Monday, July 20, 2009

The Big City

Let me preface this post by saying I was born in Chicago. Raised in Chicago. Worked in Chicago. Married in Chicago. Accustomed to city life, I worked in the 'Loop' and commuted by trains and buses daily. I love the museums, the Lake, the shopping, the 'energy'.

It's been a long time since I've been in the city my friends. I'm only an hour away from it out here. This weekend I realized that I wasn't just an hour away, I was light years away.

We attended the Dearborn Garden & Architectural Tour yesterday. 22 award-winning gardens on display on Chicago's Gold Coast. The gardens were magnificent. Most weren't bigger than my living room but stunning nonetheless.

This one was a personal favorite.

It was a beautiful day in the city. 75 degrees and sunny, with a beautiful lake breeze. Oh how I miss that lake breeze.

I became painfully aware about 20 minutes after getting to the city that it's been a long time since I'd been in that mode. I seriously thought a woman was hitchhiking when I realized she was hailing a cab. I used to hail cabs!

I won't even go into how I felt about my clothes. So many people dressed so fashionably. This is my latest fashion accessory. It's a keychain. Oh gets's also a flashlight!

That's a little felt bag with squirrel on it. What am I 12?

In a futile attempt to feel better about myself this morning, I did the following to my hair. I give up. I'm not leaving my property.



  1. Jayme, I LOVE the hair! Really, no foolin.'

  2. Ditto on the hair--way cool!! I love Chicago too: it is our all time favorite city. Since you are so close to it, why make it an either/or? Stay on the farm, enjoy the life you have chosen, and savor it for everything it gives you. Then hit the city a couple time a year just to enjoy and savor. That's what we do--I love Chicago while we are there, and love leaving it and coming home! (And don't let those big city fashions get to you!)

  3. You're an individual and that's something to celebrate. Just this week at work I was looking around at all of the young 20-somethings ... they're perfect straight and edgy haircuts, they're coordinated outfits. Then me ... black pants, denim shirt and my always-out-of-control curly locks. So what, I thought. I'm me and I love not feeling the pressure to be "it" ... although I did love her silk blouse and matching capris and chunky gold earrings and ... well. I do love denim. And your hair ... I love it.

  4. Jaymers,

    That's my fav hair on you. when do you want the poles? will try to get them out to you, lots of changes here, busy week. love u much. let me know.


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