to see no nasty belly button photos. You wait till that thing is healed up, you hear? Thanks!
    xo, Cheryl

  24. Have a super fun day with that sweet Aaron! Tell Glen he totally rocked that table!!! It is really fantastic.

  25. LOVE that table! Thank you for sharing the picture!

  26. You can tell your Glenco that he did a FANTASTIC-LY WONDERFUL job on the table...Love the table!

  27. Love, love, love! Love the table, love the squealing over Christmas ornaments, and love the 50 days of acts of kindness!... oh and love you and your writing! I too can't wait for pictures of the piercings!!

  28. Love that table, simply gorgeous!

  29. What a talented husband! That table is gorgeous. Do you rent him out? Nancy

  30. Just writing to tell you I received my 'Beak Balm' and 'Spring Chicken Serum'- LOVE THEM!!! I am a nurse and have SUPER dry hands from constant washing- I have used the serum on my hands 2 times and my hands are as soft as a babies rear!! I kid you NOT!!~giggle~giggle~
    Last night I used 4 drops on each of my 'alligator' feet and guess what!!! I want to know if you supply this in a 10 gallon drum... I want to fill my entire bath tub and soak in it- with a Starbucks- of coarse!!! Love the Beak balm too-- Jayme you have just changed my life with these two products!!! If you lived closer I would come hug you... or clean your house... or make you dinner... something!! Have you ever considered making the beak balm in a tube- just thinking ahead ... so I can slather it on while at work too!!!!
    All my friendship-
    and thanks for the soft skin!!!

  31. Jayme, has the creek risen?
    Just missing you and worrying that your belly button fell off.

  32. Ouch on the piercing, needles and I dont make for a good match. I can give shots but receiving them...nada... Hope all is good with yours and no infections.

    OKAY.. that table is one awesome masterpiece. Your hubby knows what he is doing and its perfect there on the porch. You will have many hours out there with family and I can see it being used for sewing too when you make those aprons.

    Hope you are getting the homestead all spiffied up for the holidays and doing your Random Acts.

    God bless and keep you all safe.

  33. Oh, how I wish I lived near you. Anyone who starts out their blog with, "I just cleaned out my belly piercing" has got to be someone I'd like. Positive, spontaneous, nurturing, creative and fun! Come out to California and spread some of the joy around!

  34. I laughed so hard reading your blog! You are so funny and a great encouragement to me! Thank you!

  35. I love that table, did you know he could that??? I'd meet him at the door with a hammer if I was married to him! I know you will fill it up over the holidays..


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