Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Still Fall, Y'all

Hello....I'm Thanksgiving....remember me?

I really dislike how early Christmas starts every year.
I must confess, I usually get a good dose of the Christmas spirit sometime in September, but not this year.

I've made my mind up to not even think of it until after Thanksgiving.

My heels are dug in. It's still fall. We haven't had turkey and stuffing yet! There is no place for Christmas yet!

I'm still using fall colored sprinkles.
Aren't these the cutest?
Made them today while Aaron toiled over math......

Homeschoolers have it rough.

I'm still enjoying the fall colors, well, what's left of them....

Now...what are we making for Thanksgiving dinner?

Don't forget to check back in on Friday for the details of the giveaway....a signed copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.....if I survive the book signing!


  1. I agree lets enjoy Thanksgiving and all the Beautiful Fall Colors before thinking about Christmas! I still have Geraniums Blooming!
    I love the picture of the girl pondering on what she should make. I wish my kitchen looked like that-it's very cute! Thanks for my daily dose of Fun!

  2. Why do folks feel the need to rush things like Christmas? We have several houses in our subdivision that have their houses lit up with Christmas decorations already. Somehow it just isn't right and I so love this last posting of yours Jayme. Well really, I love them all but this one grabbed my heart as I was complaining (as usual) to hubby last night. What a shame that folks want to rush their lives. Maybe it's an age thing...lol

  3. I'm with you, wait until after Thanksgiving before decorating for Christmas. We have two houses on our street where you can already see the tree in the living room. Another house around the corner is turning into "cartoon" Christmas. What does Spongebob and Dora have to do with Christmas anyway? We will get our decorations out Saturday after Thanksgiving because Sunday is the beginning of Advent.

  4. Ok, although this year I am SOOOOO excited to decorate for Christmas; I am holding off until after Thanksgiving.

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm so with you. I can't tell you how annoying it is to see people with their trees up and decorated when we go trick or treating. Really? As for us, we won't bring up a single box until the weekend after Christmas. Now that being said, it doesn't mean I'm not sneaking in a bit of Christmas music, but for me that's more about the music than the season. I hope you'll forgive me.

  6. I am right there with you. I have such wonderful memories of Thanksgiving at my grandparents house and I want my children to have that also.

  7. I love it alllllll. I love from Halloween thru New Years. You go from CANDY to Turkey n trimmins to MORE turkey with fudge and special once a year kinda cookies and then to corned beef n cabbage with football game snacks. Top all that off with a large dose of kids who come home and what's not to love?? Well, maybe not the tonnage I pack on.
    Life is Good!
    And, I want that girl's apron!

  8. ...and her yellow and orange bowls. And her yellow canister set. And her yellow mixer. The hair do-gotta try it!!

  9. Well, don't throw rocks at me but we put our Chrtistmas lights up last weekend. We won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving, but there's a reason we do it early. Years ago when our daughters were still at home we would wait until December to decorate. We were young then and could accomplish almost anything! But Mother Nature stepped in and gave us some early Winter snow and ice. Hubby was out there putting lights up and it was sleeting. After that he said he was NEVER going to wait until December, so here we are every year we are the first to put our lights along the eaves. I can tell you I'm looking forward to decorating for Christmas, my favorite time of the year!

  10. I’m with you on Thanksgiving. It’s nuts!Best wishes with the book signing - you can DO it!! -Tammy

  11. I hate the rush and early hype of Christmas but somehow get caught up in it like a little girl. One reason being is that I have to do shopping early and get gifts in the mail for family in: Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, Tennessee and Georgia along with a girlfriend in SO CA. Oh my. Last yeat my box to my son, wife and grandkids arrived after Christmas. I was upset but then let it go.

    I just grabbed on of your fall cupcakes off the screen. Yummy! Thanks...

  12. From the writing on Aaron's shirt, it looks like he has been to the small town of Hollister, CA.

  13. I agree! I admit it's already Christmas in my antique shop, but not at home. Nope nothing goes up until after Thanksgiving ... and I'd much rather hang garland on Black Friday than enter the psychotic shopping frenzy! Enjoy your trip! I'm envious - take photos for the rest of us! :)

  14. ok Jayme dont be hatin, but here at my office i am playing wlit with the christmas music. i want to feel the way i felt back when i was little. everyone walking around being extra nice to each other. you know that feelin'. that everything is going to be ok. julie

  15. Yes, November just seems to disappear!

  16. That's how we do it around my house too. I have been having urges to listen to Christmas music but won't allow myself until the Friday after Thanksgiving.

    I found your blog through Granny Mountain and I'm so glad that I did. It seems we have a few things in common. We have a vintage trailer and I'm a Cowgirl wannabe! I look forward to following your blog.

    Have a great day and please stop by to visit sometime.

  17. Hi Jayme, I blogged about you and Aaron today! Come on over to GrannyMountain when you have time...joy c.

  18. We went to check out the Halloween items and there was CHRISTMAS. My son said "That's so dysfunctional".
    I agree! I know we should keep Christmas in our hearts all year long but seeing it in October and November is ridiculous. I join you in not celebrating Christmas until all the Thanksgiving turkey is eaten.


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