Friday, November 13, 2009

The Diary of A Mad Junk Woman

Ok, it's official. I'm a junker. Junk addict, freebie fanatic. I've always loved a good rummage sale, but somehow, somewhere, I've crossed the line. I wake up aching to go to Salvation Army stores in far away cities. I force Aaron into curbside escapades. I love me some junk. My heart rate increases on garbage day.

On the way to take Aaron to the tutor this morning, I could see him cringe as I pulled up in my oh so lovely 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It's a junk mobile. I'm not so much into car payments.

There was no where for him to sit.


A little Freecycle incident last night left about 20 windows in the Jeep, and a few strapped on the top. It was late, and we were tired. Oh, and then there were the shovels and pitchforks from my last free plant adventure. And there was library books, and vintage pyrex bowls, and various garage sale get the picture.

We rattled, literally, all the way to the tutor's house. I started hearing the theme for 'Sanford and Son' in my head. "Wa wa wa wawa...wa wa wa wawa wa wa wa"

I looked over at Aaron and I SWEAR he looked just like Lamont.

I was laughing so hard I couldn't drive. Aaron didn't find the humor in the situation.

I really want to make something like this out of old windows....tres chic, no?

Oh, and how I would love this old truck. Pink and all. Bring it.

Wa wa wa wawa....


  1. ROFLMAO!! :) Too funny Jayme! Poor Lamar....I mean Aaron. :) Crap, now you have me wanting a bunch of old windows to build that greenhouse too!

  2. ROFLMAO!! :) Too funny Jayme! Poor Lamar....I mean Aaron. :) Crap, now you have me wanting a bunch of old windows to build that greenhouse too!

  3. Your a scream, pick me up and we'll wear overalls and goofy hats and away we go. You know I love this stuff. Tay is mortified by it all. She insists I'll make her get her wedding gown at Unique. Hey if it's in good shape and it's half off day... cute blog, your way too funny.

  4. Oh and it's Lamont you big dummy...roflmbo!!!!

  5. I now know why you've grabbed onto my heart! Go girl!

  6. Marilee's husband created some beautiful things out of old windows...including a hothouse very similar to the one in the picture. I have a 'window box' he made for me. In the past, I used to collect old windows for Dale.

    I had a '78 Olds Cutlass Custom Cruiser wagon...and whenever I would pull into an alley with my kids in the car, they always ducked down so no one would see them when I pulled over and filled the car with 'treasures'. A few of my favorite pieces of furniture are salvaged/reclaimed items.

    My son's girlfriend goes ga-ga over IKEA...I'm attempting to instill in her the beauty and quality of more 'historic' pieces. He purchased his first home two years ago and is learning the REAL beauty behind such finds... they're often free...and of better quality than anything you can buy in a store.

    Aaron will figure it out one day.

    Coffee arrive yet?

  7. You go Girl !!
    Sanford and Son have nothing on you.
    You seem to find all the goodies, garage sales, roadside, etc.
    Freebie's are a good thing !!
    Just love the green house idea with the windows.

  8. Yes. We are twins separated at birth. Perfect timing for my post today.

  9. LOL! Does Aaron not watch reruns of Sanford and Son?
    That window house looks beautiful to me;) Cannot wait to see it perched in your yard when I drive by...heehe

  10. You crack me up. That brought back the best memories. I loved that show. You had me on vintage pyrex bowls. I used to covet my mother's large yellow one. This summer she decided to give it me. I was one happy middle aged woman. The greenhouse idea is perfect. I hope you get to build one like it.

  11. Oh, I am so jealous of your old window. Around here, old windows are expensive! I would love a little greenhouse built from them. We now have automated garbage pickup. Everything must be inside the humongous garbage can that the city issues to you. I miss the old way when you could drive around and "shop" on garbage day!

  12. I am also a Junk Collector but I like to use the spelling Junque it sounds much more sophisticated! I also find my self useing words like Re-purposed instead of re-cycled and I went to a Tag Sale instead of a Garage Sale.
    When my daughter went to California to visit her In-Laws she told me she went to a Vintage Clothing Store- I said do you mean a Re-Sale shop?? She said Mom they don't have -Resale shops in California!
    Try it! you will feel much better about it!
    Many years ago I was in an old Hardware store in Valpo and was asked to leave when I said to my Hubby "Look at all the Cool Old Junk" I tried to explain myself that "Junk" is just a word I use for neat old stuff but he did not care and threw me out-True Story!
    So my Sister painted me a sign Junque Collector!
    Are you sure you are not my long lost Sister?

  13. Jayme Goffin wanna beNovember 13, 2009 at 6:28 PM

    Jayme... you are my idol!!! I would love to go with you some day!!!! I see the perfect sandford and son truck on route 231... right across from the Crown Feed store.... maybe they will come down on the price.. It has been there for some time!!! luv you!

  14. Love the window. Love that greenhouse. Wouldn't that be so much fun to have in the backyard.
    Funny blog as usual. Aaron is getting a great education in all areas of life!

    Have a great weekend.

  15. Old windows... Free plants.... old bowls..... YES! you are speaking my language!! Bad thing is my kids bring home as much stuff as we do.. It tends to pile up sometimes!! lol I can hardly pay full price for anything.. My hand doesnt want to work when I am handing over the debit card or cash...

  16. I have the same or a similar greenhouse picture saved somewhere! You are lucky to at least have acquired your windows. I think it looks like an easy-peasy project (maybe?).. let us know how it goes! I fear that visitors are humming the S&S theme as they roll down our driveway. "My" side of the drive looks 'okay'.. hubby's side however (the blacksmith shop).. totally junked! But there's some really good stuff in there.. lol! -Tammy

  17. Women are nesters, that's our excuse for gathering that which will make our house, garages and storage buildings overfloweth. It's not a disease, it is a right! Amen Amen.

  18. I love it! You need a bumper sticker ... I brake for junk or You should see the junk in my trunk! LOL I used to love that show. Happy Sunday!


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