Thursday, March 11, 2010

So Many Things -

My goodness gracious, where has this week gone?
I have so many things to blog about, I don't know where to begin.

I was sick all of Monday.
Glenco likes taking pictures of me sleeping. I have no idea why.
He doesn't know how to use the camera, sorry.
I was only sick one day, isn't that weird? I slept from 2pm until bedtime in the chair, and then went to bed.

Ya'll probably think Aaron's up and run away, I haven't mentioned him much lately.
He's still as charming and frustrating as ever. More charming to me, more frustrating to his mother. I'll have to feature him again soon!

I really wanted to tell you about these awesome gifts that my dear reader friend Sharon sent to me. Can you believe it!? I'm still in awe over her kindness. There is a clothespin holder, two washcloths, a quilt and an afghan for my dollhouse! There were two scrubbies too, but I employed them the moment I got them, so I didn't get them in the photo.
Seriously, so kind.

Thanks Sharon!

I wanted to share this incredible roast recipe I found.
Slap a stick of butter in a dutch oven.
Cut up an onion and green pepper.
Nestle a roast in (I used a sirloin tip roast)
Salt and Pepper it's hiney.
Cover it and cook it on a very low flame for three hours without peeking.
If it's not fork tender, cook it a little more til it is.
Melt up in your mouth.

I still have yet to tell you all about the Vintage Camper Museum!

I have a new frugal laundry soap recipe to share!

I made this Jamaican Spinach soup, and it was incredible!
It'd be great for summer.
I'll get it up soon.

I also have fun loom things to talk about. This is my first rug. I messed up on the left hand side, but I still like it. Not bad for my first rug.

But you see, it's really hard to talk about all those things when there's this up in the house:

Help me.

I have duck therapy everyday at 1pm.
They get their little bath time.
It's unbearable.

They are baby Mallard ducks.
I got them at Tractor Supply (you were right Dawn!)
I don't know too much about them right now, other than I adore them.
Will they stay in the yard with the chickens?
I can't imagine what would keep them from flying away.
I don't know if they are boys or girls.

Maude and ClauDanne are their names.
You knew I was going to have to name SOMETHING Maude didn't you?

They like to snuggle in a blanket with me and watch American Idol.
I'm not kidding.
Maude pooped in my hair last night.
I'm not holding it against her.

Here's a little Duck Cam for you.
Don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. Oh, thank you for the duck cam, they are so, so cute! I want some so bad but our covenants specifically say no fowl, they must have known there would be someone like me who would push it. Sorry you were sick Sweetie, but glad it only lasted a day. Stay inside with the ducks and you will escape all the nasty human germs out there!

  2. Our ducks did not leave that we raised from babies... though ahem predators got one after she was grown .. then we got Peter another wife and well she died as well .. so now Peter has a third wife...My DH told Peter that he was going to start calling him Peterson if this wife expired as well .. tee hee..

    Can't wait for the Spinach soup recipe and the laundry detergent... mercy that atuff has just gotten stupid in price hasnt it!! home made frugal laundry soap would be great.

    I was at Tractor Supply earlier today, was hoping to find rabbits... the one I went to did not have any...

  3. Okay, I am definitely in love!

    And the vintage camper museum?!!! I love it. I need to drag the Artist there. He just doesn't understand or appreciate my fascination with them. What IS wrong with him?? I saw one while we went for a walk this week. I let out a little gasp..he got all excited, thinking I saw a wild animal and was quite ticked at me when I told him it was the camper, neglected behind an old farmhouse calling my name. Men!

  4. Love that little clothes pin cute is that with the apron...I can build a house but I can't sew a stitch..darn it....hurry and post about the vintage camper museum..can't wait...

  5. Your gifts are so sweet, I'm hungering after the dollhouse stuff! Your little ducks are adorable. Have fun with them.


  6. I can't wait to hear about all of those things. And your rug is beautiful! And It looks great, I don't see the problem you mention. As another very experienced weaver once told me, "Don't point out your mistakes, people will never see them..."

    I can't fully agree, but I do agree that when I don't point them out, no one sees them.

    Glad you are feeling better!

