Tuesday, March 2, 2010

With A Little Help From My Friends.....

One of my winter goals was to get the upstairs bedroom finished. I painted it about 3 years ago...um, and didn't finish. I have no idea where the closet doorknob is at this point. Sad, but true. Since then, it's just been a mish mosh of things that I didn't know what else to do with, but that I didn't want to get rid of.

Today, I was REALLY hoping to employ some help from all of you great decorators out there.

My upstairs is in dire need, especially since I've introduced the loom.

This poor room has gone through quite a few transformations. At one time it was bright yellow.

We don't heat it, or cool it. It's more or less an unused room. I'm aiming to change that.

Here is what the room looked like when I walked up there today. I need help. Please call Niecy Nash and Clean House. The loom has overtaken this room, and all the bags and boxes of fabrics that friends have given me for rugs is getting out of hand. Things have been pushed around to accommodate the loom. You've heard the phrase about 10#'s of poo in a 5# sack?

Before I delve further, let me show you The Beast, aka the loom.

Here's me making my first rug.
I'm lovin' this.

Ok, let's get down to 'bidness'
Things that are staying.
The wall color.
The bedding.
The headboard and dresser. I want to paint them. Espresso or cream? I keep thinking of doing a cottagey cream and distress it. I had always thought I'd do it in Espresso, but I'm changing my mind.

The old sewing machine (it was my grandmother's - she passed away when my mom was only 7)

Everything else is fair game.

Please try to ignore all the pictures and knick knacks....it's just clutter that I didn't clean up yet.

Here I moved the bed into the corner. I like it in 'real life' but it doesn't translate well here in the photos.

The chair on the right hand side of the photo is part of a pile that is leaving the room for sure.

With the bed in the corner like that, the only place for the loom is on this big wall here.

With the bed in the corner, the only place for the dresser is here, next to the old space heater.
I love this room, I do...it has good bones, but it just needs some serious help.
Now you can see the pile to the left that is on the way out. An end table, a washstand, and the chair.

Here's another shot of the bed in the corner. I picked up that little desk-y thing at a yard sale for $3. Needs a little TLC, but I like it, and would like to keep it. This seems a good place for it.

With the bed in the corner, I put the sewing machine in front of the windows.
Aaron says 'hi' to everyone.
He's been really busy with school, but otherwise fine.
He made an awesome rug yesterday!

Next I put the bed in front of the windows. Something I really never thought I'd ever do. I have to say the room seemed 'big' this way, and the loom seemed to fit nicely in the corner.

I'm planning on painting the floor.
It looks pretty good in this picture, but trust me, it's all beat up.
We'll talk about the floor in another post.

Here's a few more 'messing' around shots.

Oh please oh please help me.
I'm stuck.
What do you like better?
The bed in front of the two front windows?
The bed in the corner?
The bed in between the two little original windows?

I'll keep moving things, and taking pictures.
Once I get everything out of the room that needs to go, I should be able to get some better shots. I just wanted to slap this post up, so I could get some feedback and keep going on the project.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a series of nude photos of myself.
I mean seriously...does it get more embarrassing than showing a messy room like this?

Thanks so much!


  1. That is a nice room. The only suggestion I have is to make sure there is a small table or stand beside the bed for a lamp, clock, etc.

    Good luck!

  2. The bed in front of the windows with the loom in the corner is far better.
    That is, if you can't see your way clear to getting rid of EVERYTHING that isn't loom related.:)
    OH PLEASE....do NOT paint that floor......a beat up natural wood floor beats a painted floor any old day. And besides, you are weaving lots of rugs to cover up the blemishes.

  3. First, let me say how much I love your quilt. Did you make it?

    Secondly, what an awesome opportunity to have that loom and make rugs, runners. Wow.

    Okay, the bed. Since this is a spare room and the loom is for your use when, I assume, guests aren't there, I would choose whatever layout gives you the best light and comfortable positioning for the loom. I assume guests will be happy in that nice room no matter where the bed is as long as they don't trip over furniture moving into and out of the room/bathroom. Hope this helps.

  4. Okay, I've reread and I want to add: I'm not an expert, but espresso would not be my first choice for the wood pieces. Your loom is such a gorgeous colour and unless I am wrong, espresso would be too dark, too different, maybe to modern. Looking forward to seeing the finished room.

  5. It's hard to get a spatial sense from the photos but I do like the look of the bed in the corner, but I like the look of the loom better beside the bed when it's in front of the windows. I know, not much help am I.

    I've been toying with the idea of painting my floors upstairs too. Very, rough shape. I was admiring the painting of the house originally over the bed, I thought it would look nice in a lighter coloured frame. Just as I was thinking that I noticed the picture of the girl with long red hair. Jayme, my grandmother had that same picture in her guest room, where I always slept as a kid. Memory flood happening right now! Wow! I don't know what happened to it but I sure miss being able to stay in that room.

    My mom has her grandmother's sewing machine, from the 20's I think and I have my mom's blue bomber from around 69-70, now only if I could use it...

