Monday, November 16, 2009

The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Aaron Reviews

Here's the second installment of Aaron cooking his way through the Pioneer Woman's best selling cookbook, "The Pioneer Woman Cooks".

This is a lovely cookbook. If you don't cook, you'd still enjoy this book. Lovely.

We'll be going to Skokie, Illinois on Thursday for a book signing. I'll be having her sign two, and giving one away here on Friday! Make sure you all come back for that! I promise to give you the new one, not the goobed up one I have from cooking.

Jayme: Aaron...give us your review of Simple, Perfect Enchiladas.....

Aaron: I thought that they were good, but not amazing. Marmie thought that they were too salty, but I like things really salty.

Jayme: Were the intstructions easy to follow?

Aaron: In her book the steps go up and down, instead of side to side, and I got a little bit mixed up at times. She did forget to mention where the green chilies were supposed to be added, so I just put them in the sauce.

Jayme: Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Aaron: You will notice in the picture, that my thumb was slightly tilted. It's because I liked them, but I didn't love them. (My thumb is almost all the way down, I wouldn't make these again. Sorry Ree...)

Jayme: Thanks Aaron! What are you going to make next?

Aaron: The Marmalade Muffins

Jayme: Can't wait!

There you have it folks. Aaron's take on Pioneer Woman's 'Simple, Perfect Enchiladas'. Come back for your chance to win an autographed cookbook!


  1. You two are such a cute pair, always doing something fun together. I love that. So excited you are going to see Ree. Have fun, I know you will. Hugs, me

  2. I like that! An honest review!
    I saw Ree's cookbook at our local bookstore, and tho the photos were awesome, I just didn't have the $$ for it right now. Love her blog, tho!

  3. I am so jealous!

    I will be back Friday for sure.

  4. Hi there
    Love your blog. Glad Aaron is cooking his way through the Pioneer Woman cooks. I received my copy and left it with my Mom to 'cook through', as my Mom is a real cooker/baker-woman. When you mentioned the Marmalade Muffins, I had to comment that this was the first recipe my Mom made and she didn't realize until the end of the recipe that she had put the brown sugar in the batter!!!! She didn't read far enough ahead. She said they were good, but not great and that is probably why.
    Just thought I'd let you know about the muffins.
    My son does a lot of cooking & baking and I just love a son who cooks!!!! Good for you Aaron!
    Dot (San Leandro, CA)

  5. Thanks for the review Aaron! I'll definitely be back for a chance to win...can you believe the only cook book I own is a little one hubby's grandma Peggy made before she died using a small photo album and index cards? I do treasure it! I never got to meet her.

  6. As usual I got my Daily Fun reading your Blog- Thanks for the great food review-You two crack me up! Aaron is such a cutie!

  7. As much as I love the Pioneer gal (used to be on a homeschooling board with her way back when before she was all famous and stuff) I hate to cook. Everyone is going on and on about her book, though, so maybe I'll join in the giveaway. :)

  8. Ra, I'm excited to meet Ree too, but wonder if it will be worth the drive, and the line...time will tell!

    Farmgirl Cyn...I pre-ordered mine whilst still employed! Maybe you'll win one :-)

    Mama Hen...wish me luck, it's an excursion to where I've never been before......

    Anonymous...(Pat)...welcome to my little corner of he world! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm gonna make sure Aaron puts the brown sugar where it goes. :-) Thanks for the heads up!

    Jennifer...I'm absolutely speechless that you have one cookbook! I really don't buy any anymore, I did break down and get the FarmChicks and The Pioneer Woman, cause, well..I just had to....but with the internet available, I rarely use my books anymore.

    Can't Stop Quilting...I'm so glad you enjoy the blog! That makes me smile.

    Cindy...isn't the success of her blog and cookbook just jaw dropping...I mean what is it? It just blows me away. I'm sorry to hear you hate cooking...I never cooked until I got married, then I did it out of necessity. I'm not sure when I loved to cook, maybe it when when I really loved eating. :-)

  9. You and Aaron sure seem to have a good time! I have tried some of her recipes from her website. I loved her Cauliflower Soup and the bread pudding. The Apple Dumplings are great too! I don't know if they are in the book.

  10. Lorilee...thanks for dropping in! I LOVE the Cauliflower Soup. Made it so much I got sick of it! I haven't tried the bread pudding....I've never been a fan of bread pudding, just the sound of it...LOL....

  11. Jams n Aaron,
    Excellent! Too bad you didn't make enough for meeee!
    I am making Ree's white chicken enchiladas and mexican rice tonight. Will keep you posted.
    P.S. There's enough for all if you'll just show up. 5:30.

  12. I am so keeping my fingers crossed that I win your giveaway. That Aaron, he's one cool cat.

  13. Aaron, loved the interview! I think you will be one rounded person after being homeschooled by Jayme! I will be checking back to get the reviews on PW Cooks. No sense making a recipe that's not up to par!

  14. Aaron, great and honest review! Thank you! I'll stay tuned for more reviews :) Jayme, have fun at the book signing! -Tammy

  15. Jayme, I am so glad that you put that picture as your look like a beautiful angel.

    I have made myself so sick I could barely get out of bed.

    This made my day.

    Have fun at the booksigning.

    Aaron is a doll.


    I made myself an account and I can not remember my name if they kill me. These pills are making me soooo tired.

  16. Still in love with Aaron and his adventures that you are leading and guiding him through. Good for him to learn to evaluate things and make up his own mind about how he feels. Great. Thanks Aaron for being a part of Jayme's blog.

    I do not cook. My Special Guy does all the cooking and grocery shopping. He enjoys doing it so I handed the task over to him. My mom did not like to cook so I never developed the enjoyment of cooking.

  17. Queenbuffness....well? how was it? My Bucatini with Bacon, Onions and Tomatoes was pretty good....not blog worthy. :-) fingers are crossed for you too! I said in my email to you, I'm the one that is rounded....ahem....way too rounded!

    Tammy...I'm a little nervous about the book corny am I?

    Mirjana...what has you so sick? So sorry to hear that.

    Dogwood....I didn't like to cook for the first five years of my marriage...I really don't know when my obsession started. I sure like it now...but don't ALWAYS feel like it.

  18. oh man, it your favorite neighbor... i want a muffin!!!!!!! and how do i sign u to win the cookbook?!?!? you know i love free stuff!!lol! i always look forward to your blogs hun. they never dissapoint!


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