Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When Two Blogs Collide

The One and Only - Shannan - AKA Flower Patch Farmgirl
July 2010

I'm running exactly a week behind in blogging.
This gal was here a week ago today.
It's flown by.
You do not want to know how behind I am in emails.

Saturday and Sunday was the 'Walk'
She was coming Tuesday, which meant, I needed to clean all day Monday - since I'd not been following my schedule and it looked like an episode of "Hoarders - Buried Alive" around here up in the house. I thought for a milli-second to say 'no, let's plan another day', and then I thought 'heck with it, let's do it'. I'm SO glad I did.

Oddly enough - I think I was still doped up on adrenaline Monday morning.
I felt an incredible peace as I hung out laundry, while Sarah Brightman played in the background. I love cleaning house. I love restoring order, so I suppose I was in my glory.
I actually had this thought 'What if I died in my sleep last night, and this is heaven?" That's how much peace, joy, and darn right happiness I felt that day.

Now here it is Tuesday morning, and she's on her way. I did feel a little nervous here and there, but mainly just excitement.

I may have or may have not run out of the house when the car pulled in the driveway.
I may or may have not frightened her, her mother and her children.
I tried so hard to restrain myself.
After reading each other's blogs for over a year, and emailing - I was danged ready to meet this girl smile to smile.

It was a bit surreal to see her in 'real life' and to see Calvin and Ruby - the blog stars hop out of her Explorer. Then, here comes Nancy from Ohio (how I know her, from comments) Shannan's momma.

I'm not sure what her take is going to be on the day, but I can say that it was just like seeing old friends or family. Instant love. Instant kinship. Hugs, smiles, laughs.

Let me just tell you, that Ruby - oh my heavens, that Ruby just stole my heart.
Calvin just cracks me up from here to Sunday, and Nancy - sweet Nancy - she's still in the basement.

Before I type any further, I have to ask - this green shirt I'm wearing - are the girls supposed to be UP above that seam? If that's the case, then this shirt is like six sizes too small. Hey, if you've got it - flaunt it, baby.

After chatting a bit - we bloggers started walking and talking and clicking.
I just can't wait to see Shanny Bo's photos.

I kept giggling to myself and thinking 'Flowerpatchfarmgirlsupinmyhouse - oma ga'

Aaron looks indifferent here, but I think his brain may have just exploded when he saw Shannan's camera. It's all I've heard since - Shannan's camera this, Shannan's camera that.
Why, when I was your age, I had a 110 Instamatic, and it had disposable light bulbs that blinded everyone - and you had to take your pictures to be developed and wait a week - and we liked it - and we didn't know better. Kids these days.

Shanny spots The Squirrel.

There's a nut in The Squirrel.

Shanny spies the chickens.

Nancy was the sweetest thing ever. She's a nurse. Oh what a demeanor of care and love she has about her. Makes me want to go to the hospital. Anyone who has her as a nurse is blessed indeed.

Shanny tries telepathically telling Calvin to smile.

Then she tries to lead by example.

My sweet hen Sissy.

Calvin whispers to Ruby, "I'm gonna create a distraction, and then we can make a run for it. This lady's nuts".

Calvin tries a little harder to mask his enthusiasm.
He's plotting an escape plan.

Here, Ruby scolds Calvin for wanting to run off.
"She's not crazy, she's eccentric. Besides, did you see the cake she has for us? I'm stayin'".

Upon Shannan's insistence that I not bother making lunch, we took off for the Tastee Top in Cedar Lake (also known as Cedartucky), Indiana.

To say Shannan's little ones were well behaved is an understatement.
They were angels.

We sat out at the picnic tables, the weather was fantastic, the company even better.
No awkward silences here.

Came back to mi casa, and had Raspberry Farmgirl cake.
I did see Calvin smile - but it was so elusive, there was no photographing it.
The dumplings took a dip in the Blue Lagoon.

Shannan is such a rock star.
In every way.

The afternoon went by so quickly.
They were gone before they got here it seems.

