Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fowl Language

I don't use it.

Foul language, that is.
It's not lady like.

But, sometimes, there aren't any other words that work.
I did swear when I was warping my loom.
I do confess to that.
I do confess to swearing when joking around, cause, I just think it's funny then.

But in normal conversation?
Swearing is bad grammar's bed partner, if'n ya ask me.

I do hate that I judge people that swear and use bad grammar.
I really don't want to.
It's just when I hear it....bad grammar mixed with swearing -
I automatically assume that the person is under educated, abused, missing teeth or some other misfortunate soul.

And yet I completely adore Gordon Ramsey.
So go figure.
I'm a conundrum - if in fact a person can be one.

This is my kind of 'fowl language'
Talking to my fabulous chickens.

This was a little video I shot of the girls last fall. At the very end, I say 'dude look like a lady' - it's because at the time, I didn't know if I had a chicken that I would name 'Steve' or 'Annie'.

She's now known as Annie.


  1. Cute chicks! I totally agree with you on the swearing and grammar thing.

  2. I don't care for an over use of swearing but those words ARE in the dictionary so my take is that they may be used from time to time. Especially when I run into the corner of a piece of furniture and bust a shin or hip on it. Then all bets are off as to what may come out of my mouth.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. Jayme - you're allowed to swear when warping a loom. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's required. :-)

  4. Jayme, Jayme,

    My husband was a Literature Proffessor, grammer is a must in our house, but if my dogs can talk and tell him what I say when he is not home....God help me.

    Those words just come out of my mouth as if I were a truck one would believe the things that I have said.

    Oh well I guess that we are only human. : ).

    I don't know why I can not watch the video, but I will try again later.

    You are sooooooooooooooo lucky to have that loom.


  5. I'll take fowl over foul language any day. As for bad grammar, I have a co-worker who says 'youse' all the clients. It drives me insane!


  6. I'm a luvvin that thar videooo you just shown us. You learnt me a lot bout them chikns. I aint never seen such purty fowl. You done good ...gurll...pickn them out.
    Here's to you n your'n.
    ****hee hee hee hee hee. (this would sound like the maniacal laughter of Ernest T Bass on The Andy Griffith Show) And notice I put a "fowl" word in their too.
    Laughing my way out of your post. too funny! love the video. Hugs

  7. I never swear in "public" but i do among friends for funny factor and when I am really mad-but still not in public. People who know me well know when I am really angry around my house. I also never swear around children. Just doesn't happen and I kinda consider myself lucky because I know some people who can't stop themselves, children about or no.

    I have also been fairly successful in my "older years" at substitutes, even when alone-go figure. I like "Beans and rice!" and "shut the front door!" But I still cant help a good "WTF" when exasperated.

  8. Frost bite.. darn it.. shoot me wee toe.. rats. Those are good words..

    No video for me to view.. rats.. and thank goodness for Annie.. Go Annie Go!

    and 'youse' is a midwest slang as my children were exposed to this back in the 90's when we relocated.. took years to take it out of em.

    with love,

  9. Thank goodness! I thought I was the only one who talked fowl to my girls (the hens that is!).

  10. You have easter eggers! woo awesome! Lovely flock you have there :-)

  11. My lunch bunch play dominoes every Monday when we are wintering in Yuma. Swear words do sneak up on all of us throughout the game. I think it is because we are so competitive . I threaten to bring a swear jar , a quarter, a swear and when the jar is filled we go out for lunch with the money. Bad idea though, that would just make us swear more! Seriously, I do hate to swear and it really sounds horrible when people use it as part of their conversation. I find women swear much more then men.

  12. Bad grammer really does get my goat also. Love your fowls!

  13. Nothing funnier than throwing out a random swear to Corco when he least expects it. For his ears only - I'm not a "for real" foul talker. :)

    ps- I like your voice.

    pss - How creepy was my ps? Very creepy.

  14. I just found your blog - I love it. I was Googling for "chicken tractor" & don't exactly know how I wound up here, but glad I did.

  15. I swear I heard Annie say Cluck you after you sang 'dude look like a lady'. Foul language, indeed!

    I have told strangers to stop swearing in public places where there are children and older people. It's offensive. Besides the 'shock' or impact of cursing is lost if it is incorporated into your everyday use. Still, I hate when a television show will bleep out 'ass' yet go on to a commercial about erectile disfunction and a pill that will cure it so you can get some ass!

    I especially detest people that make up their own version of the language
    i.e.; I axed you a question and those that flat out refuse to learn it. ¿Me entiendes, mi amiga?


  16. Your chickens are beautiful. It looks like you have every possible color. Oooooh, I'm so tempted...hubby has even investigated coop ideas. Not this year though. I know my limitations. I wish I was close enough to buy eggs though. I'd want all mine to come from Helen, and then maybe her wisdom and common sense would sink in. Gorgeous girls you got there, Jayme.

  17. There are times and places I find it is appropriate to swear. Swearing while in the car after almost being run off the road qualifies. There is nothing quite so comforting as a few swear words at a time like that.

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  19. I confess to swearing, though I am working on it!!!

    Love your ladies. I just got a buff orpington chick a few days ago, please tell me that's what your chicken in the first picture is? Beautiful!

  20. Foul language is for the birds.....

    Although I've been known to use a couple under my breath that start with D or H...
    Love your gals...and your singing (o:

    Come visit again sometime...

  21. Loved the chicken video - I talk to my cat like you do your chickens...and pretty much any other animal, including horses. Your chickens are beautiful! We'd love to have some too, plus the farm to go with them. Sigh...hopefully someday soon.
    BTW, this is my first visit. I LOVE your blog title, it made me laugh out loud. I immediately got a visual of Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday yelling "I look like the crypt keeper!!" I'm still chuckling.
    Another thing, are you sure you aren't related to me or something...'cause I too am a mid 40's farm girl from the midwest - from Hebron originally, transplanted to New England back in 1979. Grew up on a 40 acre farm, with a horse, cows, the whole shebang. Still trying to get back to the farm, if you know what I mean. And I love the whole 'homemaking' thing, baking my own bread each week, absolutely LOVE old farm houses, barns, and enjoy doing handwork, like cross stitching, wool felt applique, sewing.
    I admire your honesty in your posts. I too, agree with the swear thing. Very unladylike. :0)
    Did I mention I have cousins in Crown Point? Ok, enough rambling on. So glad to meet you! I'll be back!


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