    Took another look, I like the desky thing in between the two windows beside the bed in the corner. That's my final answer.

    Oh and by the way LOVE the rug!


  6. I must say I just love the bed in front of the windows! Looks relaxing and peaceful.

  7. Jayme, I love the bed in the corner. It just gives it a different look. I can't believe you're finally able to make your rugs. So happy for you and Aaron as well. What an experience in life he's getting from you.
    The only thing that room is missing is me relaxing in the chair you're getting rid of. :) It looks so peaceful up there like your downstairs does. Stop it, that room is only messy in your eyes so forget about the nude pic's.

  8. If you use the loom more than anyone uses the bed, I would definitely put the loom in front of the large window. I like to work near a window because the light is better, and I just like to be able to see outdoors!
    Just my feelings on the matter!

  9. Jayme, I'm no expert by ANY means but you are 100% right ~ the room has good bones! Your pieces are beautiful and work well together. I like the look of the loom in the corner but it seems to be in a shadow, where as when your bed is in the corner, the loom catches good light from the window. The bed is charming in a corner too. Beige furniture would make it all seem lighter and fresher, as well as staying with an antiqued shabby-chic look. Do NOT paint that floor...it is gorgeous as is! Don't make me come up there and whip up on you now, ya hear?! I can't wait to see what you decide!

  10. Listen to Hilary. She's a weaver. If I were a weaver I would tell you to place the loom where you get the best light so you don't have to squint.

    (but then what does a non-weaver like me know? HA!)

  11. I agree with Hilary. An important consideration is the loom and light!!!

    Also, love you weaving projects! Love the sewing machine, bed and desky thing!!!

    Don't paint the floors. Keep wall light to show off your lovely pieces of furniture.

    I love the room. I know you will do a greatjob with it. Well, I love you whole house!!!! Oh, yes and I love your yard. And, the chickens too. oh yea and the squirrel in the yard....

  12. I love the bed in front of the big windows most :-)

    You have such beautiful furniture! I'd loooove a room like that in our next home!

  13. If you have somewhere to put every thing (temporary) take every thing out of the room except the bed and the loom. You know those two things definitely are staying. Then add one piece back at a time...could the sewing machine be the night stand...maybe a smaller chair ...underbed storage instead of a dresser...you just have a lot of things (maybe too many) for the room to accomodate. I know you said you are keeping the wall color but I'm thinking a cream wall color and espresso bed would really open the room up...your loom is beautiful...if it was me I would be tempted to only have that in the room...

  14. ewwwwwwww I LOVE your loom and you make rugs that is soooooo cool...

    I would just take out any piece of furniture you can to make room in there... and ahem yes put all your fabrics for rug making away somewhere :O) ..

    wow how cool that loom is!! sorry I have just totally missed the point of your post and got stuck on your cool loom!!

    If your going for cottagey then yep go with the cream distressed I say.. if not the expresso is nice but I dont think all that cottagey...

  15. For what it's worth...
    1. Bed in front of windows and the loom next to it by the corner window.
    2. Don't paint the floors...you'll be sorry.
    3. I'm sure I have NO idea what other colors to paint or infuse. ha.

    Love the room though.

    have fun!

  16. Bed along the big wall, it will be out of your way then. The Loom in front of the windows on one side and the sewing machine in front of the windows on the other side. Just my 2 cents.

  17. I think because that room will be mostly for makin' some fantabulous rugs, the loom should be the focal point, not the bed. Although I really like the bed in the corner, it takes away from the purpose of that room...making RUGS!!!

    I liked the bed in front of the windows, but what if you switched the bed and the loom so that the loom sits in front of the big window? I know there won't be room for a nighstand, but if you don't really use that room except when I come and take over your other room, you don't really need a nightstand, right?

    I like the idea of the sewing machine staying in that room...fits the vibe going on there. Unless you really need both the dresser and desky thing, I'd move one of those outta there. Weren't you thinking of doing a wall collage on the big wall? I think that would look dandy around the sewing machine.

    I'm all about white distressed furniture, and I think the natural wood of the loom will stand out even more if you paint the bed/dresser (if you keep it in there) a creamy off-white. I personally love the look of white furniture mixed with natural wood.

    I know it's sacrilege to paint wood floors, but I'm thinking it would look awesome with a tone on tone diamond pattern. Like two shades of taupe kinda thing.

    That's my 2 cents chicka.

  18. That's hard. I like the bed in the corner, BUT... I really like the loom in front of the window. How cozy is that to sit and weave and still be able to look out the window (can you do that and weave?). It also gives you natural light that I would think would be a big help. Soooooo, I guess I would vote for the original arrangement. Not much fun, am I?

