Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh My Mocha

Oh my dear Mocha....what happened? You were missing for two days and we found you like this. I'm heartbroken and oh so worried.

So is Aaron.

Calvin....not so much.

Your mom was asking about you today. She looks so worried.

She stayed up all night. She even sent out the bat signal in hopes it would help.

Here you are this morning. Don't try to get up need your rest. The Dr. doesn't know what happened to you, neither do I. 105 fever. No food ingested in three days. Salivating. Lethargic. All tests came back clear. Please pray for my kitty.

Even the chickens were up late last night worried. Note to's called a ROOST pole. You are supposed to use it. Bird brains.


  1. It's amazing how kitty's can turn around when you think they don't stand a chance...thus the saying "9 lives"! Hoping that Mocha beats this challenge and comes out on top of things...even if it does cost him a "life or two"!

  2. So sorry about your kitty. Cats do have a good recovery rate and you were so good with Helen I know you will be a great nurse to Mocha too.

    Your picnic sounded great! You do have a lovely family and it sounds like you have a good time together.

  3. Oh no! So sorry! I hope Mocha will be okay, he looks like a scrappy little guy. Blergh! These animals, do they know what they put us through?

  4. Hope Mocha is better in no time! Who knows what crazy kitties get into when we're not looking. And what's up with the hens? Mine do that too.

  5. He looks pretty rough in that first one! I hope he gets to feeling better soon. I have one cat in particular who gets beat up all the time by Lord knows what and recovers after a few days. Cats are pretyt resilient! Love the pics! :)

  6. Poor Mocha Kitty, I am sure with your tender loving care he will make a come back.
    Maybe another wicked animal lurks outside where he roamed away from home.

  7. Oh no, poor Mocha :(

    Maybe he was protecintg the gurlz from predators? Get well, sweet Mocha...


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