Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Upstairs Bedroom - Take Two

Let's try this again, shall we?
Should have done this yesterday, but I was too eager to post pics.
Last night whilst lying in bed, I thought of this arrangement.

What do you think?
I tried to do a panoramic type view of the room.

I'm not totally in love with the chair in there, but I am in love with the chair. One of my first curbside treasures. I could recover the cushion, etc...with no chair there, it looks rather plain. If I don't keep it in this room, I have to get rid of it. There is absolutely no where else in the house for it.

See how the ceiling curves? I think it's cool..but I'm going to have to repaint the ceiling, because you can still see some yellow over the taupe.

The room is really bathed in light. My house faces south. I have all wood blinds on all of my windows in the house. I like them (waving at Cheryl). I gave up curtains a few years ago, but now I'm thinking, that some fabric on the windows might be a nice touch. When my house was all primitives, it all seemed so cluttered to me, so of course, I went for the exact opposite when I redecorated.

The loom in the corner, on an angle. It seems to welcome you to sit and weave. My grandma-ma's old sewing machine in front of the window. If it weren't a family heirloom, I wouldn't care if it stayed or left.

The ceiling fan is an eyesore. Can't believe I've lived with it this long. Staying true to my 'nothing new' this year....spray paint will fix it.

I decided to paint my circa 1980 bedroom set a distressed, antique cream. I thought it would pop nicely with the bed on the wall here. This is the only place the bed can afford a nightstand as well. The old lamp, can go or stay, but it will be painted and re-shaded if it stays.
I want to make a new bedskirt. Something with color. I want to redo the pillows on the bed....

The bed on this wall bothers me somewhat, I keep thinking of a decorating 'rule' that I read somewhere, where the headboard should be the first thing you see when you enter a bedroom.

The chest of drawers is going to have to stay. I just plum need the closet space. The only closet in the house is that doorknobless one in the corner. It's filled with rug making supplies and scuba gear! I think once it's painted, and the knobs are different, it might be ok. The space heater. Don't ask. Glenco isn't taking it out. It's kinda cool when we do sleep up here in the winter, it's like a little fireplace.

Ok, let's talk about that floor. I just KNEW I would evoke alot of comments when I talked about painting it. Ladies...I'm almost 50. I want to play in the dirt, and camp in The Squirrel. I don't want to spend my time stripping and refinishing things. I painted the hall floor.....see?

The door to the left in this picture is my workout room. Can't show you that now, cause it's a bit piled up with all the stuff that was in the bedroom :-) But, the floor is painted in there too, and me like.

Here is a photo, showing the three room merging. Just seems that the floor in the bedroom should be painted so it all 'flows'.

From a far, in the pictures, the floor does look lovely.
Let's take a closer look at it.


Lookie here.

I was sloppy when I painted, assuming the floor would be painted.

The jury is still out on the floor. I can't imagine what I could do to it to make it look good enough. Then the whole floor not matching thing would get to me.

I can't thank you enough for your comments! I have quite a few ideas tucked in my head now. I'm thinking the first thing I should do is to get the headboard and dresser painted.

Keep the comments coming. Let me know how you like this arrangement. I can move things again and take more pics.

I can't wait to start the painting, the layering in of junk and cool stuff, to make this room come alive!

(Mirjana...send me an email!)


  1. My great grandma had a loom just like yours! She did rag rugs and sold them to supplement her social security/retirement income. My mom has some of the rugs that she still uses and the weave is fine but the warp is starting to fray, and my great grandma died over 30 years ago. The rugs last that long! My cousin has the loom now and makes rugs on it. It was so neat to see it in your upstairs bedroom. :)

  2. I really like the room the way it is now. Is there really a rule where you are supposed to see a headboard first? If so, some rules are supposed to be broken... Your loom is amazing! Please show us your finished rug!!

  3. You are making me want a loom, and it's not that I wouldn't have room for one.... it's all the supplies for the weaving that would require their own place.

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    (paint, don't paint, paint, don't paint...such a dilemma.)

