Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garden Drivel - Part Two

Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my Friday post.
It meant so much to me.
It was a bittersweet day.

I work hard at carrying my mother's spirit with me daily.
She taught me more by example than anything.
Those are the lessons that aren't easily forgotten.

Obligatory chicken photo.

More garden drivel ahead.

This is the stinkin' window box that I've planted twice.
Third time's a charm I hope.
Tomorrow it's back to the garden center to get a few more annuals.
Glen's fashioned a little screen to protect it until the Walk.

12 more days.

I take pictures of this angle alot. I like it.
I'm planning on making a garden that will ensconce the camper with shrubs and flowers, so that it doesn't look so alone over there, but more nestled in. The challenge will be to make it accessible to pull it out without running over all the plants!

Here's a photo looking north from the chicken coop.
That's a big patch of mint.
I'm always making iced tea with mint in it, and it's nice to have the mint to garnish desserts.
It gets out of hand quickly.
Every time I go to check on the birds, I'm surrounded by the smell of mint when I brush by it.
This area needs some tweaking in my mind - could be better.

This is where you'll find me in the evenings.
Watching the bees.
I love it that there is nothing north of me for miles.
Breathing space indeed.

This is also the area that is giving me an ulcer.
It's a low lying area, and supposed to be my veggie garden.
The Garden Walk description reads:
An organic vegetable garden brimming with heirloom veggies.
It's been so wet that I can barely get out there to work.
I have pumpkins, squashes, tomatoes and some pitiful beans.
I've replanted twice.
I plugged in four flats of zinnias, and all have rotted for the most part.
I think I'm just going to put caution tape around it.

Here's a couple of pics of the Squirrel dining table staged.
Cute dishes, no? Thanks Donna!

A couple of comments were left asking more about The Squirrel.
If you look under my labels, and find 'Vintage Camping in The Squirrel' you'll see the before and after pics and read the story of how we acquired this dollhouse.
Everyone should have one.
It's the equivalent of a grown up fort, treehouse, dollhouse, playhouse.
I heart The Squirrel.
Here's a photo looking north - the mint patch is in front of the bike - to help you get a perspective of things.
I'm not in love with this area.

The hat that I just bought at a yard sale a month ago has almost disintegrated.
Must be all the rain we've had.
Time to go to the thrift store and get her a new outfit in time for the Walk.
I wish the walk were at 5am, or at 7pm, cause that is when the garden truly looks lovely.

Here's a nice little spot in the yard.
I made pillows for the chairs yesterday, and I spray painted half a chair green.
I'm having a hard time finding a color that I really like.
I wanted them a tomato soup color.

I have a lot of yellow flowers, and have to constantly remind myself not to buy anything yellow.

Ok - let's talk about this blue pool.
I'll spare you all the drivel of why we even have such an eyesore, but it has to do with Aaron being a little fella, and it getting to 100 blazing degrees one day.
An impulse purchase.
A 'we'll use it for this summer' kind of thing, and it's just stayed.
I have to tell you that I hate the way it looks, but I love the way it feels.

It's just so - blue.
I thought of painting it, and in fact planned on painting it this summer.
Then I thought - what if it looks worse?
The chore of painting it overwhelmed me a bit.
I thought of building a lattice 'box' around it - but how cheesy would that be?
I don't like butt splinters either.

So I've decided to embrace it, and it's blueness.

When it gives up the ghost (cause you know ya gotta 'use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without') I'd love to build a brick oven there, and have another garden, OR get a more natural looking pool.

I'm really beginning to enjoy the garden, and relax about the whole darned thing.
I'm only working out there about an hour or so a day now.
It's in the 'fine tuning' stages.
When the Garden Walk is over, it will take me about an hour a day to maintain it.
The reason it was so much work this year is because I'd let it go for the last few years.
I'd really hate all my complaining to discourage someone from planting a large garden.
Some areas are truly maintenance free.

Here's a shot looking south from the veggie garden.
All the stuff that Glenco hides behind the garage is going to have to go somewhere.