Here's our Chicken Chillin' pose - I have no idea what sign we are flashing.
I'm in fear of a drive by shooting.
In fact, I think tight lime green shirts are some Cedartucky gang symbol.

I think the next two pictures encapsulate the afternoon.
Leaves hiding my unequal tooth to gum ratio.

I'm a happier person knowing Shannan and her family.
Thank you Blogger.
Thank you Shanny.
Thank you God.

Until there are no more cupcakes on earth, until Indiana stops growing corn, until chickens stop laying eggs - I will be your farmgirl friend.


  1. The two of you are peas in a pod. I'm trying not to cry as I read this post. I'm pretty sure they're happy tears though. You guys rock!

    p.s. What did you do to Calvin? I thought he was a non stop smiler. ;)

  2. Well, you did the day Justice, Marts. I'm loving it. And so stalkerish you were taking photos of moi! I didn't even notice. Corco has numbed me to it.

    Your last line made me misty. Just a little.

    Looks like it's my turn now...

  3. First of all, the small green shirt comment cracked me up! You always have me laughing out loud. I love that. Second, I imagine anyone that you consider to be your friend is very blessed, indeed.

  4. Turning cyber-friends into real-live in-person friends is special indeed. Thank you for sharing all of the fun with us ... since we couldn't be there.

  5. oh Jayme I am so jelous I can't stand it!!! My 3 favorite bloggers all in one place you, FPFG and Arron this just isn't fair.....to me (it's always about me). What a grand looking time you had and sure wish I could have been there there would be a billion questions I could have asked and then of course the chance to just squeeze Calvin and Ruby would have been over the top we have watched them grow and love to hear what they are doing. I think I shall go and sulk a bit since I didn't get to come to the party. nancy settel

  6. What a fun day! I'm so happy for you gals you got to spend such a wonderful and fun day together.

  7. SO good to see a post up from you...and it does my heart so much good to see that you and Shannan had such a wonderful day together! Her kids are adorable and her momma is SO precious. Thank you for sharing your special day with us.

  8. It must have been JOY beyond description... and the photos are wonderful.

  9. I think when it comes to green shirts, well... once you become a so called 'woman of age', the 'girls' get to sit inside a shirt wherever they please. *giggles* Yep, you had me giggling over this one.

    Shanny looks like a keeper. I'd toss her in the basement too!


  10. Looks as though you had a sweet visit. I am envious. I would love to visit you and yours. And I know there will always be corn in Indiana. And soy beans. Have a great week!

  11. This post had me covering my mouth trying not to burst out laughing (the kids are still asleep!) I just came in from weeding and sat down to catch up...what a terrific read to begin the day!

  12. Oh, Jayme! What a hoot and a holler you are!
    As for the green shirt, I am fairly certain the manufacturer meant for the girls to sit below the seam, but they only make shirts for models who look like they haven't reached puberty. That being said, MY girls sit above any and every bust line, cause they are just too dang_______well, you fill in the line. You and me, we're a lot alike.

    Beautiful photos and awesome friendships. Collision was perfectly executed!

  13. I stumbled upon your blog by clicking on a link in another blog Google Reader had recommended to me...just wanted to say you're hilarious and I love your house and the chickens! Funny coincidence, my husband's uncle lives down the street from Tastee Top, so we visit Cedartucky quite often!

  14. You are so funny!

    And as to where the girls are supposed to sit, I think anything is acceptable now days - so as long as the girls are in the shirt you're okay!

  15. Jayme,

    Isn't it wonderful when we find kindred spirits? I'm so happy you and Shanny live close enough that meeting was a possibility. Thank you for sharing your day with us. I am off to check out the Flower Patch Farm Girl Blog.

    Your Friend,

  16. The seam is 'supposed' to be below, fo sho, but way before I got to your comment about that in the blog, I was lovin' that shirt and thinkin' how great it looked on you. In other words, it works just how you're wearing it, let the seam fall where it may!

