Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gardening Drivel - Part One

Prepare yourself.
Drivel ahead.

This cement planter belonged to my beloved Aunt Jean.
This year I filled it with three different Plectranthuses.
I love the textures.

One of the things I'm enjoying so much, in getting ready for this garden walk, is the feeling that so many loved ones are with me.

Aunt Jean's planter. Flowers from friends. Cement chickens from friends (thanks Linda!) The camper table staged with dishes from my friend Donna, the clothespin holder from a faithful reader, Sharon.

Things like that make my soul happy.

These photos are in random order, no rhyme or reason.
It's the good the bad and the ugly, my friends.
It's been a weird season so far.
We've had some serious rain.
The perennials love it. They are chest high. The annuals haven't seemed to enjoy it as much.
The vegetable garden is hydroponic.

This is a photo of the back of the house, looking west.
Do you see that blue lagoon peeking out?
We'll talk more about that later.
It does not make my soul happy.

This actually hurts my soul.
Yes friends, this is in my yard!
16 days til the yard walk - and I've got this.
A few hours will fix it right up.
Mulch covers a multitude of sins.
I have a few shrubs and some daylilies to pop in there.
Fixin' some fences - it'll be good.

Standing on the east side of the back yard, facing west.
Are you as surprised as I am, that I in fact know East, West, North and South from my house?
You should be.

This is on the east side of the house, and it covers up some of the pool.
It doesn't look like much here, but in real life - it's quite lovely and tranquil.

Facing east in the front.
Bridal Wreath Spirea taking over.
Very moist shade.
Mosquito heaven.

Dahlia carnage.
I finally caved, and in the cloak of early morning darkness, applied some systemic insecticide.
I apologize in advance to any bees that happen to visit.
It was a cost/benefit analysis.
Bees lost this one.

More carnage.
More systemic insecticide.
I'm sorry world.
I'm sorry bees.

Full frontal view.
It's prettier in person.
I walk around criticizing this area all the time.
It's getting a complex.

Don't even get me started on the zinnias.
Half of them look like this.
Gnarly, blackened, twisted.
Sounds like a few people I know.

Another area that looks better in person.
Why do I keep apologizing for my garden?

Walking to the back porch.
Love this area - it looks awesome in 'real life'.
The Penstemon was a show stopper.
This is my 'free' garden'. I used starts from all over the garden to plant this.
Gotta love it.
There is still ivy residue on the house from pulling it off last year.
I thought I was going to have to wire brush the back of the house and repaint before the walk - and now - eh, I don't care.
Funny how fatigue and lack of time can change so many 'have to do's' isn't it?

Next to the garage - I love the Boston Ivy growing all over.
This area makes me happy.
A few weak spots - but all in all good.
I'm realizing that sometimes I have a tendency to plant too many 'onesies and twosies' of things - instead of doing a more dramatic mass planting.
Gardening is like life.
You learn as you go - and hopefully you grow.

Not sure what's going on with the annuals that I planted here to fill in an empty space - they just aren't growing, despite all the rain and fertilizer!

The back porch photo from the last post.
I liked it so much that I put it here again.
The cats love the window box.
I've planted it twice now.

I'm saving the rest of the pictures for Garden Drivel - Part Two, cause I have a feeling ya'll look like this now -


  1. I could look at pics of your yard all day long! It looks like I want my yard to look but I am not willing to take, nor do I have, the time. Thanks for sharing! :) BTW, I looked like the kitty before I looked at the pics. Just been one of those days......

  2. Jayme,

    You put me to shame. I have been up and outside priming and painting every morning in NJ's 90 - 100 temps. By noon I am spent.

    Your garden is heavenly. Perfectionism is a curse.

    Your Friend,

  3. Wish I had more space to do stuff like this! Beauiful! I too am prone to the onsies in the gardening world. You know what I love? My olive tree Its a crooked little baby- but it made a few babies this year (olives of course), And I absolutely LOVE the look of Tarragon. It is very pretty.
    You should check out They have a giveaway right now for some vintage spoons made into sweet garden markers! Theyre to die for and they would be perfect in your garden!!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm so jealous.

  5. It's amazing and beautiful!
    jaimieb in IL

  6. I have the space to do as you have done, but I am just plain lazy and don't want to do it. I'll look at your fabulous gardens instead... K?


  7. I have enjoyed you garden tour. Thanks for sharing. I cannot wait for more.

  8. I've been WAITING for this!!!! I want to be your neighbor. A close neighbor. A neighbor I could ask gardening questions of. Won't you please, won't you please, please won't you be my neighbor???

  9. Just beautiful !! I could come and sit all day in your gardens. I know it is a lot of hard work, But it is a great home !!!

  10. I'm in awe of all the beauty that surrounds you. Only YOU see the bad stuff...we ALL just see gorgeous! I know it's hard work. You ought to be very content of all that you've accomplished and be proud to show it off.
    Enjoy it. I'm with Cindy...won't you be my neighbor. Oh how much fun that would be!

