Friday, July 31, 2009


Wanted to share this with you for a couple of reasons. First of all, it's one of the favorite spots in my house. The big photo of the tree and the bench reminds me SO much of the park in Chicago where I grew up and spent most of my childhood. The small photo of the child at the beach is me, and perhaps the last time I looked decent in a bathing suit. I love clocks. My dear friend Chris gave me the wallwords that say 'Sleep perchance to dream...'. So, just to look at this spot makes me happy.

I also wanted to share it with you cause I didn't sleep a wink last night! I'm not sure why. Hormonally, the progesterone cream has pretty much cured my insomnia. Last night was different. I was too excited to sleep. I kept thinking of things I wanted to do, make, and blog about! I should have just gotten up.

I coined this phrase last night: 'The floorboards of my mind are creaking under the weight of ideas". I also coined "You are a bull in my emotional china shop", but that is for another day and post.

A snippet of what was going on in my mind....

I should have gotten braces as a child. Is the goldfish still alive? Did I just hear a chicken squawk?? Were they all in the coop last night when I locked them in? If I got a cow...exactly where would I put the fence? Omagosh I can't wait to start embroidering again. I want to dress like a vintage housewife. What the heck am I doing wrong with my camera? I keep forgetting to call Lisa. Who did my hair back in 2006?

Ya...I could go on and on.

Speaking of my camera. I must be on a huge learning curve, cause I'm starting to want my OLD one back. I can't seem to get a good photo on this one. I've a lot to learn I guess. I apologize for the quality of the photos lately.

Question of the day: Does anything keep you up at night? Are you a sound sleeper?


  1. I love this post Jayme. Really, I am looking forward to my 40' all have something that us 30-somethings just don't posess yet, and maybe that we can't quite fathom. At least I can't! Care to share about your 30's? I am in a rough patch, a pit, and could use some encouragement. I adore your wall grouping! :)

    And as far as sleep...I have been waking early, 3ish, for the usual bathroom trip and sometimes I just lay in bed, tired, but can't sleep and not sure what I'd do if I got up. Like I said, I have been in a pit lately.

  2. I'm not sure what you think we 40ish gals have going.....incontinence? Insomnia? Violent mood swings?? seriously. I like my 40's so far, I just don't like the old lady skin.

    My 30's were a bit whacky. It seems to be the years that you are on the back burner, and everything and everyone needs you. Kids, parents, etc. That is the years that Aaron was born, my parents were both so ill and elderly, I worked, had a business. I know that I really didn't know myself in my 30. I remember 38 being one of my favorite years though. I'm not all sure what you are going through, but I'd be more than happy to talk to you via email if you'd like! Just drop me a line, k?

  3. well you know me OF COURSE I was up last 4:30 with stomach pains so that just led me to lie awake until after 6:15 thinking, do I have a kidney stone, could it be those 2 motrin's I took for my aching legs because of course you know the bottle said to only take one, maybe my kidney's are shutting down because I took 2 I have gall stones, will I have enough sick time to take off work, oh right FML let's see what else, oh thinking about Chris coming home, heading back down to Purdue what stuff we'll pack to take back to the apt...the list goes on and on

  4. Jayme, I too went through the "mind racing" in my late thirties to 50ish something. The Dr.'s said it was part of menopause and just plain bad case of nerves. I was one who didn't fly through menopause with no side effects. My thirties was a mixture of strong change, forties were wonderful but once I hit 50... everthing has changed to never go back as I once knew life. Some good, some not so good. will continue on, with or without.
    I love the whole clock scenery. Very peaceful to look at.
    On another note....when will the chickens begin to give you eggs?? Or do they think you have provided them with a bed and breakfast never having to work for their keep?
    Have a blessed week-end!

  5. Dear Anonymous

    I'm not so sure it's mind racing, alTHOUGH, interestingly enough I did start my period the next morning! Sometimes it's almost a mania. I want to do so many things NOW! Like I've no impulse control. :-) I'm so close to 50 it's not funny, and I just can't figure out where the time has gone. I no longer want to spend my time looking back, or even too far forward really, I just want to look at what is in front of me NOW.

    Stubs should be laying very soon. The other girls, probably not til the end of September. Typical teenagers. They get all the benefits of a home without any responsibilites! Guess what is due!

  6. I wanted to look at the pics more closely but the cp wouldn't let me. I would love to see more fam pics of yester year of you guys. Love u, Me

  7. That quote on the wall is charming...unless you are me. And then, you think, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

    I'm telling you, my dreams are beyond nutso.

  8. Jayme aka The Coop KeeperAugust 1, 2009 at 9:30 PM

    FlowerPatch are STILL having crazy dreams huh? Hmmm......

  9. That happens to me too. I just can't stop thinking about projects and ideas and I make myself nuts. And then ... well, they don't get done in the light of day! :)

    I love the shelf and wall words. It's beautiful!

  10. The pictures of your house are beautiful Jayme! Don't change a thing, at least for awhile.
    Don't worry about fifty, it's a cinch! Love, Sandy


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