  7. Oh Jayme,
    Medicine for sick people...that's what little ducks are...Now I know why I don't feel any better this afternoon...I DON'T HAVE ANY BABY DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This sounds like as good a reason as I can come up with to get some chicks and ducks!!!
    too cute. I just love em. Hope they are gonna be on this channel every day. I'll be watching. LOVE the names. Most people that I have visited that have ducks also have chickens, and they just all mingle fine... Course I'm guessin you're gonna become the Duck whisperer now and you'll be sharing all the expert stuff soon. So I'll be tuning in.
    Loved all of your post, and can't wait to see all the follow-ups on what's happenin and hoppin around there. Glad you are better. Oh how I hope mine only lasts one day too!

  8. We use to hatch ducks in our incubator. Oh how I loved to watch those babies swim in the bathtub when they were the size of yours. Enjoy, it's what life is about appreciating the little things.

  9. Hello
    Those ducks are soooo cute! I enjoyed the duck cam...
    Sorry you have been sick and sorrowful-hope this week is a better one.

  10. Adding another thing to our "just alikes"...I was sick this week too. 1 day. Well, I still feel "skiddish" today, but just really SICK one day. I must be a little like Maud!!
    Let's try again for next week??

  11. Been doing everything but catching up on blogs this week...looks like I missed some great posts here..I'll be back. Have a ? first...which one is Maude and which is ClauDanne :P
    Hope you're feeling better. Come visit and enter the giveaway...
    Love all the other things on here too and can't wait for the soup, soap and camper posts (:
    Take care..

  12. DUH, watched the video after the comment...still can't tell them apart but you can and that's what counts (o:

  13. I have to tell you that I am in LOVE with those little ducks. Hmmm...wonder if we can have ducks in town...yeah...probably not. Hope today finds you feeling so much better!

  14. Oh my goodness!!!! The duckies. I never even thought about them taking little baths. How cute. Hey, just FYI, I've been having trouble with your blog for a few days now. The background is totally black and the words hardly show up. No matter how long I wait your cute background never comes up.

  15. Oh been busy girl!

    I love your new ducks. Do you take baths in that big ole tub with them? That would be fun methinks.

    I will be trying the roast. Made my mouth water just seeing the pics. :)

    I'm also crushing on your rug. I can't see where you messed up? Look darn good to me!

  16. Can't wait to see and hear more about the vintage camper/trailer museum!! Bring it on please.

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    (peep peep)

  17. Cute ducks - we had some and they stayed around - too close! They liked to sit on the porch and poo poo! Too much togetherness for me, but we did enjoy feeding them bread and watching them rinse it and eat it in the water! When their voices change you will be able to tell the difference. The females quack loudly, and the males only whisper!

  18. Oh those campers are just darling. I think those are small enough I would be able to pull one.
    The roast looks great and the soup also.
    Little duck are precious. We will have young Canada geese in our yard before long. They are local ones that never seem to imgrate.

  19. Those two little ducklings are precious and I love, love you video introducing them to us.

    Nice gifts, foods and wow~I love you first little rug. Still can't see your mistakes!

  20. Oh Jayme! Adorable! We want to add guinea fowl and ducks. Waiting until the farm house is alittle bit further along. Looking forward to the soup recipe, looks wonderful. Glad your feeling better.

  21. Sounds like you need to fashion a mini duck diaper for Maude! already have, haven't you. Fess up!
    Looking forward to all the goodies you have in store. You've been busy, girl.

  22. I love it that you have so much to tell all of us. It makes my day to visit someone special with a new post for me to read. Here ducky, ducky. I want. It's raining and the snow is melting. Spring is coming!

  23. They're baby chicks with weird beaks that can swim! LOL! :-D

    I've got baby bird fever, what can I say...

    Speaking of fever, so glad your illness left in a flash - you slept while your immune system kicked heiny! Wooh!

  24. Hi Jayme.

    Our ducks always stayed around. We have a pond and they found their way there. If you don't have a pond, you will need to get them a pool. They definitely love the water!!!