  4. Your lay out today works very well. Good job. Quite different than yesterdays...but it is nice and welcoming.
    Go ahead and paint then girl..but my question is, with all the scratches in the wood, won't they still show through if painted? Seems you would still have to do about the same amount of prep work either way. Just a thought.
    When we built my house here, I bought and paid PREMIUM buckos to have wood floors put down that were already stressed and worn looking. Hear that? Lot's o' moola! What I would have given to have bought a house with the wood floors already looking like that. You are blessed!

  5. This is THE arrangement. I wouldn't change a thing. That decorating rule was meant to be broken.

    Now that you've shown the other painted floors, I get what you're saying. I still don't think I would do it though. I'm REAL lazy and don't mind my beat up floors at all. I claim it gives them character. Really I just like them because the scratches draw your attention away from all the dirt. LOL

  6. YES! That's it! I almost suggested the bed there yesterday, but I hesitated. Forget the decorating rule and keep it like this! I love the loom in the corner, too. Instead of the bed being the focal point, the loom is - and yet the bed still looks like it should be in there with this arrangement. The other arrangements made me think "Is this a bed room or a craft room?".

    If you paint the floor will it scratch easily? I've never done that, so I really have no clue.

    Love how it's looking!

  7. I'm painting the concrete floor of my back porch this summer. Whadya think of THAT? ;)

    And I'm waivin' back with 2 thumbs up on the blinds!!

    And I think I like your new arrangement...

    This is gonna be fun, but if we dont' hurry, it's all gonna be done!


  8. Yup...this is it! And, if you think you can't live with the idea of the floor NOT painted butting up against the painted one, then paint away! I think the creamy color for the bed will be perfect in that room. Looks so much better already!!!

  9. Ya know, I went to bed last night thinking about your room, and thought "she could try the bed on the big wall" because the bed isn't the point of that room....the LOOM is. So I definitely likey! I also think the chair looks like it belongs there.

    Alrighty, I think I'm done with opinions on your upstairs room :)

  10. I love your quilt!
    Nice blog. Looking forward to getting neat ideas from you.

  11. Jayme - I agree with everyone else. I like the new arrangement. It looks balanced and cozy. I am so envious of your loom, but I've already told you that. If painting that floor makes you happy, I say do it. Can't wait to see pictures of the finished room.

  12. I've loved this bedroom for years, it's perfect just as it is, I liked yesterday too though. When I finally run away from home, this is where I'm coming, and you know it. I need to swing by and get you your stuff. Promise to do so soon, smooches, me

  13. Okay, me no beat you up over painting floors, lol! I am LOVING this arrangement-it is perfect! That warm color on the floor with the creamy furniture is a lovely thought! I like the chair too, perfect light there for reading! Maybe a little stool to put your feet up there too, and a place to put some good reading, like a basket. I think that the term is feng-shui, and it says that when you sleep you should be able to face who enters the room, BUT! The room isn't primarily for sleeping. A warm colored dust ruffle, a paint job and new shade for the lamp (it should go next to chair), a small lamp on the bedside table, a footstool and magazine/book basket, a few well placed treasures along with cream colored chest and bed and YOUR ARE IN BUSINESS! Hey...what about renting the room 'bed and breakfast' style!?! I get first booking, "K"?!?!

  14. I like the room the way it is now. I think the floor would look great painted. would match the other floors.

  15. I know the rule of which you speak but I think you should forget you ever heard it. Nothing looks cramped with this arrangement. Your work is done. : )


  16. I rarely comment on blogs but I have to say I just love your blog! You are my kind of people...I have chickens too that I refer to as "The Girls."

    I wish I could help with the arrangement but I'm arrangement challenged - we haven't moved furniture in our rooms in 10 years....except for cleaning.

    I homeschool my kids, I'm 48 ::weep::, I have a big, organic garden and I have bees. I want sheep though too....lambs. For the freezer.


  17. Three words... Don't paint floor

  18. Like it. Love it. Today arrangement is wonderful.

    Regarding painting the floor. I see what you are talking about and why you want to paint the floor in the guest/loom room. Go girl.

    I too want a loom!

    Hugs and smiles to you.

