Monday, June 21, 2010

As the Coop Turns

I'm alive! I'm alive!

I'm in a good place with the yard - sorta. One or two more days like today, workwise, and I'll be sittin' pretty. I took a bagillion pictures of the yard today, and hope to share them with you tomorrow. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I've decided to take the advice given in Proverbs -

A relaxed attitude lengthens a man's life.
Proverbs 14:13

I'm really enjoying the garden.

If you would have told me that Scripture a few days ago -
I would have said -" in lieu of flowers, please give a donation to your local Chicken Rescue Shelter."

But today-I'm livin' it.

Who is this chicken?
Why do I blow dry her?

I just want to thank you for sticking around here, and waiting - and waiting.
I've been disheveled.

I'll be back on a pretty regular basis now with stories of:

Dog Poop.

A soap opera?
Nope, just a day in the life of the Coop Keeper.

Poor a glass of sweet tea and stay tuned.

for sticking about.


  1. That chick is adorable. The drama has been thick in my coop. My two
    Americaunas have BOTH turned out to be roosters. So I will not be getting blue eggs! I am looking to re-home one of them. The other we will try to keep as long as he doesn't get mean or cause the neighbors to complain with his crowing. I happen to love his crowing! Keep us updated on your coop drama! Hopefullly, it will not be sad!

  2. Chickie is a cutey !!! I will be hear waiting to see those pictures and hear the stories !! Your blog is great !

  3. Color me intrigued. And happy to have you back amongst the living.

  4. i miss you but will wait around for you to blog a new post. i love your "from the heart" blog posts. your garden is so pretty. i love the colors.

    happy first day of summer.

  5. Hey now... what else do we have better to do than hang out around your blog waiting for you to come out and tell us where you's been and what you's been up to....there's nothing more worth waiting for than news from The Coop!!!!! Everything else measures up dull and boring. So can't wait to hear the latest. Hope I don't get arrested loitering around here, but at least I'm not lurking!! woot! Hugs. and I'm with Proverbs 14:13...I need to hang that on a stick and hold it out in front of and looks like you got yourself a creamsicle silkie! :-)

  6. Jayme, I wanna do the chicken dance w/that chicken!
    I love the pic of your porch! PERFECT!
    so...tell me again...about the it your escape? do you sleep out there? I don't "member" what you said before...
    xo, Cheryl

  7. That Proverbs could seriously become my new motto! I drove to town 4 times today for various girls - keep in mind it's a 20 minute drive ONE WAY just to the edge of town! In 10 years of living out here, I've never driven to town more than twice in once day. I must have been insane when I signed them up for swim team! My oldest MUST get a car SOON!!!

    All this to say, we're right there with ya and stick'in around despite all the mayhem here and there!

  8. What a great Bible verse! I'm grabbing it right now along with that dear little chick. We are all looking forward to the scoop from the Coop.

  9. I never thought I could be in love with a chicken, but I ADORE the one that you posted the picture of!!!!!
    Glad that you have returned to the land of the living. :)

  10. What a gorgeous place you have, cool flowers. The chick is darling. Does she live in the posh caravan?

    More info/pictures please


  11. We've missed you, facebook is not a good substitute for you! Your yard is beautiful, and I hope you have taken that advice from proverbs-I worry about how much and how hard you work!

  12. your back your back oh my goodness you are back!!!! I have missed your post, and as an official Chicken Coop Stalker this is a good thing. Can't wait to hear what you are up to, nancy settel

  13. I do believe you are the favorite blogger of everyone out there and we miss you when you are busy. But you always make up for your absence with humor and delighting the hearts of your readers!
    Can't wait to see the awesome garden pictures. Just the ones you show, are breathtaking and gorgeous. If I were you, I'd be sitting on my porch soaking in the beauty and never wanting to leave.

    Enjoy your relaxing moments while you can!

  14. Jayme - Tell me more about the cute little trailer in the back forty. Maybe you've already given a tour and I missed it.

    Hang in there. Love the chickie.

    - Suzanne

  15. Jayme,

    Looking forward to the 'dirty' details you've been tending to. Chicken Little is adorable. Your yard looks amazing. I am in the midst of painting a fence in 90+ degree weather will being ferociously attacked by man eating flies. That's right, the fun never ends at the Fairfield House! (And you wonder why I don't blog more often.)

    Your Friend,

  16. Missed you indeed, and your many various ways to make me laugh. : )

    Love that proverb and adore that chicken!

  17. Lovely flowers! and, nice chicken, too!

  18. Can't wait to see more pics of your garden. Love the fluffy chick!

  19. Oh don't worry about us sticking around, you couldn't get rid of us now unless you went into the Witness Protection Program!

  20. oh you just make me laugh!! I thoroughly enjoy you!

  21. Your pictures make me want to jump right into them and hang out with a cold glass of iced tea! Simply beautiful Jayme! Glad your back with your diva chickens!!

  22. The picture of your chick just made my day! I wish I could have chickens! Instead I have to live my dream through blogs like yours. And that porch???? I just want to sit there and drink sweet tea and talk about the inside of your house just as wonderful????

  23. Love the chick's hairdo! Either I miss you somehow or we're posting on different days and I'm not online. Keep missing you somehow. And I'm behind on how your coop turns. I don't want to miss out.

  24. oooo what a sweet chickie!! a silkie mix??

    of course we'll hang around and wait, tapping our feet... sipping iced tea and what not... :-D

    Happy gardening!

  25. I'm sticking. . . like glue. Can't wait to hear what you've been up to!

  26. Oh I get envious when I see your little vintage camper and such a sweet little chicken. So much to do and never enough time in the day for sure.

  27. I can't wait to see your pictures! As I'm out puttering (okay, frantically working myself to death), I think about you out puttering (see above parentheses) and so wish we could tour each others gardens. I guess pictures will have to do for now! I know it's gorgeous Jaymes.

  28. I live for tales from your coop and my obsession with old 'Dark Shadows' on Netflix! YOURS in my favorite!


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