Friday, July 17, 2009

The Family "Pig"nic

For about three years now, I've been hosting a family get together here at the house. It's informal, as most picnics are. It's all of Glenco's side of the family. The only family I have close by is Cindy and Aaron, and I do see them everyday. Glenco's family, even though they are relatively close by, we only see them once a year for the most part. I am to be remedying that soon.

About 15 minutes before it was supposed to start, I came down with a killer headache. I apologize to the family members that I didn't even get a picture of!

Allow me to introduce you to.....

Jim and Sarah. Dad and Daughter. Glenco's younger brother and his oldest girl. Sarah, I know you are LOVING me for posting this pic. They have a great relationship.

This is the lovely Samantha. Oh my she is so lovely, and she has lovely offspring. This is Elena. She has a son too...but did I get a pic? Um...nope.

I'm sure you recognize Lenny Kravitz here. That is Cindy, my older sister (I'm the baby), Aaron's mom. She needs a good man if you have one available.

Here is Jim again and his dashing son Ryan. Ryan is the second born, the first born Jason, was unable to attend due to work.

Oh! Here is the front side of Ryan. How cute is he? He's a 24 year old bachelor. Send in your resumes girls! And that is Glenco manning the grill. I've never been so painfully aware of how badly I need a cupola on the garage.

Here's a much better pic of Sarah. I wouldn't diss ya girl. So pretty. Looks run in Glen's side of the family.

Here's the niece Rachel. She's Jim's last born.

Sherie and Valerie. I sure wish these gals lived closer. Oh the times we could have. Oh the weeds they could pull for me. Glenco's two younger sisters. Glen is the eldest.

Here is Aaron again with Miranda, Sherie's daughter. Every year, when I take pics, it's the kids that just get me. Heck, hard to even call them kids anymore, you know? She has breasts now. When did that happen? I demand to know.

I had an awfully nice time. The Advil Liqui-gels kicked in and I just totally took it easy and let everyone wait on themselves. It's amazing really. People really do know how to poor their own drinks and find forks. I never realized that before!

Melissa..I'm so sorry I didn't get your photo. A pox upon me. I'm sorry. I also didn't get a pic of the two little hooligans in the pool, or the progesterone cream that ended up on the bathroom ceiling! TOO FUNNY! I KNEW I shoulda put that away.....I'm not used to little ones about anymore.

Here's the matriarch of the whole clan. Genevieve. A mild mannered gentle soul she is. She's had a hard time in life. I'm not quite sure why she reminds me of the Godfather in this pic. I mean no disrespect. I just keep hearing Marlon Brando in my head.

I asked the I mean, Genevieve for a very special thing and she, I mean, said yes. About 20 years ago, I gave her a sewing box that my mom had given me when I was 11. Why? I've no idea. I used to be awfully bad about things like that. I really so don't like clutter, and it must have been clutter at that time.....she still has it, and she's giving it back. It's going to be SO special to me. I just can barely wait.


  1. Progesterone cream on the ceiling? Oh you MUST tell how that happened!!

  2. Ryan looks like a cute Robbie Benson. Remember him? Glad to hear the picnic went well.

  3. What a perfect setting for a lovely family picnic!
    It was so nice to see Glen's family members.
    I am sure it turned out wonderful.


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