Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I've Gone Broody

Isn't that picture disturbing? Are those human hands knitting?

Well folks, it's official...I've gone broody.

It happens every few months after a period of intense busyness.

I never know when it's coming.

I'm fine one minute.

The next...
I'm broody.

I stay in my pajamas and eat marshmallows with chocolate chips right out of the bag.

I nap.

I don't answer the phone.

I wander around the house and wish I'd gone to college to become a Pharmacist.

At least I would have access to medication for this ailment.

I curse old houses and the lack of storage space that causes me to have to store extra rolls of toilet paper in such an unfashionable fashion. My OCD kicks in and I worry why I have just one red towel, and I plan it's demise even though it's my favorite towel. I put it in the Goodwill bag and take it out, over and over.

I inventory my spices and walk around for the next half an hour frustrated that the poppy seeds and the fennel are not in matching jars. I make a note of that.

I re-arrange my kitchen shelves for the 94th time this year. I just can't get it 'right'.


I'm quite positive that none of this bizarre behavior is related to hormones.

I really should have gone to college.

The end.


  1. Jayme you totally make me laugh out loud when reading your blog. I just can't get enough. I find myself talking to myself and Madison asking "what did you say mom" So wonderful I hope you alway have the energy to keep bloging! PS: The picture of the chicken butt is the awesome really makes me feel the mood your in!"

  2. you and arron are so aodrable!!! he should come by with you one time!! him and shanya could meet. shes always lookin for someone new to talk to. we are so alike its scary!!!! the shelves... o goodness, my shelves..... you have seen how cluttered my house gets! i cant even get it organized. i too by the way, have one red towel and have tried to get rid of it many times, but it was the first good towel i ever bought, and just cant part with it!

  3. Hokey Toot! You've got a lot going on there! At least you know it should be over soon! And, really, as bad as it all sounds, napping, eating marshmallows and chocolate chips, and not answering the phone doesn't sound half bad. At least not to me!

  4. Oh Jayme.....please don't be so hard on yourself. I am the original Monk and my husband calls me Monk all the time.

    I feel like you just described ME and my heart hurts for you. Unless someone has walked in our shoes then they don't know how hard this is.

    I don't think it is hormones. We moved from a 3400 squeare foot house to a not even 1200 square foot house, and I super hate it.

    I find myself complaining every singe day. I have everything stacked that I can not breathe.

    But today my son, my beautiful baby told me "Mom relax, things could be worse, there are people living in cars, or even homeless".....OMG my husband had to calm me down, I cried so much. Not just from feeling ungreatful and ashamed of myself, but from my heart swelling with pride for my beautiful baby. I thank God every single day of my life for blessing me with such a beautiful human being. How did I get so lucky to have this beautiful human being to call my son?????

    This is yet onother thing that I have learned from my son.

    So please just look at all the beautiful things that you have. You are such a beautiful person, who cares where you put your toilet paper? Your beautiful heart is as big as the world, and that is obvious by how you love your husband, your beautiful nephew.

    I hid myself in my bedroom and cried, and today I can not help but feel greatful for all the things that I do have.

    Who cares if I don't have my art sturio anymore, my walk-in closet, my big kitchen with the granite countertops, ughhhhhhhh.....I now have a little mountain cabin looking house with a creek in the back..(really little).

    I just want my family to be alive and healthy and happy, and if I can have that, I don't care if I sleep on the floor anymore.

    One good thing about a small house, less to clean..; ))))).

    BTW your kitchen shelves are perfect. And your kitchen looks so cute.

    Just take care of yourself.

    Jayme , we have been looking for a house, well my husband wants a farm, and I saw this house, sooooo tiny looking from the outside, but when you wlak in , what a nice surprise. They had added a family room in the back and knocked down a couple of walls, it was really nice. I am sure that you have enough land that you can always add one.

    One thing that I love about Europe, no matter how big or small the house is, everyone has a summer kitchen with family room, dining room, (basically another house the way I see it built, and they use it all year round.

    So just embrace your OCD it can be a good thing sometimes......look how clean everything is..; ))).

    How is your knitting going?


  5. Your spice drawer makes me ACHE with envy. We have spices in FOUR locations (in 2 different rooms!), in no particular order, in ziploc bags, jars, tins, you-name-it. Finding one is, for me, a time-consuming aggravation. But every time I suggest an overhaul, my husband, who is the primary cook here, overrules me, saying HE knows exactly where everything is. I wouldn't want to live with OCD, but I wouldn't mind if it visited awhile.