  11. Absolutely amazing and gorgeous! I really enjoyed the pictures. I hope you are able to stop and sit in the garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your entire place is just lovely.

  12. Jayme-
    It's all so very, very gorgeous. I sit hear stunned and awed at your talent. I can't even imagine having gardens that gorgeous!

  13. I would love to go walkin' in that garden! Everything looks lovely, so lush and green. You needn't apologize for anything. I know all about weed killers. Check my roundup post if you have time. I'm on my fourth bottle of the stuff. Oh the shame!

  14. Well, Your yard is the Garden of Eden...My yard is the take after Eve took that bite of the apple...
    yeah...that's about it. Let's just say it's named the Garden of Weedin'.... and the weeds have won... well round two. I was almost winning in round one. But then the showers came in abundance probably equal to the rains when the floods of Noah's day occurred. And well there was something in that rain. The weeds liked it.
    Urban Weekend Warriors Weed Club will now have to return...I don't know when..but alas now after seeing your pics, I must pick up my weapons and go to war. I wouldn't even dare to show anybody the BEFORE pics. It's too ugly and many eyes would be horrified...
    So let's just say this girl has been inspired to try again...Thanks to the Chicken Whisperer, who now is the Garden Queen of Crown Point!
    She rocks. And I like her kitty.
    Hugs to you my green thumbed bloggy sis! loved the garden tour.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Admit, you have a secret army of garden elves working around the clock to make your gardens look this stunning. Plucking. Weeding. Trimming. Mowing. Planting. Please send them to me after you're done, I can't seem to keep anything looking vaguely "done"!

  16. You have a lovely garden.....I hope mine looks like that some day....absolutely gorgeous!

  17. Our Surprise Roses are plumb shot. Cory gave up the ghost and sprayed them and I'm happy to see that we aren't alone.

    ps- Put some soup on...

  18. It's all beautious, Jayme! Your daylilies look perfect - I'm going to go buy a few tomorrow....a couple naked spots need filling - you know how that is! Looking forward to part two.

  19. Oh my good grief... don't even look at MY gardening section on my blog! I'm still improving my soil. :)

    You've created a gardener's heaven. Amazing! I love every detail!

    And I just have to add, that is one fab house. I adore your trim and shutter colours. Lucious!

    I'm assuming you get alot of rain like the Wet Coast over here? Soooo green and lush.


  20. I'm the same about the 'onesies' and twosies'' and plan to change that next year. I'm on a mission to find tons of perennials and I'm going to plant millions then let them loose on the garden to reproduce themselves each year.

    Your garden is magnificent. I would get up at 5 every morning and waddle about with a jasmine tea, inspecting every new bud and flower. Lucky you.

  21. I love it all! I love your blog so very much! It makes me happy seeing your pictures and laughing at how goof ball funny you are! If only I didn't live in Australia and instead just down the road! I'd walk by your house!

    p.s I really am a normal mum and not some stalker lady! :)

  22. I think your garden is just fabulous! I know your Garden Walk will be a hit!

  23. It's all very beautiful and I don't think the "lagoon" takes away from it. It actually looks like a refreshing place to cool off. But, then - it was 104 here yesterday, so the heat could be effecting me. *lol* I am even thinking of getting my own laggon!

  24. Beautiful, Jayme! And even that lagoon looks good to me... whew, sooo hot lately. You've inspired me in a big way. My day in the perennials and herbs will be devoted to you, my friend :) Garden Walk at Jayme's this year is gonna be awesome! Wish I could be there live and in person. -Tammy

  25. WOW, can I come visit your garden? It's so intriguing, at least from the photos. I love gardens like yours, so many little nooks and crannies to look into and at. I'm like all the other readers, I could look at pictures of your garden all day, it's so beautiful. Good luck with the garden walk. I am sure everyone who visits will feel as your readers do, breathtaking.

  26. It's breathtaking and beautiful. I love everything about it, even the ivy residue! LOL Your photos make me want to dive right in so I can sit in your garden ... or at least outside of the Squirrel. Well done, green thumb! :)

  27. I've got lots to do in our gardens - but mosquitoes are terrible right now - and hubby has to mow! I've been painting at my place - stop by and see the pics!

  28. You'd think with all the rain we've had everything would be lush and beautiful, but too much rain causes problems too. The seeds I planted washed away, the tomato and pepper plants have root rot and the flowers have mildew or blackspot. If it's not one's another. I'll trade ya, my mess for your slice of Heaven?

  29. Stunning!!! How I wish you were my neighbor...better yet, my gardener!!!
    I want my yard to look like yours! And I want the cute garage, and your chickens, and coop....
    I think I have a problem!!

  30. I forgot...that little vintage trailer too!!!!! Will you show us photos of that too??? And give a little history???? Thanks!!

  31. Your garden, yard and house are beautiful and those that get to see it all in person are so, so lucky!!!! I love it all. You are one very talented gardener.

  32. What a lot to take care of! In my last house my neighbor always planted in threes. It makes more of am impact. If I go to the garden center with my husband, he wants one of everything!

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