  19. Cannot wait to see the bed finished!
    My dining set is almost finished and painted the dining room walls a burnt almond. Waiting for warmer weather to open the windows so I can apply the protective coat without asphyxiating all of us.
    Good luck with all your projects (~~)

  20. I love this arrangement. Don't worry about the headboard rule, because I think it's the perfect place for the bed. I understand if you must paint the floor. It looks like it would make everything flow together if all the floors were the same. Do what ya gotta do!

  21. Love the room! Can I come & sleep there? :-)
    I would love for you to see our beautiful pine floors that he stripped and put 4 coats of polyurathane on. Beautiful! (now where is that spell checker?)

  22. Jayme I think the layout of the room is great and I would leave the chair in. It's always nice to have a place to sit. On painting the floor, go for it! I painted my kitchen floor and I love it. Have fun!

  23. Well, I certainly don't lament the painting of floors...or "antiques"...or anything! Paint the floor. I adore painted floors. I really do. So farm-housey and Swedish. Also, I like the bed on that wall. It really opened up the room. And I wish you wouldn't have told me about that "rule", because not it'll be stuck in my noggin' forever....

  24. Love, love, love painted floors! I understand that people do get their panties all wadded up about such things but I would love to have the nerve to do it. I'm glad you are painting the bed a light color. I think you'll love that. I'm excited for you to have a project. I can't wait to start over. Spring, fresh starts...sigh.

  25. Jayme I am lovin the color of the walls in here and the rugs you are making. I have painted floors in the past from barn red to antique white and I loved them all. I think antique white for the bed and dresser then add a tobacco glaze over it to bring out all the nooks and crannies. Off white floors might not be bad either with those beautiful rugs on them. nancy

  26. I love the room. I like the chair in there. It gives it a cozy feel. Like it's a place to relax. I'm on the fence on the floor.

  27. I'd call in someone to sand the floors and put polyurethane on them - we had it done in a house we owned and it didn't cost as much as I thought - plus, it is the finish up on bowling alleys, and holds up well! Love the curved ceiling you showed - it sure adds to the look of your cute room design!

  28. Hi! Your loom and your old sewing machine are crying out to be used! My advice is to put the bed elsewhere or sell it, leave the old floor as is, and use this beautiful room with all its natural light as a weaving and sewing studio! You could even set up a quilting frame....
    Karen (Rural Revival's mom)

  29. Headboard rule? It's your house & you get to make the 'RULES'. Painted floors are nice but labor intensive. I would clean up the paint spatters & do one of those revitalize kits like 'orange-glo'. Cheaper & quicker. Find them in the cleaning aisle at W-M.....You could make some nice rugs on your loom to cover any really ugly places. My Mom had a hand loomed rug that was ancient, it just recently became unusable. She folded it good side out & made a cushion for a lawn chair!!

  30. Well,
    I just want to say first: cause I can't help it.... DITCH the decorating rules. WHO IN THE WORLD made the decorating rules...I mean please, please, tell me...WHO IS IT ? Rules are for magazine layouts and stagings for open houses that are for sale, and, and, and oh whatever else it is that says a room has to fit into a certain definition and look to be correct. Rules are made to be broken. They are simply guidelines to start working within. Then you can just go wild bending them!!!! :-) :-) Sorry, just couldn't help myself. Tips and rules are nice, but never ever concrete. The room looks nice! It's coming! Can't wait to see the finished product. Oh and by the way I guess you can tell I'm an eclectic - do it the way you love it ....type when it comes to feathering and building the nests we live in. Do it YOUR way. I know you will. And every comment coming in is just filled with love and encouragement and excitement for you as we get to share in the transformation. No matter what you do, WE WILL CHEER for you. woo-hoo. Having fun yet???? :-)

  31. I think if you want to paint the floor, get out the brushes! Rules are more like guidelines, generally preferable, but meant to be taken on a case by case basis :-)

  32. I love the room just the way it is. Enjoy my daily read of your blog.

  33. I'm facing possible refinishing of floors I just refinished a few years ago. (We have a massive lab with gnarly claws.) The thought of working on floors at this point in my life makes me want to cry, so I'm looking into waxing and buffing. You might take a look at it, depending on what sort of finish you have now.


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