Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Omagosh...I'm Such a Hillbilly.....

Since I've been so busy - I thought I'd repost things from last year - and that got me thinking - what was I doing a year ago today - and well - this is a year ago TOMORROW - but thought I'd share it again - since there are so many new readers!

I've also posted a few recipes over at


Originally posted 6-10-2009

or maybe I should title this....My Exodus Off the Internet...I may never show my face here again after this!!!

This is the song I've been singing around the yard. I really can't believe I'm posting this....oooohhh dear...I have rejection issues...this isn't good.

It's going to be another quick post tonight...I'm sorry. I've been running all day since 6am. I even had the flood lights out in the yard tonight til 9:30 just to try and keep up on the weeds. My friend Donna's father suggested that I use Preen. I looked into it, but it says to keep animals and children out of the beds...and well, that won't work with my cats and chickens. I reckon I'll be pulling til the cows come home. Considering I have no's gonna be a long night.

Glen is playing the guitar for me on this, and Aaron did my hair and is operating the video camera. Without further adieu....

Goodbye forever....


  1. Testing comments....wanting to make it easy for you to leave a comment! I want to do fun little giveaways on random comments, so please start commenting! I'm shameless aren't I?

    Looks like all you have to do is click on select profile...go to name/url, and all you have to do is type your first name, and then 'post comment'. It almost never goes through on the first try, so just click post comment again if you get an error message.

    Thanks ya'll.

  2. Jaaaaayyyyyymeeeeee! I can't believe I missed your call today....that's what i get for sleeping with my phone on silent, no more! Higest volume setting from now on, so call away. And by the way if you take this blog out of my life I will surely slide into a deep depression from which no amount of zoloft can remove me. Just so you know. I love you Jayme Mae!

  3. Awesome song! No better way to send a coon to H-E-double-hockey-sticks than with a song. I'll bet all the rest of the coons out there are skeered of you and glen now. POWER TO THE COOP KEEPER!!

  4. Jayme Jo, your so Ellie Mae !
    Your coon song is in the top 10, for sur, you should take it on the road girl, or at least put it on you tube. That version sure is a hit !
    Compliments to your hair dresser and guitar player, they did good. You definitely should do more musical videos, your so darn good girlfriend. Take it away and keep blogging, you are my happy place. Love Ya Renee

  5. I love it sooo much, you seem to excel at all you do. Many thanks for the cute song. Look forward to reading and listening to more from the Coop Keeper.

  6. P.S. was that Aaron on my voice mail? When did his voice get so LOW? *tears* he's growing up isn't he? whaaaaaa!

  7. That is brilliant! You can sing and write your own songs, you should be proud, not embarrassed. And you're hilarious :o) You better be back!

  8. Okay, never do that again, I peed all over my office chair and Tay stood with her mouth open in disbelief. Wow, and you and I have shared much but the hair-do is killing me. You my love need help, and I don't mean a banjo in the background. Wait til mom hears this, I'm gonna make her watch it while I'm on the phone. Love ya, but not with hillbilly love. No one will ever believe you went to Columbia! hahaha Thank God we weren't teens together. xoxox

  9. Wow! I can see that you are as crazy as ever and boy do you look like yo mama! Luv ya!

  10. The pigtails are a nice touch. Wait till Chris & Friends see this via twitter. LOL I'm so glad to have met you what 4 years ago, you make me laugh and make me happy. I have a feeling were going to be old and gray and still laughing at this stuff!!! Vino in the squirrel coming soon!!!

  11. Wow!! You took me back home with that little video. Brought tears to my eye's. Absolutely hysterical Jayme. And yes, "hillbilly" does run in those thar veins of y' all's. This is better than reality t.v. cause I know you're real. :)

  12. Lady, you are a CRACK UP! Been nice knowing ya. ;)

  13. Oh this cracks me up..and shucks girl you can carry even carry a tune. Is there anything ya all can't do?

  14. Jayme you are too much!!! Love you Greg and Bonnie ,,,, we book marked your blog

  15. I've been reading through your entire blog and I love it! Man, you're brave but heck I'm glad 'cause you absolutely kill me! Have you considered Youtube? Just wondering is all... : )


  16. You are one HILARIOUS woman, Jayme Goffin! If you think THIS makes you a hillbilly, you'd better come visit me in WV so I can show the "real thing"! lol

    I have to say that I love this picture of you, Jayme. Pig tails or have the sweetest smile!

    Thanks for sharing those yummy recipes! I just have one did you know that just last night I could not go to sleep for thinking about how I'd love to have a new recipe for chicken salad! Seriously! You are just so wonderful like that, Girl friend!

    Love ya!

  17. Fun...I like it just as much and maybe more the second time around. Great. Enjoy you garden and have fun. Dogwood

  18. Darling blog...
    Just loved my visit...
    Reminds me of our farmdays and raising our family on the wonderful farm!
    xoxo~kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  19. I so love your blog! Your coon song is the best!

  20. We've been pals for a YEAR now?? Say it ain't so, Mo!

    You rock those pig-tails, lady. And a tune.

  21. LMAO LMAO.... I love you Jayme.. girl after my own heart who is not afraid to have good old fun.

    (May I have your hairdresser's phone number please?)

  22. Oh Jayme!
    This repost made my day! I laughed so hard at your coon song, I'm going to watch it every time I need a pick me up. You are FABULOUS! I think you need your own talk show.

  23. Don't go don't go, cause I'll stalk ya! Love ALL your posts. Spit out my coffee giggling over this and my kids called from the other room about the melody! You AND Aaron are Rock Stars (at least in my corner of the sticks)! We soooo get the "blow 'em away" feeling. Coons are so cruel to chickens. Glad you think farmgirls with hollyhocks have good souls... I'm getting ready to post on mine, and ask if I'm heartless to want to pull 'em all out! Preen sucks almost worse than coons. Glad you're keeping up the good fight in the garden!
    I too am ready for some languishing...
    ps - the more I read your site, the more shamed I am 'bout my premade crust! ;-P Will explore yours more to find a good crust recipe...


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