  6. Oh no... is that what it is? I feared it was menopause. Broody sounds younger.:)

  7. Oh no... is that what it is? I feared it was menopause. Broody sounds younger.:)

  8. Mirjana, your house sounds like heaven to me - a little house by a creek.

    Maybe get rid of a lot of stuff - have a yard sale, donate it, freecycle it. If the house is stuffed to the gills and so always feels disordered, that has to cause stress.

  9. Laughing and had to read it out loud to Sweet Hubby. He even got up to come see the Chicken Hiney.

    I know you won't believe it, but I keep my toilet paper in a basket in our bathroom too. And when I am "in there" I sit and look at it and try to think of a better way. Toilet paper just doesn't seem like something you should "display."

    If you can go to college and figure out what makes us broody each month you'll make a million. More chickens!

    Although being broody and sitting around doing nothing sounds good sometimes!

  10. Um, I think I need to change my pants. You are hilarious. Seriously. And I ate 4 dunkin doughnuts all by my lonesome this morning, and I don't even care.

    I'm broody most days. Prozac/Wellbutrin cocktails pull me thru. And reading your blog.

  11. You know this is mostly hormones, it's what we both go thru on a regular basis, but as one of the readers said, what's the harm, Jaym, you need some down time. You over do it in most things. You deserve to stay in jammies and eat junk once in awhile, by the way, how ya feeling? Cramps gone? It's also the season for cozyiness. I spent the day at borders and slowly went thru pioneer woman's book. She's living my dream. Oh and by the way, get screen doors and sweet tea, you'll love it, it's a southern cookbook. Came out last year. Time to hook up for lunch, let's plan. Love your blog, you are so much fun girl!

  12. I had my meltdown the first of September after a busy summer. Come over and see if you think we need a National Stay at Home Day...
    joy c.

  13. I wish I could help, but I'm much the same way the past three days! For me, it came after a major painting spree in our 'cottage'. I think it's my ol' bod's way of resting up. That's my story and i'm stickin' to it :) -Tammy

  14. Karen Anne, it is like a little getaway, I have often said it is like a little piece of heaven, but it would have been nice if I had more room.......; ))))).

    We have downsized SOOOOOO much, I have given everything away, but no matter what I do it still feels clogged. I have a phobia of small spaces ever since I can remember.

    The worst things are the closets...never enough space.

    But when you look outside, it feels gigantic. My little pugs love it. I swear when we were living in Chicago, they were not this happy.

    But you are sooooooo right about everything.


  15. Jayme...your blog is fantastic...a lot of heart and soul. Your writing is have a gift. BTW, when my hens go broody, I lock them out of the house!!

  16. OK~even when you are "broody" you are funny! In the midst of it all, you still have a fabulous sense of humor. So, for that I know that you will be okay! I did feel like that was me. I tend to be a little too compulsive about certain things. As I get older, I laugh at myself.

    Have an interesting day as I know you will...

  17. Yep, blame it on the hormones. That's what I always do. I am back from my work imposed blog break. Missed reading your posts!

  18. Can I just say I LOVE it when I read something that makes me say to myself "that is exactly how I feel!" Thank you for that. My current wish was that I married to a rich cowboy (family money of course) and he is always building a fence or taking one down. Riding horses, taking care of the home and paying every single bill so that I can spend my time beautifying our home, our children and of course myself. I volunteer all the time. When he comes home at night he is a tender and soft cowboy, always drinking a glass of wine while helping me prepare dinner. Then he prepares my bath and while I soak my troubles away he cleans the kitchen, then he lights a fire which we then snuggle in front of...........and what is that sound??? Oh, my alarm clock..........just a dream......

  19. College doesn't cure broodiness! Love the fuzzy butt!

  20. Education is overrated. You can't learn cleaning and organizing skills like that in college. Skills like that can only come from deep inside the broody hormonal soul of a woman. I'm just saying....

  21. I tell girls are the BEST! Thanks for 'snapping' me out of it. With each comment, I felt the 'broodies' lifting. :-)

  22. You have MEDS for this?! DO TELL! I call it the CRAZEES! I am so glad I found you! You ROCK!

  23. I get the "Broodies" at least every other month or so..just need time to just 'Be' :) You got this...

  24. Jayme, I'm 72 yrs. old and I still wish I had gone to college!! But not so much lately. I'm having so much fun painting, but now it's starting to get crowded, I think I need to sell some, but I'm not good at promoting myself. So do the Marshmallows, then brood awhile, then do the marshmallows, then brood awhile, it sounds like a plan to me!


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