One of the things I wanted to do for the Walk, and for myself was to make an 'Outpost'.
We have an acre and a half in the back that we just let grow up wild.
It's full of blackberries, Queen Anne's Lace, Goldenrod and other native grasses and plants.
We really encourage the Milkweed to grow, and in fact spread the seeds around.
Butterflies love it. It's a main food source of the Monarch butterfly.

I want to mow a meandering path through this meadow, and mow out a small area where I would make a tent out of quilts, and have my old binoculars, a picnic basket, and some books staged. Think Mary Jane's Farm.

I hope I can pull it off.

There are 12 days left, and still a lot left to do.
Power wash the back of the garage.
Paint the patio set and get new cushions.
Paint the plastic chairs.
Scrub the outside of The Squirrel.
RoundUp the driveway.
Replant the windowbox. )@#)$(@#$)(
Shampoo and blowdry the chickens.
Polish their beaks.
Ok - those last two are jokes - just seeing if you are still with me!

It's all a labor of love.
I seriously can't imagine a day without flowers.
I don't think I'd be able to breathe.


  1. Jayme, you own a spot of heaven on know this, right?! I could really commune with God in such a lovely place as this. You have done an AMAZING job with it and I give you an A+++ on ALL of it! You deserve it!

  2. Absolutely beautiful Jayme! Your hard work shows everywhere you took pictures. Doesn't it just fill your heart when you look at it all? Have a wonderful week!

  3. Oh how wonderful your Farm space, I love the little camper. Your garden is great, I could sit there and enjoy the whole peaceful day. Thanks for sharing this. Smiles, Carol Mae

  4. Thanks so much for the obligatory chicken photo, it's what keeps me going! The garden is just a slice of Heaven, pure Heaven. I can smell the flowers, feel the breeze and imagine watching the bees and hearing the sweet clucking in the background. I will just have to be satisfied with my crickets and the sweltering heat that our Arkansas summer is dishing out right now. We did go out for a moonlight ride on the lake last night and it was wonderful. I can't imagine life without the outdoors to refresh me. The house is only good for Winter, don't you agree?

  5. Everything is just beautiful!!!!
    I checked out the Squirrel and it is just precious. Really enjoy stopping by your blog.

  6. Jayme your gardens are beautiful! I heart everything even the pool.

  7. The pool just shows that you live in a real home. I am glad you chose to embrace it and wear it out.


  8. Gorgeous!! I have dreams of someday hosting a small garden walk at my place. I'd have to put warning signs up for all the holes in the yard. We have cows. Cows get out. But only when it's nice 'n muddy! :) As always, Jayme, you continue to inspire. -Tammy p.s. love the outpost idea too!!

  9. Jayme your garden is GORGEOUS! Even the areas you don't love look beautiful to me. It truly shows your work in the garden is a labor of love and maybe if I keep working in mine, it will one day be as wonderful as yours. One can dream, right? You are working so hard to make the garden walk a success and I'm sure it will be. Just wish I could see everything up close...

  10. You have one of the most amazing little slice of heaven I have ever seen. And, you almost got me on the chicken joke! I was seriously wondering...thanks for setting us straight! Love the squirrel!!!

  11. Jayme,
    Your garden is beautiful. I WISH mine was half as nice. The 100 dgree heat indexes have ruined my resolve to work in the yard daily!

  12. Breathe! Breathe! You're almost there, Smarty Marty!

    It's looking so peaceful and so beautiful and I'm with you on the day-with-no-flowers thing. Let's just not even think about that.

    ps- When Ol' Blue gives up the ghost, you will have no choice but to install your outdoor, heated, claw-foot tub. Please?????!

  13. I really need to go back and read the first post on your garden - been so busy!!! But I loved reading this one. I totally let my window boxes go this year. They look so sad and ragged, but I'm having a heck of a time keeping the cocoanut liner in them without the birds pulling it out for nests!

    I adore mint. I use it in tea all the time! You must be southern kin! I'm rooting some more in my window sill as we speak, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it - where to plant it that it won't take over!

    Gotta run - thanks for sharing your lovely gardens!

  14. Jayme,

    Everyone that takes that Garden Walk will be blessed to see nature in all her glory. You remember your mom's garden being the prettiest on the block. They will remember yours.

