Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nothing a Trip to the Library Can't Fix.....

Thanks for your kind comments regarding my 'outofsortness'. I've been off kilter a few days, but feel that I got my mojo back late last night as I finished pitting the cherries....ohhh about midnight. I'm happy to report that all the sour cherries are resting safely in the freezer.

I've taken all of your comments to heart. I really have.

I made a trip to the library yesterday. That always cures what ails me. Book therapy. Now, I'm not joking when I say that I had to go pee as soon as I got there, I was THAT excited when I found a few of these great books. When I go to the library, it's like all of my organs get mixed up and put in places they don't belong. It's hard to describe.

I'm not sure if you can read the titles or not. Do you have ANY idea how hard it was to NOT get a few cookbooks? I'm the poster child of self control.

See that top book? ADHD & Me. Ya. Well....I'm diagnosing myself with Adult ADHD. Are you laughing yet? If you know me in 'real' life, you probably are.

Not shown in that pile are the cds, dvds and homeschooling books that I brought home as well.

Aaron was quite proud of his pile. A new 'thing' we started is that he has to get books from the following categories every two weeks:

Age appropriate novel
Practical how-to

Well how did this chicken pic get in here? I just wanted to show you how big the girls are getting. I'll have to properly introduce you to each of them in another post. That's Helen on the upper left. She's a true blue chicken now. She even runs away from me, the ingrate. If you are new to the blog, you'll have to read back to some of the Helen stories. Click on the 'chickens' link on the lefthand side.

PS If you're a family member, and you keep coming here checking for family picnic pics, please be patient with me...they should be up by this time tomorrow.

Until then.....be grateful ya'll.


  1. Well! I am happy to read (here and in my comments!) that I am not alone with the out-of-control pee urges. It just happens, right? Good. And I want to read some of those books! Libraries are my favorite place too. We always go home with an armload because we can't control our urges. Hmm. Like pee. Sorry. Enough.

  2. I need a library run! I love to go to the library, but it is very different going to the library with four extra. And one of those is two. Not quite as relaxing. And, when you have to pay a surprise $49 fine bc some certain children checked out some computer games and did not return them to the library box. But, I will not be bitter. Well, a little anyway.

    I need to tell Mark I need an ALONE library run. Our library is awesome and just opened it's own coffee shop IN THE LIBRARY. Bliss.

    I love the idea of having your nephew check out books from different categories. I might implement something like that when our "real" school starts back. Have you noticed if it has made him not want to read as much, or has it helped?

  3. I love the library! You sure came home with a great stack! :) So did Aaron! How funny that Helen now runs from you....after all the chicken wearing and nursing you did? Just like a real kid. :)

  4. Sigh..I haven't had a library run in such a long time. Yes I said RUN. I wonder why I haven't had the oomph to take something else on. Yard Sale on Oakley 7/15. I will be helping my friend. Sorry she says no early birds. If you are out and about stop by.
    That Helen has turned into a 'real teenager'!

  5. I guess I should say the sale starts at 8 a.m. hehe

  6. How ungrateful is that Helen?? The two of you have such a history together and you saved her pecking little life. I guess I won't take a ride out just to hold her if she's no longer personable. :) I am so glad the trip to the library gave you such good feelings. Not too mention all the good reading. Have a wonderful week-end.

  7. Mama Hen...It's a bit too new of a thing to notice if it's encouraging or discouraging him. I don't FORCE him to read them, he at least has to look at the pictures. :-)

    Linda....Helen will let you hold her. We just gotta catch her first!

    Julie....sorry I missed the sale...that's one of the things I've had to let go right now. :-( No time.


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