Monday, March 8, 2010

Must - Have Salad Recipe

Ok ya'll, I just couldn't leave that sad post up as the last thing I said today! My goodness. I'm feeling so much better, and have a better perspective on things. I could say so much, but all I'm going to say is, yes, my parents loved each other. I just know it in the core of my soul. They were absolutely amazing people. Words can't describe how much I miss them. Were their hearts perfect? Of course not. Mine isn't either.

I'm afraid I am coming down with the cold that Aaron and Glenco had.

Ok...upward and onward....and Cindy...I'm laughing...cause you think I'm well adjusted. Are you sure you realized who's blog you were posting on!? :-D

Just wanted to share this recipe with you. I'm serious when I say it was the tastiest salad I've eaten to date. I can't wait to grill a chicken breast and throw it in the mix. I'm going to be making this a LOT. It was so fast and easy to throw together. The salad dressing mixed up in a flash, and well, I just can't say enough about it. It's haunting me!

Here's a link for it. It's from Gooseberry Patch.
It says it serves 10.
Who are they kidding.
It served four when I made it.

Thank you again for giving me the space to pour my guts out. Thanks for being a safe place.


  1. Jayme made a very similar salad yesterday I used pecans instead and only pear and cranberries. I also added blue cheese and the chicken since we now have some sunshine and temps hitting a whopping 50 degrees it seemed like salad weather.
    Very sad day here our son(a Marine)left for Afganistan yesterday from Camp Lejeune, NC. I see you have another Marine mom on your site was wondering if her son has gone and what unit he is with. nancy settel (

  2. Aww, Jayme you're so sweet, we all love you here!

  3. Jayme, Jayme, Jayme...Sometimes we just know too much, eh? Coming from a home where mom had been married 3 times, and dad had been married 3 times, I have had a LOT of unanswered questions. And, I too, know too much. Trust that your folks knew exactly what they were doing and were happy with the choices they made. Maybe not happy the way WE would be happy, but happy nonetheless!
    And know that YOU are loved, just the way you are!!!

  4. Yay, Rah! She's walked out of the foggy dismal morning with that BIG ole smile back on her face. That's our Jayme. Whoop! She's Baaaaaack.

  5. Looks like the salad I had at Chick Fil A today, but not.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  6. sorry you were feeling blue, but glad you're on your way back up. You are always such a ray of sunshine, even on a foggy day. Keep feeling better, friend.
    I love new salad recipes. This one looks very springy and fresh. And take care of yourself so that cold doesn't take hold.

  7. That salad? Sounds to die for! Only I don't like pears, so if I make it I'll leave them out... should still be OK, yes?

    Your place, your blog, your space.


  8. I am a salad freakazoid to the nth degree! And I have actually had this particular salad. And it is very, very good.

  9. Yippie Skippie!! I have all the ingredients except the pear! Maybe I'll run to Stracks tomorrow and pick meself up one!!! I think I'm grilling chicken tomorrow...if the fog lifts! Ha!

  10. That sounds so good! I love apple in a salad. That's going on my to my list. I think I'm going to make that soup recipe you made recently tonight. I'm glad you are feeling better now. Hugs to you sweet Jayme.

  11. Girlfriend, if I was as well adjusted as you, I'd be bottling the stuff and selling it on the corner. :)

    I may try this salad...but I"m really hungry for a cheeseburger...


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