Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chickens Ruined My Social Life

Just trying to keep ya'll entertained whilst I'm finishing up the garden for the walk.
I'm this close to being back to normal around here.
This close, I tell ya.

Here's a blog from last June -

Not that I had much of a night life to begin with, but I do have a rather busy social schedule. Cooking clubs, girlfriends, etc. I like to stay occupied. It doesn't give you time to dwell on the things in your life that you want to change.

I've been pulling a lot of early morning weed sessions. The weather has been unbearable here in NW Indiana the last few days. Today will be no different I hear.

Look what I found on my way to the hoe.

Oh, looky here, a mater.

Deciding that I'd had enough of work for the day, and after all it was my day off, I scootered over to Barbara's house to see her and her garden.

Barbara is a lovely lady, and I'd like to be her when I grow up.

She likes drag racing, books, gardening and cooking. Her home is filled to the brim with light and loveliness.

She knew I was coming, and look what she had ready. She's that kinda gal. I love it. It was when I bit into one of these delicious muffins after viewing her garden, the worry began to sink in. Is the rabbit cool enough? Do the chickens need more water?

Then I went and picked up these two rock stars for a day at the pool. Aaron lives in a lovely apartment complex that has a nice pool.

There was a little thunderstorm that cleared the pool out, and when we got there, we were the only ones there for a good hour.

Oh to be young again.

My attempt at art. I LOVE Aaron's little corkscrew curls.

Later that evening, Glenco and I met up with our new friends Neil and Sue at the Model A Car Restorers Club.

I'm thinking....heck, I shoulda put the chickens up. It's 7pm now....should I have put them up? Why don't they go up to the roost box themselves, goofy goofballs. Why did I even get chickens? They smell.

Beautiful cars. I actually think I might like them better than the muscle cars that we always go look at. We have a 64 Chevy Impala. I like these old ones. The lines are so romantic on them. More attempt at art.

The first thing I said when I saw this truck was...."what a perfect thing to bring home goats in."

This car reminded me of Nazi Germany. Why?

We had a lovely time with Neil and Sue, and went out to Steak and Shake after the show. I tried to be polite and laugh and talk, but I was worried SICK over my girls, and could barely eat my cheeseburger, fries and rootbeer. I mean, I left one french fry on the plate for goodness sakes. I was just too upset to eat.

We didn't get home until about 10:30. I ran to the coop. Literally. I counted them. They were all there and accounted for, and I'm sure that if we'd returned home five minutes later there would have been carnage. It actually looked like something had been trying to dig its way in.

Can't even go out for a late night burger. Thanks chickens.

Helen scolded me like a teenager when I got home.

I rolled my eyes. GEEZ. I was right up in Merrillville. My cellphone was dead. I would have called. You shouldn't worry so much. I was with friends.


  1. You are going to worry yourself ragged! Oh wait I think you have:P

  2. Jayme,

    You are a genius, your blog is beautiful and entertaining. I am so happy for you girl!!!! You have found your calling....

    PS: Your protein shake comment was right on the mark ;-)

  3. Jayme Jo,

    The pic of aaron, the close up, is indeed art. Tears came to my eyes, more than beauty being captured, I'm reminded how much God loves us that he lets us enjoy his handiwork everyday. The details He took the time to put together, the intricate curls...the single hairs that come together to form one single brow..... the precious people that we call our kids are certainly a gift of love from above.

  4. Jayme aka The Coop KeeperJune 25, 2009 at 9:56 PM

    Julie..I'm like a new parent. My worry free days are over!

    Jeanine!!!! How the heck are you! Thanks so much for reading all my nonsense. xox

    Rhonda....I'm a bit speechless. What a beautiful thing to say.

  5. Will you move down here and be my neighbor? You are too funny!!!!!

    When our chickens were babies they ruled my world too. One time I was in WalMart shopping and a huge thunderstorm came up. I had to leave all my groceries in the buggy, rush home and move the chicks in out of the storm. That's when I knew my life was different than I ever expected it to be. But, I love it anyway!

  6. PS, I'm going to put up a post today and tell my readers to come and see you!

  7. Oh Mama Hen, you can feel my pain then! LOL I can totally see myself running out of Walmart on chicken patrol.

    I'd be honored to be your neighbor!

    Thanks for sending your readers over, I hope they aren't disappointed!

  8. Jayme, you certainly have a lot of talent. Your pictures are beautiful. Is that Helen in the last picture? All of your chicks are for laying eggs aren't they??
    Well, I got my "Jayme's blog" on and I can continue my day. lol I do so enjoy it, it's so peaceful looking at your pictures but I can't get caught up in ALL YOU do in a day. Whew!!

  9. Jayme, Girlfriend you are a delight to know.
    I so enjoy your so many talents. You bring sunshine to my days as I contine to read and re-read your life happenings. Thank for being my good friend !! Your pictures are great as well as your stories, I think that you have found another calling in your life,You make me Happy !!
    Love Ya

  10. I love all the sweet comments from your friends, they make me wish I had a next-door neighbor like you :o)

    The chicken worry is never-ending. Eventually, they should go roost on their own in the evening, but sometimes it takes them a while to figure it out. The other night I checked on my little chickens, and one was missing from the pen. I looked all over the yard with my flashlight, but there was no sign of her. A few of them have figured out how to get out of the pen, so I'm constantly rounding them up and putting them back. Anyway, I didn't sleep much that night, worried about where she had gone, but the next morning I counted, and all six of them were there in the pen, like nothing out of the ordinary was going on. Crazy birds.

  11. I too, go to great pains caring for my ladies. I wouldn't even wash and dry clothes last night for fear of the buzzer disturbing our "Helen" from her slumber (she is temporarily taking up residence in our laundry room while her leg heals). What have I done!!?!
    My Aunt Mama Hen sent me over - so glad to meet you!

  12. Linda and the guys are just too nice! Thank you so much for the kind comments. The checks are in the

    Marne..nice to see you again! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that loses sleep over the birds. It would be fun to be neighbors! You could help me with my bees. :-)

    Miss Jennifer..thanks you so much for coming by. You sound alot like me, tending your injured bird. It's all consuming at times. And then they get all better, and act like they never knew ya. :-)

  13. hahaha. I love last year's posts as much as this years...Oh my what I have been missing!!! Loved your "OLD" post! you make me laugh! Have fun!

  14. "perfect to bring home goats in".. LOVE IT and am so laughing at you.

    (poor Helen... so abused)

  15. I don't have any chickens (boo hoo!) but if I did, I'd be just like you. I'd probably sit up all night and watch them to make sure the coyotes didn't get them.
    Could I keep a chicken in my little fenced backyard do you think?

  16. Carnage can and does happen, as I learned lately.... I panic now when the sun starts to set and chase my girls around their giant run until they're all shooed inside their coop, where I lock them up tight for the night, safe from blood-thirsty beasties...

    One can never be too careful or eat too many lovely muffins :)


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