  17. Awwwww...
    These are the moments that MAKE life... literally.
    They MAKE life full. They MAKE life joyful. They encapsulate the meaning of "memories" that bring the same emotion back to you EVERY single time you remember ...
    Friends....You know who your friends are ....don't ya girl?
    True Friends. BFF's...
    That's what I get...in this post...
    Thanks for sharing the moment with us. The kids are toooo sweet.
    Hugs to you my chicken whispering friend! :-)

  18. This was so fun to read...I was chuckling all the way through your post! Looks like you all had a great time!


  19. A wonderful capture of the day ~
    just lovely!

    ~Andrea in NH

  20. Looks like so much fun... in fact i'm a teensy weensie (lotsy muchy) jealous of the both of you...

  21. This whole post makes me grin. I love every moment of it. Hooray for happiness!

  22. This whole post makes me grin. I love every moment of it. Hooray for happiness!

  23. I've just began dipping my toes in the blog water, and your blog and Shannan's are two that keep me treading!
    I loved this post, I'm amazed at the get-togethers that happen!
    Such fun!
    {Watch that sign flashing though...you can't do that where I live!}


  24. So so so so sweet! How blessed you are to have each other's friendship. :)

    Oh, and I've often wondered the same thing about my own lime green shirt and the seam. Will someone puleeeeeze explain that?

  25. Ooooweeee! Looks like you two were having a ball....and man are her kids cutey-patooteys. I'd like to squeeze 'em till their eyes bulge.

    I can't wait for my turn in the squirrel! I'll email ya tonight...

  26. You are both rock stars in my book! :)

    Thanks for the comment back...I know you're a busy person.

    I'm on vacation this week and all we have at home is dial-up (love rural SE Ohio), so I will catch back up next week.

  27. Just looking at the pictures makes me love you both.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I'm so new at this, that when I seen you commented I was doing a little jig at my desk.

  28. I can tell from the photos what a great time you all had! Love her little kiddo-s and I can't imagine being able to surround myself with the wit known as Shannan. Isn't Blogland a wonderful place??


  29. OMG Coop...I got a little verklempt reading about your day...That is what blogging is all about...I actually got excited reading about two stranger/friends meeting...like pen pals...LOved it!

  30. Oh! What a delightful post, Jayme! It's a pleasure to see so many happy faces enjoying a lovely visit - thanks for sharing!

  31. Jayme, I just found your blog the other day, and I must say you make me smile!!! Loved your journalized visit with your friend!!!


  32. Well okay....as long as you didn't go and have any fun without me I'm good with it all.
    I'm just going to look at it as your practice run for when I visit. Working all the kinks out and all.

  33. What a perfect day! How did you guys manage to take so many pictures? Shannan and I failed miserably at that for my visit! I look forward to the day that I might get to visit your place!

  34. You ladies are a riot. I just love the fact that you both wear your heart on your sleeve wrapped in a bit of humor. Thanks girls!

  35. What a marvelous visit everyone had and such terrific photos! Very glad you found each other.

  36. What fun you girls had! When are you two going to take off like Thelma and Louise and head to CA?

  37. Oh, I should add that you two probably behave much better than T & L! And probably have more fun, too!

  38. Jayme, I laugh so much at your blog that I thought I'd pass an award on to it. Pick it up at the farm - gatheratthefarm.blogspot.com. Donna

  39. You guys are adorable. That's awesome you live close enough for a visit! Love your little chicken ladder/perch. Very clever.

  40. This is the sweetest post!
    and...Indiana will never stop growing corn, you big silly...so, I guess that just means that you will be friends...oh, forever!

    what kind of chicken is that?
    love, Cheryl

  41. Oh I just loved reading this post and Jayme's above! Several years ago several women from a garden forum I started decided to meet up and we formed some awesome friendships! There's an annual get together every year now, this on is in OKC in September. These gals are like my sisters and I know the feelings you both described about being nervous, excited...everything! I love reading about others who have made lasting friendships from meeting online.


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