    Your Friend,

  15. Hi Jayme,

    I never get tired of looking at your garden! I would love to have a garden full of beautiful flowers and herbs - and the squirrel . . . well, there are just no words, it's adorable! I love the fact that you have it down to - low maintenance - that takes a lot of hard work to get to that point. So, so pretty!


  16. I love that view of the Squirrel too! Everything looks just gorgeous.
    Would you believe we just planted our garden this week? I'm sure if we'd done it earlier, everything would have rotted anyway.
    p.s. I'm so relieved to see you use RoundUp. Couldn't live without the stuff!

  17. Love your photos! Love your flowers, your camper, everything. You have a beautiful farm. Made me homesick for Indiana like I haven't been in years. Brought back some good memories too. Thank you for starting my day off right. :0)

  18. Your sense of humor is priceless! I admire your work ethic, gardens, your wild acreage, cozy camper and your chickens of course! I always look forward to your posts, have a great busy day!

  19. You have a beautiful garden and a beautiful place.....I love it. I will look up more information on The Squirrel.....sounds interesting. I love love love your meadow!!! I want one....I will have day...but on a much smaller scale....and oh to have the chickens....I think I say that every time I leave a comment.....but oh to have chickens.....

  20. What a beautiful work of art your garden is. IF only you could see it through our eyes!
    To me, the pool isn't that big of a deal but if it really bothers you, maybe you could try a picket fence around it?
    PS...everytime I read your posts, your writing gives me hope for my poor little newly started blog :-) I'm learning from the best here!

  21. Jayme, you are one special lady. I loved the last two things you put in as a joke just to see if we were still with you! What a sense of humor! Of course we are still with you.

    Everything looks beautiful...even the parts you say don't. You've been a huge inspiration to me this spring/summer, Jayme. This is the first year in six years (since I was diagnosed with the fibro) that I've actually gotten out in my flowers and worked. Most of that comes as a result of your inspiration...your example. I even work for unending hours like you, only to regret it the next day...just like you. :-)

    You've made my world so much brighter, Jayme, and I thank the Lord at least once a day for you.

    Hugs coming to you...

  22. I told yiu I want your camper..If you ever want to sell call the Palace

  23. I heart your squirrel and your gardens. Jayme, it's all breathtaking, believe me! And if I was closer, I would come help and scrub the squirrel and maybe admire it up close a little too. Gotta be honest! ; )


  24. Love your gardens and your little trailer. And, of course, I love the chickens.

  25. Whew! I now need a nap after reading this, it was exhausting! LOL

    But oh, so beautiful. I wish I could be a Garden Walker.

    I guess photos will have to do for now... more, please? :)

    ps: is winter your summer, you know, for relaxing? *grin*

  26. All your hard work shows...and in the unbearable midwest heat we've had lately. Hats off to you...the gardens are peaceful and serene. That's quite an accomplishment.

  27. All your hard work shows...and in the unbearable midwest heat we've had lately. Hats off to you...the gardens are peaceful and serene. That's quite an accomplishment.

  28. Maybe you could paint ivy on your pool or flowers . I don't know...I think your have a very energetic garden......but oh so lovely to look at......I just don't have that kind of energy. B.

  29. Your gardens are lovely. I think I have said that already but I am not getting younger and find myself repeating things that I want to make sure I have been heard. The pool. Too late now but a circle of very tall hollyhocks would cover it up. Just remember blue is beautiful. Have a great holiday weekend. Enjoy some ice tea and bbq.

  30. My California friends are really wanting to visit you and tour your beautiful. They all loved your pictures and blog. I am so proud to know you via blogland!!!!


  31. Lots of plans - will you get them all done? Beak polishing - I dont't THINK SO! :) Love the little trailer - looks very cute out with the flowers in your yard! Would be fun to camp out in that, even without leaving home!

  32. Oh, Jayme! Your garden is so beautiful. It makes me tired just to look at all your work. I promise that if I ever am asked to participate in a garden walk, I will hang up the phone, slam the door or whatever it takes to say No!
    Your guests will be delighted! Wish I was nearby to join in the fun.

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  34. The chicken grooming did have me a bit worried! I think everything looks just beautiful! Oh how I'm missing flowers in bloom! I keep telling myself it's just for a year but I'm just soaking up all of your photos!


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