Friday, June 11, 2010

One of My Favorite Places

Nestled in the fabulous 'old home district' of Lowell, Indiana -
One of my favorite spots - within walking distance of Aaron's abode -
Glazes Greenhouse.
'The Girls Greenhouse'

You'll pull into the driveway of this fabulous old home.
There's something about old houses.
When you live in one - you have an instant kinship to anyone else that does.
It's like a secret sisterhood.

You'll walk past this porch.
Oh, if this porch could talk.
I want to languish on this porch.
Languish = 'to undergo neglect or experience prolonged inactivity'

That's what a porch like that is for.

I didn't want to be too bold and get right up in the yard - but I did sneak this picture.

A fan and a glass of sweet tea is needed here.
I would wipe my sweaty, salty brow with the condensation on the glass of tea - and talk about the weather. I would languish.

As you walk down the lane to the greenhouse, you pass this wonderful patch of hollyhocks.
Anyone that knows anything knows that anyone that grows hollyhocks is a good soul.
It's a universal farmgirl truth.

This is Linda - the proprietor of this haven of mine.

What I love so much about this place, is that you feel the passion there.
You feel the passion of one that loves to garden, and has borne a business out of that love.
So many garden centers do not have that feel.
Linda and her husband started this business in 1987 doing semi hydroponics - five years later, they started selling flowers.

You'll find a great selection, and great prices.

Thank heavens I saw this sign.

On the path to the greenhouse, you'll also see this.
I believe it's her husband's tomato trial garden.
Don't you love it!?
They sell tomatoes that are in gallon pots, about two to three feet tall - all pruned and ready to go for $3.50.

Since I saw that sign, that said Glenco had called and said to get anything I wanted, I brought home this.

I cannot tell you how good this made me feel.
A drug for sure.
It's all happiness and sunshine.

You probably can't see it - but I bought this Gerbera Daisy - it's orange -
do you see it?

It was $2.50.
It was fabulous.

Even if it died by the time I got it home, it would have been worth $2.50 to even just look at it.
I know - I'm weird.

I'm taking that daisy camping this weekend to dress up The Squirrel.
(I should be preparing to go - and here I am blogging!)
Like I said - things are starting to get back to normal around here -

I hesitate to tell you where this wonderful haven is - but I must.
I think I've bought everything I've needed from there - so you are free to go.

490 W. Commercial Avenue
Lowell, Indiana

She's open from the first of May until the 4th of July
I didn't get the hours - but she's there anytime I go -
You might want to call first to make sure.

Completely unrelated to this post -
Claude and Maude
My fabulous ducks.
That I adore.

This is where they've taken to hanging out.
I don't mind the poop - I can hose it off
But look at Maude's plumpness, hanging over the chair -
I can't stand it.
I want to squeeze it.
But she doesn't like that.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Are those big plump ducks the ones that you had as little tiny ducklings? They are adorable!

  2. Oh, I wish I were close to Lowell, IN. instead of Lowell, AR. so that I could come and see all of the beautiful plants at Linda's! Loved the test tomato garden, oh how my Dad would have loved doing trial work. He used to plan 200 seedlings just so that he could give them away to neighbors! Mom stood in the kitchen canning all summer long...

  3. I love love greenhouses and garden centers. I must buy something every time I pass one. My husband would put a big X through the sign if he saw me heading that direction. Maude and Claude too sweet. I have named about 3/4 of the chickens. I now have 12 gave middle daughter two to replace a couple she lost to neighborhood dog. Bad Dog!! Three of my girls have to jump up on my knees when I stop in to visit them. The twins as I call them Millie and Tillie and Florence (Flo). Then there is Dorothy (Dotty) when she comes out of the hen house in the morning she comes out with a vengeance. Runs and flies after everyone. Started giving them some lettuce and other fresh veges. Is there anything I should not feed them?

  4. I love me a good garden center and that one looks great. Your duckies are fabulous! Have a great time camping.

  5. This place looks like BLISS....and the prices, oh my! Big potted tomatoes for $3.50??? Those go for twenty bucks here. Wish it wasn't 900 miles away!

  6. wow, that house, those flowers, damn it I live in Blackpool UK!!!
    I love Claude and Maude, they are adorable.
    I have left you a beautiful blogger award over at my blog xx

  7. How come the plumpness looks adorable on ducks and not me?

  8. Love it - I want to languish on that porch with you - what a perfect word for porch sitting.

  9. Those ducks have certainly grown! Lovely flowers, great story!

  10. How beautiful! I loved the pink petunias and the ducks were so cute. What a peaceful and wonderful spot to spend an afternoon!


  11. I love walking around greenhouses and garden centers.....but we don't have one like that around here.....looks like heaven to me. I have been reading through your blog....and it is wonderful. I just read your post about having a hankerin for something so bad that your stomach hurts.....and boy do I have one.....I want to be able to have chickens! Thanks for such a great blog.....

  12. Oh yay, Jayme! I'm so glad you're getting away in the Squirrel. You need a break! I hope you have a fun and relaxing getaway!

  13. I swear we were separated at birth. I love this post. The house is exactly where I would want to live and the local nurseries are my home away from home. Actually, I was raised on a nursery. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

  14. Ok, And YES...that is the most fabulous house. Love, love it. I could get used to living there!

    Cute ducks sitting under the chair.

    Oh, my...what a fun like.


  15. I walk through garden centers and nurseries every chance I get! I recently brought home two Plumerias and a white daylily, "Joan Senior". All were around $5 each. That made my day!

  16. Old mansions! Flowers! Green! Maters! Squishy ducks!

    What's not to love about this post :)

  17. Those ducks are adorable. House and flowers are just awesome.

    Take care-

  18. What a nice trip. I love the sign ' Your husband...' priceless.

  19. Jayme,

    Glad to see (read) you! I think we all have secret places like The Girls Greenhouse. Makes for a wonderful 'escape'. My studio is surrounded by sweet peas and hollyhocks!
    Claude and Maude are the official welcome wagon. They are too sweet.

    Your Friend,

  20. I'd like to languish in front of a giant bed of gerberas; is that weird?

    Happy travels in the squirrel!

  21. Jayme...I would be worth the LONG drive to visit this wonderful place of flowers and tomatoes and hydroponics!
    How lucky you are to be so close!
    Have aonderful week Coop-keeper!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  22. OMG I have a cousin that lives in Lowell, IN, and they've never told me about this place!! I just posted about a garden center that I recently visited. It's so fun visiting unusual garden centers. I love old houses too, and just old and "recycled" stuff in general. I was cleaning out my stash of tablecloths yesterday thinking...."ohhh if these tablecloths could talk!"


  23. Happened upon your blog and I got to say I love your stories and I am so jealous. Follow me at FatBottomFarmTX.blogspot

  24. Wow, those prices are great! Looks like a fun place to visit.

  25. Jayme...sorry about your guineas drowning! If you come back through MO, let me know and you can have some of mine! Seriously, we hatched 9 a few weeks back, and the last few days I have hatched 18 more! Still have eggs in the incubator AND more under a hen in the nest! ANd of course, our original 3! Crazy I tell you!! I have Keets coming out of my ears! :) LOL

  26. My beefsteak tomato plants have little green tomatoes;)) The large sweet Italian is budding along. Thanks for taking me there this year. I will be revisiting. I enjoyed the pathway to the greenhouse and the beautiful peonies that were in bloom.
    Awww what a sweet spot to rest under your green chair.

  27. it must be cool in the shade underneath the chair. They look quite satisfied there... and WHY DO you blow dry that chicken's hair/feathers? Oh, whatever.. LOL



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