Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Amazing Janie Fox Pt. 2

Do you know what I think of someone who would put a door like this on the interior of their home - probably taking a perfectly good door off to do it....?

I think that person is spectacular.
I know these things.
Someone that would do this is an old soul.

I count myself most fortunate to have croseed this lady's path.

Once I arrived at her home - I felt...well...home.
I really have never seen such a place.
The pictures won't do it a bit of justice - but I'll try.

To die for.

This spot tore me up.
It was so perfect, it was tinged with grief.
She had plenty of bed rooms, but I wanted to stay here - I longed for a rainy day and a good book - and that spot.
I'll be back.

We had such a great time - staying in our pajamas more than anything, with endless cups of tea, talking and talking - crying laughing, crying crying -
She be a soul mate.
She be a kindred spirit.
She be my friend.

I got to meet her entire family - and I do believe they may have been shocked at my shyness.
I met Ollie.  Oh yes, I did!
I met her niece Ellen (hi Ellen!)
I met her husband Stu.
His kindness actually made me cry.
He was the utmost gentleman - making calls - tracking down a tire for me.
When I was leaving - I guess he called Janie, and said to run by the barn - he wanted to hug me bye.

You can't do that kind of stuff to a perimenopausal woman.
You just can't.

Do yourself a favor and go meet Janie.
But don't even think about taking that window spot.


  1. Looks like an absolute wonderful place to visit! Loved that spot by the window! You are so lucky! Traci

  2. Dog gone it! I want it too...would you share? I died laughing...great the menopausal stuff! You can sure think on your feet...and in your PJ's! :)

  3. Dog gone it! I want it too...would you share? I died laughing...great the menopausal stuff! You can sure think on your feet...and in your PJ's! :)

  4. It sounds like a wonderful visit! I too love that table, those multi colored chairs, the old school clock, and that vintage AQUA/TURQUOISE phone!!! And I can see what you mean about that snuggly looking sleeping spot!

    What a wonderful trip to share with us all...


  5. Oh it looks SO comfy! You cracked me up ;)

  6. She sounds like an awesome friend and love her style of decor. That truly would be my spot too. I have one like that in my kitchen where I can lay and look out at the birds.

    Glad you got to take time out and visit and just down right act like school kids. Its fun to just be a kid again hanging around in pj's all day.

    Great photos too, I see she loves chairs and lots of them too. I bet her house is never a dull moment and full of laughter. Just like your house is and with Aaron.

    God bless you dearly and keep you all safe!!

  7. When you come to nap I will read to you and bring you tea...oh, and cry :)

  8. JEALOUS ! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit, with a wonderful family. AND you got meet Ollie - double jealous !!!!


  9. This is definitely what is meant by a home not a house! Even without being there or seeing the people-you can feel the love and warmth! Cozy and cared for!

  10. Sounds like a terrific visit...don't you love it when you meet someone and it seems like you've known them all your life? And one of the best things...when you get together again, you'll pick up right where you left off without missing a beat! Oh...and the dying wool tip...I spent years trying to get that particular stain OUT when the kids were little! Somehow, I just can't see Ma Ingalls choosing that!

  11. Wow that does look so cozy. How fun to stay there. I love her desk with the aqua phone.

  12. Glad you had a good visit with your friend. That cozy spot looks wonderful- especially on a rainy day like today!

  13. Looks like a girl after my own heart -- only her design style is a bit more cohesive than mine. I'll have to go visit her and get some tips. :)

  14. What a wonderful the pictures you've shared! But somehow I have a feeling that it is Janie's gift of hospitality and her sincerity that made your weekend there so special. Love it when the Lord puts kindred spirits together! ;)

  15. How wonderful! Jayme, you have made the bestest friends because of blogging.

  16. Awww thanks for a peek into her space. She's such a special lady. What a treat to meet her and her family. I've gotta do that the next time I'm in town!!

  17. thanks for giving us a peek into your visit! it looks dreamy. Glad you had a great time.

  18. anyone that has a napping couch in the living room is OK in my book! Can you imagine the sheer pleasure of cold, snowy days at her house? Sounds like you had a great time!

  19. oh that window bed is amazing! when i was 15 i got my wisdom teeth removed and i just laid in that bed all day. the kitchen is the heart of the home in our family so i was a perfect napping spot and then i also didn't miss out on any family fun. my mom waited on me hand and foot. now that i think about it, i was a wimp! it was just four teeth!

  20. What gorgeous and inspirational pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  21. If you ever meet Cheryl from Whosyergirl, you will see her house is so much like this. I love going there!

  22. I am lusting after the pink desk. BTW, you can't let a menopausal woman even READ about some of it, it brings tears to my eyes! They all sound wonderful. Glad you had a great time ~ I'm off to meet Janie!

  23. What a cozy home - such personality. Sounds like there is much hospitality, too.

  24. Oh I have so much to say here.

    1. I want to sleep wrapped up in that quilt on that bed. Oh. My. Word.

    2. I feel left out.

    3. Oh. My. Word.

  25. Hi Jayme!

    So glad you think Janie and her clan are as awesome as I do! Can't wait for you to come for another visit and promise I won't be so shy! Ha!

  26. note to self: must book a stay at Janie's ASAP.

  27. I just love all those pics! And the line about you can't do that to a perimenopausal woman! I swear, that's me(always tearin' up)! Now pack that squirrel, get some new tires and bring her along to COME VISIT me next!

  28. A little bee from the Buttery and Bookery said I should fly over here and check out your bee extraction video. What a delight, I really COULD smell that honey! I have been loving bees forever and planning on my first hive this year so now I am convinced I must do it.... right away! Dear, dear little honeybees!

  29. I love that you said it "tore you up". I know exactly what you mean, and I can see how such a nook might do that to a girl.

    I'm so happy that she was kindred. I knew she would be. I thought of you cackling girls. And Stumanchu! And Ollie. Sigh.

    Did you see her kitchen curtains??? :)


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