  19. Oh Jayme, Asking for our opinions will probably only confuse you MORE!!!! We are all birds of a feather when it comes to nesting, but oh my how varied and colorful are our tastes. What we do with our homes and the individual rooms is what tells others all about our unique selves...and for what reason we even arrange our room is to give us a smile when we walk into it, and that it isn't so overloaded with stuff that it takes away the joy of whatever task we go in there to DO! So think about what color just gives you happiness and comfort, (soothes)....paint the room that color. Think about whether the furniture you are considering painting would lose any sentimental memories or history if you paint it ...or not. Think about how cottagey and farmhouse-y a traditional wood floor is, and be sure... cause it's HECK to strip and refinish later. There's no right or wrong. It's what pleases your eye. Sometimes what you have to hang on walls affects the placement of the furniture too. Well, that wasn't much help either...hmm. but at least maybe you can define all the whats? whys? and wheres of your makeover. Have fun. Don't stress over it. It WILL come to you. Get Aaron to give his opinion when you place things. A 2nd eye helps. (and Glenco too..*if he's game) Hugs!!!! Julie - ps Nude photos??? She's gone loony!!!! Send the Sanity Police for Desperate Chicken Whispering Rug Weavers out of control!! you funny - girl.

  20. First off, please tweet me when you post those naked pictures. (Yes, I am laughing.)

    Here is what I would do. I would take your Gram's bed and paint it cream. Expresso is too trendy and will look dated soon. Stick with white, cream or black. Second, I would move it into my bedroom if I liked it as much as you say you do. I would then have the entire upstairs room dedicated to my projects. I would not paint the floor.

    You will figure out what you want and need. Start with defining the space.


  21. Jayme, I think the bed looks great by the windows and I must agree with the other gals, do not paint the floor! I found out the hard way about that. I'm sure whatever you decide will look pretty and comfortable. Don't stress out about it though.Cyn

  22. I love the loom! It does look nice in the corner, but it doesn't seem to have as much light there. Is the light from the windows something that will make it more enjoyable for you to use the loom?

    As for where to put what...I have no clue! But I know when you are finished it will be looking good!

  23. I don't even pretend to be an interior decorator. If weaving is what you will do most of the time in the room, you should pick the best spot for the loom, and then figure out the placement for everything else. I will look forward to the "after" pictures.
    Have you shown us your rugs before? I guess I need to go look back through your older posts. My daughter has a simple loom that she made a rag rug on years ago. She loves it and has it in her college dorm room. She was so excited to see a big loom (similar to yours) at a historic craft fair once.)
    And I think it's wonderful that you have your Grandmothers sewing machine. Is it a Featherweight?

  24. Wow, Jayme. So many options. First, I love the wall color, quilt and white trim. Beautiful. Definitely good bones for the room. I think my favorite is the bed in the corner, and the little desk under the Warren Kimball picture. But....where does that leave the loom? Because I agree with the others that the loom should be in the best and most useful spot. And, since you are obviously a furniture moving fool, you could always switch things up when company comes. And, is there anyway the floor can be spruced up a bit without painting? It's such a pretty color, and painted floors don't always wear very well.
    I will send you a photo of my guest room and that will make you feel better. It's a disaster. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  25. Bed in the corner,
    rug turned sideways,

    pants on the ground.

    Okay...keep your pants on, but I do think you should paint the bed and chest cream, distress it a bit and slather some antiquing gel on top, then wipe it off. It'll be so cottagy up there that you'll think Goldilocks is about to move in!!

    Give some thought to painting that darling little desk a robin egg blue...if you can like blue. Just put a coat on, distress it and it'll be such a sweet "tweet" in that cheery guest room!!

    Can you still fit the loom in front of the window? This is RIGHT down my ally...so maybe i need to come help you!!! :)

  26. I would use the quilt folded at the foot of the bed over a white down comforter. I would also put floor length white shears on the windows making sure on the shorter windows I took them all the way to the height of the taller windows.. I love the floor as is. I'd also keep anything that looks farm house and rustic in the room. move the chest of drawers if possible into the closet to help organize there. Use that open space for a chair and side table with lamp for reading nook. Distress what ever funiture you decide to keep in the room.. Love the trim and floors great bones.. Thanks Patra

  27. I never thought I would say this, but I like the bed in front of the window. Seems like it gives you more room to move around.

    For the love of God, do not paint that floor. LOL You will regret the day you ever thought of it. Painted floors show every speck of dust and dirt and it will drive you stark raving mad. And the worst part is, you can't change it back once it's done. Go ahead...ask me how I know.

  28. You are soooo asking the wrong gal for decorating advice.

    But, my gut feeling is DON'T PAINT THE FLOOR! Its part of the old house look. Use lots of rugs. That you made! :)

  29. Sorry I am of no help on the room- However I wanted to comment- I made your Raspberry Ribbons last night and they are delish! Though I must say yours look much better with the homemade jam versus my raspberry preserves from the store.

    Do you have a recipe for your jam?


  30. Oh Jayme, this is my favorite post ever!!!!OMG if you need any help, just call me I will help you with decorating.

    I would put the loom by the window, with small spaces you just have to use every inch, trust me I know this from experience, (moving from a 3600 sq foot house to 1200) and squeezing all my things that I love.

    I love all the pictures, and the room looks great as is....my dear you have not seen what clutter looks like....; )).

    Seriously, if you need any help just call me, I did interior designing and decorating and it is my passion to make things beautiful.



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