Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's Your Turn

February 2011.
I cringe.
I look away.
I never saw myself like this.

I had always kinda thought of myself as Aunt Bea.
You know - the chubby, happy go lucky lady that took care of her nephew Opie, and brought fried chicken and biscuits to Andy at the station.
Food was love - love was food.
What's not to understand?

Then - something fabulous, wild and crazy happened to me.
I found out there was a better way to live.
It was hard.
It was easy.
It was fun.
It was miserable.
It was exhilarating.
It was exhausting.

It was called 'honoring myself'.

10 months later.

Me and my nephew Ryan.
I've got some seriously handsome nephews don't I?

I have my fake boobs on in that picture - so it's hard to see how thin I am on the top now.
I'll get you some full body pics soon.
I no longer channel Aunt Bea, I can tell ya that for sure.

For all the changes you see on the outside, there are many more on the inside.
I want to tell you about each and every one.

In the words of Helene -
"Girls, you can do this!  Let's get this going!"

I'm not going to say anymore for right now.  I'm still a bit out of it from Vicodin.  I slept 12 hours last night.  I dreamt I was a man named George and I kissed a young Elizabeth Taylor.
I also drove like a bat out of hell in a 1970 Dodge Charger narrowly escaping the apocalypse.

I'm on antibiotics, and I go see my favorite dentist on Monday -
There will be pictures.

For now I leave you with this thought.
It's possible.
Anything is possible.
It takes the first step.
I'm here to hold your hand while you take it.
I'll also hold your hand when you take your second, tenth, fiftieth and thousandth.

I'm here for you baby.


  1. Thank you Jayme for sharing your journey. You are such an encouragement!!!

  2. i have followed your journey this past year. you have achieved so much and have helped and encouraged so many people. keep it going and continue to explore and find the true jayme. you give so much hope to so many that are trying to live what seems the impossible dream.

  3. Congrats on your incredible wt. loss, you look AMAZING!!!!!

  4. And your nephews would say they have a seriously incredible aunt ...incredibly cute, incredibly funny, incredibly inspiring!

    You look great, Jayme chickens ROCK!

  5. What a difference a year can make. You look beautiful, and so do your nephews!

  6. You're beautiful, Jayme. But then you always were. But now you're healthy too.

  7. Truly amazing! I have always said there is nothing more aging than being more ways than one.

  8. You look terrific...what a great accomplishment. You always make me laugh, or stop & think...and yes, I'll take you up on this offer. I don't have any dreams of my high school weight, but how about when I married? Size 10-12 please! My sister-in-law said it wasn't possible...but I think it is; you've proven it is. I'm ready to prove her wrong! Bring it on, Jayme!

  9. Well, it is going to be January so as always I'll be starting my diet (healthier eating.) ;) You look fabulous and you are quite the motivator! :)

  10. Congratulations! What an inspiration you are! You look great!

  11. What an inspiration you are!Because of you I'v already started my "under construction" phase. I keep saying if the coop can give up wheat so can I. Thank you for being you.

  12. Hope you are feeling much better, Jayme, and that the tooth situation will soon be all "fixed up." You look wonderful! Sure wish you could feel as good as you look! Take care... sleep?
    Happy New Year, Jayme.
    Knowing you, greater things are to come even!

  13. I have my new tooth, but still have the old boobs! That picture of Aunt Bea, she's the spittin' image of my Grandma Keeling, love that! This is going to be a great year, lots of new projects!

  14. Bravo...for the weight loss...and the good attitude that takes you onward! Your nephews are quite handsome (and cute)! You are an inspiration!

  15. You're looking incredible! and about ten years younger. Happy new year!

  16. You go girl. I'll be walking right along with you into 2012. And it is the inner changes that will keep the outer changes in check. I KNOW! It's only what has changed in our thoughts, (MINDSET) and what has changed in our heart, (DESIRES) that bring about a TRUE new way of life. You can exercise your life away and keep trying out all kinds of the latest diets to LOSE POUNDS, but if your mind isn't set on taking optimum care of your earthsuit, and your heart isn't anchored in being free to care about others more than having to always think about yourself (unhappiness, failure, why me...) then the old way of life will, like the clouds of "Pig-pen's Dust" in Charlie Brown. Whereever he went, it was always with him...a part of him, and it got on others that got too close to him... YOU GO GIRL! Looking forward to reading all your adventures in 2012 and especially visits from Helene!!! It's been a hard year for many, but also a good year. It's only in the fires and trials of HAVING to do HARD things that we are forged, and become stronger to handle what lies ahead on our I tell my kids...DO HARD THINGS! xoxoxoxoxxo Happy NEW Year Jayme- saying a prayer for your tooth trauma!!!!!!

  17. Aww Jayme, how I would love to walk with you thru 2012. I need to find that new, healthy me. But it seems too big, too hard and too scary. I have marveled at your transformation this year, you are a hero, Lady. Watch that tooth, I lost most of my top teeth last year to a raging infection. I'd love to speak with you if you really think anyone can make such a dramatic change.

  18. Jayme -- I am SOOOO proud of you sistah!! Having been on this same journey, I know the work you've put in. You look amazing!


  19. You look absolutely fantastic!!! You must be so proud! And talk about proud...what handsome young men in your family!!! They grow them 'good' where you live!

    I got to get started with my journey!

  20. I am following in your footsteps on my own life plan. xo Diana


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