  25. The ducks are aDorable and I want you to keep doing the duck cams, I am going to show thi sto my pre-k students tomorrow and have them make them cards or draw them pictures. They love animals and right now we are taking care of stuffed animals...they are "vets'.

  26. Note to self- stay out of Tractor Supply. Must find other place to purchase bird seed as to not come home with baby ducks ;)

  27. Hi...
    We clip their wings to keep them from flying away. We had mallards and it turned out one was a boy and one was a girl so we named them Miss Susie and Mr. Drake.
    It was funny because the Presyterian pastor thought we named it after him because his last name was Drake.:)

  28. The baby ducks are precious, I hope they hang around with the chickens and stay awhile. Can't wait to see the Vintage Camper post.

  29. Oh wow Jayme, where do begin... First, I'm glad you were only sick for a day and are up and running again. I hate being sick... Your ducks are just the. cutest. things. EVER! Where do you keep them right now?
    Your first rug is beautiful! The colors are so pretty, you did really good! The gift from your friend are so nice, I especially like the clothespin holder. Mine is on it's last leg and I might just have to copy this and make myself a new one...
    Thank you for sharing the roast recipe, sounds easy and really yummy.

  30. If your "babies" were any cuter it would hurt!!!!!! I have a friend who only had one duck and it roamed the backyard with the chickens. She just had a kiddie pool with water so that it would take a swim whenever. So your little guys/gals should be fine. Thanks for sharing1 :)

  31. Jayme,

    Thanks for sharing. We had a nest of mallards in the yard and suddenly one day they were gone. I hope they went to the water and not a hungry predator. Glad you are feeling better and back to cooking, baking and rug making.


  32. Hello! I'm visiting today from Mari Larkin's blog. Enjoyed reading about your life and especially enjoyed the pictures!

    Hope you have a blessed weekend. Mississippi

  33. Oh, I want some! You can get baby ducks at Tractor's Supply? Never been in there. I wonder what the bank across the street would think about ducks in my yard? Or my critters? Do you think they'd take to one another?

  34. LOVE the duck cam! That is sooooooooooo cute! thanks for sharing!

  35. ClauDanne and Maude are so precious. It will be interesting to watch them grow. Usually the domesticated fowl stay close to home so don't worry about them leaving. If they DO 'fly the coop' they will return in the spring to have their young by you.
    Good luck and for now, have so much fun with them.
    I love your rug. I don't see a thing wrong with it. In fact, it looks like it would fit right in at my house. lol
    Your soup needs for me to try some.
    And the Vintage Camper Museum...what a would love to see the interior.
    BlessYa and Feel Better

  36. That's what I need. Duck therapy.
    They are very cute. Hope they decide to make life with your chickens their permanent home.

    The rug looks great!

  37. That camper is the project of my dreams! one day!!

  38. Jayme, I just wanted to tell you that I know why Glenco takes pictures of you while you are sleeping, you look like a beautiful angel.


  39. A vintage camper museum? Who knew! I can hardly stand it. I've been in love with airstreams forever! Those baby ducks are just about killing me. When I was 8 we had a small farm and we had ducks and chickens that ran free and everyone lived happily ever after. Well, until the pig got free but that's a story for another day.

  40. I still can't get over how cute they are! My husband will not thank you for sharing, but I DO!!

  41. Jayme,
    The Page is very cool. The duck cam is pretty neat too! I'm impressed how you have learned in life it's not about all the "fluff" it's about the "basics" like making your own rug!!! Your pictures, ALL your pictures are very nice!!!
    Unbelievable campers!!! I think I stayed in some of them when I was a youngster!!! At Jellystone in Portage, IN!!!

  42. Cutest blog, adorable ducks, hope you're feeling better, never blue, awesome campers! Happy to have found you... stop and see my some time at jennsthreegraces I make cards so if you ever have feathers... let me know! Jennifer

  43. Loved the Duckcam. Maud and Claudanne are such cuties. I'm looking forward to seeing them grow up right here in blogland!

  44. Oh. My. Stars. I love them! We had ducks growing up - my sister would love on them as babies, and as they would grow up they'd follow us around like we were their mommy. So cute.


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