Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Love Puberty

Say you had a pimply-faced, oft times moody 13 year old boy around the house all the time. Say, that you 'accidentally' squirted him with the hose today. Say that he got 'out of sorts' when you did, muttering something about his suede flip flops. Say you roll your eyes, say he rolls his. Say he and his friend go off to the Squirrel to probably talk about how lame adults are. Say you let a little time go by and think of something funny to do. Say you tape a bottle of Pamprin (what a boy in puberty needs if you ask me) to a telescopic marshmallow toaster and plan a sneak attack to the camper to poke it in the window at him.

Say you are trying to plan your attack since there are windows on every side. Say you think...hmmm...I'll go around the blue lagoon and then sneak up, hopefully unseen. Say you have Crocs on. Say you just watered a new shrub border that is a full of clay soil and you haven't mulched yet. Say you step on that clay soil and go flying. Say you fall down and are covered in mud. Say you lay there laughing hysterically and the aforementioned pubescent teen comes out of the trailer laughing hysterically.

Say you shower, wash your shoes off, and start laundry on a day that isn't laundry day at all. Say you feel so grateful that you can resolve conflict sometimes with good ole belly laugh.

*Head bowed, hands folded* Dear Jesus....get me through the teen years. In one piece. With a sense of humor. Amen.


  1. Yes, laughter is better than Pamprin. I have three that will be going through puberty at pretty much the same time. Add my hormonal moodiness to the mix and "Heaven help me."

  2. Just perfect. Made me laugh!!

  3. No teenagers here, yet, but perhaps you've hit the nail on the head. Humor. Laughter. The sure-fire cure for everything. And you made me laugh because perhaps I could use a little Pamprin or a smack in the head or something today, in my cranky, tired mood. So thank you very much!


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